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Health Insurance Jobs Work From Home (Hiring Now)

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Whether you’re already in the health insurance industry and are looking for new remote opportunities, or maybe you want to work from home, whether it be part- or full-time, I wanted to discuss the many resources and companies that can help this idea turn into reality.

In this guide, I will talk about the many legitimate companies hiring as well as the reputable third-party resources that post remote jobs almost daily.

As always, I’m 100% honest and straight to the point, so let’s begin.

Work at Home Health Insurance Jobs

In this section, I want to talk about the many major health insurance companies I’m sure you have heard of. While these companies are often hiring remote workers, it can be hard to find these opportunities as they are often buried on the careers page.

From phone sales to customer support, remote work is available; however, the jobs will be scattered about. Some may ask for experience and education, whereas other opportunities may only require a GED. The great thing about this industry is that there’s a job posting for almost anyone.

Below, I list the health insurance companies almost always hiring as well as how you can find the jobs. You will also find resources that can help you find a specific job within the industry as well.


I want to start with FlexJobs as this is a fantastic way to find a remote job, regardless of which industry you work in. It’s open to all and there’s a job available, no matter what kind of experience you may have.

Now, the thing about FlexJobs is that it does cost a few dollars a month, but this investment ensures that you’re only looking at legitimate jobs. The company uses your monthly fee to hire a staff to comb the internet every day to find thousands of jobs. It’s worth it. Worst case, you can get your money back if you hate it as there’s a money-back guarantee.

As you can see from that screengrab, they had more than 706 insurance jobs that were all remote. They make it easy to filter your results as well as learn more about the company you’re applying to. It’s very easy to use.

Give it a shot to see who’s hiring in your area. It’s all remote and 100% legit, I can promise you that.


Aetna, as part of CVS Health, has a ton of health insurance-related jobs, all of which you can work from home. Some are entry-level whereas other options require experience/education.

The job isn’t the easiest to filter, but you can find work from home jobs if you use the keyword “work from home” or “flexible.” When I did this, I had 265+ jobs to choose from.

This is one of your better opportunities if you’re looking for an insurance job without the need for experience. From a customer relations rep to an enrollment associate, there should be something of interest. Follow the link below to take you directly to the work from home gigs.

Anthem, Inc.

As a leading managed healthcare company, Anthem has more than 70 million members nationwide, boasting itself as a Fortune 500 company.


The company offers a variety of at-home jobs, from an outreach specialist to sales executives. Each job has its own restrictions on where you can live, but the remote jobs are available. You will just have to filter them like the many I post here. Search for “work from home,” as seen in that screenshot above to see what’s posted as of today. You can also set up alerts if need be.


Cigna offers a wide variety of jobs, many of which allow you to work remotely.

The company doesn’t have a filter per se, but you can search for “remote” to bring up options. For example, when I did this, I was able to browse through more than 321+ options.

Most of your work from insurance options here are jobs that require experience, but you may be able to find an entry-level job if that’s what you’re looking for. Most of the jobs found include coders, analysts and even nurses.


On occasions, Humana will hire remote workers, from data entry to simplistic office work, however, most of the jobs found on this site often require a load of experience and/or a college education.

When I was browsing the results at the time of writing this, there were more than 357 results. Some of these jobs included Medicare sales representative, product management, senior program delivery professional and quality engineering tech, to name a few. Most of the time, you can find hundreds of jobs.

To find these jobs, head to the careers page, located here, and then be sure to filter your results, as seen in the picture above, so that it only displays remote job options. From there, you can then browse through the most opportunities located in the United States.

The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford is more than just health insurance as they offer auto and home, to name a few.

If you’re interested in remote work, particularly in the health insurance or insurance field for that matter, jobs are available. Most, however, like the many health insurance companies I mention, require extensive experience and/or college education. These positions include insurance claims and insurance agent duties.

To find these jobs, you will want to use those keywords such as “remote” or “work from home.” In doing so, you should find some results, but as a word of caution, it’s not much. I found the most luck using the “remote” keyword.


MetLife is one of the older insurance groups mentioned on this list. The company offers some remote job opportunities, but there aren’t as many as you’d like. When I was writing this, I saw some options such as a claims specialist, data scientist and associate director, to name a few. Most, if not all, required some sort of extensive experience and education.

The thing about MetLife is that many of their work-from-home options require that you live in a nearby city to qualify. This isn’t always the case, however.

To find a job, it’s as easy as following this link and using key terms such as “work from home” or “remote.” You can also set up job alerts if you choose to do so if you want to be alerted the minute a job pops up.

United Health Group

This is probably one of the bigger names on the list as it’s one of, if not, the largest health insurance provider in the United States. As a fair warning, most of the remote jobs posted are for educated job seekers but don’t let it deter you as they often have entry-level positions. Just let it be known that it’s rare.

When I was looking at the careers page, I saw remote opportunities for managerial positions to consultants. Of course, these jobs require a secondary education and experience, but I just want to put this out there as I don’t know what kind of opportunities you’re looking for.

To find a remote job, head to this link and then insert the keyword “work from home” or “remote” to see what kind of opportunities are available at the moment.

Great Insurance Jobs

The Great Insurance Jobs website focuses solely on just that, insurance.

The site isn’t as popular as the many I mentioned, but it’s a resource to at least consider. When I was writing this, for instance, they had at least 2,000+ jobs available, many of which were remote.

To start your search, enter a job title of interest or you can browse the many categories. There are quite a few. Then, you will want to filter it so that you’re only viewing remote opportunities. From the looks of it, most of the jobs seem to be legit.

The website is 100% free to use and you can even set up alerts if you want to stay in the loop whenever a company is hiring.


Indeed is a more obvious option, but I wanted to include it here as it can yield some decent remote working opportunities.

For example, when I was writing this, there were more than 7,900+ jobs I could scroll through. While not all of these jobs were remote, I would say the fair majority I did see were.

Like a lot of these job search engines, Indeed allows you to filter your results as well as makes it easy to apply directly to the job using your Indeed profile. It’s one of the biggest options online, and best of all, it’s 100% free to use.


LinkedIn is more than just a career social network of sorts. It’s a way to find remote jobs as well.

Just head to the jobs tab near the top and then type in a specific job you want. It doesn’t have to just be health insurance.

The cool thing about LinkedIn is that it can already scan your profile and recommend jobs to you. That way, you don’t have to search in detail. Rather, you can see which jobs fit your skillset as of today. In many cases, you can apply to the job using your LinkedIn profile, saving you time.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

If you want to work in the insurance industry and you want to do it from home, then these resources should work, no matter what kind of experience you may have.

What I recommend is that you set up alerts so that you can apply the minute it pops up. The good jobs, especially those that are considered entry level, go fast.

That concludes the guide for now. As always, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or want to comment on what I have mentioned, feel free to do so below.

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