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Humanatic Reviews: Get Paid to Listen to Calls?

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If you have ever heard the term, “this call is being recorded,” then you’re probably familiar with the company, Humanatic.  It’s a company that helps companies review their calls and then provide them with analytical reports.

It’s a popular company that often pops up on the many work-at-home job portals and blogs, so I figured it would be time to review the company in depth, letting you know how you could potentially snag a job with them, and if it’s worth it.

In today’s review, I will take a look at what they are all about, how you can apply as well as what you can expect to make.  I also dive in deep online to see what previous/current freelancers think about working here.  You can find it all here.

If you love the idea of getting paid to listen to a phone call and then answer a simple question, this may be a job for you.

What is Humanatic?

According to the company’s official FAQ, Humanatic is a software that was created to help companies with an “in-depth analysis of their phone calls.”  Instead of having automated software attempt to transcribe what’s being said, Humanatic uses a human touch, answering simple questions.  During this process, humans can help provide meaningful analysis in answering simple questions to help a client as well as provide accurate reports/statistics to help improve their operations.

How Do I Join Humanatic ?

If you’re interested and like the idea of reviewing recorded phone calls, then applying to the job is much easier than your traditional job opening.

To do so, just head to and look for the “sign up for free” button located on the front page to get started.

In order to join, they do require that you have a verified PayPal account so that you can prove who you say you are.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can always create one in seconds.   You just need to connect your PayPal account and then answer a few questions to apply, such as talking about your recent employment history.  If you are accepted, you will receive a welcome email, letting you know how you can get started.  Depending on how busy they are, it could take weeks before you even hear back.

Joining is 100% free and the company will never ask for any payment information.

Working for Humanatic

If you’re approved, you are then granted access to the Humanatic dashboard.  It will look something like this…

As you can see, it’s fairly straight-forward.

If you want to start reviewing calls, you can simply click on the “review calls” tab.  You can also view your earnings as of today, your audits, which are submissions that weren’t approved, as well as your accuracy.  You can also check out the leaderboard to see where you stand in the current standings.

To start reviewing calls, you will want to head to the “review calls,” where you can start reviewing calls.

You can click on the review button to get started.  Before reviewing a call, you must agree to the terms and then listen to the call in depth so that you can answer the simple questions.

Just remember that as per the terms and service agreement, you must keep everything you hear private.  This means no sharing YouTube videos or telling your friends about what you have heard.  This needs to remain confidential.

To get paid, listen to the audio and then answer the questions that follow to get credited.

You will be able to see the number of calls available and the payout.  It will also provide you with a call description, letting you know what kind of call you’re going to listen to.  Most of these calls are about a minute long but some can be longer or shorter; it just depends on which calls you’re listening to.

When Can I Work?

As a 1099 freelancer, you can work as you please, with no requirements necessary.  However, the company notes that heavy call volume is usually from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  If you were to log in outside this time frame, the call availability may be minimal.  From my experience, though, calls always seemed to be active on the platform.

How Much Can You Make With Humanatic?

As you can see in the screenshot, most calls will pay an average of $0.01 to maybe $0.20.  It’s not much, and from what I have read around the internet, you will be lucky enough to make $5 an hour.  As you become more accurate with your scoring, your pay rate can go up.

The pay isn’t great, but if you’d rather listen to a call instead of doing a survey or watching videos for peanuts, then it could be considered as a decent way to make $5 to $10 a day.  Just don’t expect to get rich or quit your day job.

When Do I Get Paid?

Humanatic pays out every Monday via PayPal.  You will need at least $10 in your balance before requesting a payout.

The Reviews Online

Sadly, the reviews online aren’t that great.  I mean, if you’re going to make $1 to $4 an hour, can you expect high remarks?

In reading online, I had found the following complaints to be very common:

The low pay.  Many people stated they could barely make $10 a week, doing hundreds of jobs a week.

The technical issues.  I read that many people were having all sorts of tech issues, from laggy serves to irregularities that affect your accuracy rate.

Auditor issues.  After you submit your work, an auditor then has to review it.  And, from what I read, a lot of auditors took their jobs way too far, often rejecting work for no reason or being much stricter than they should be.

There were other problems, but 90% of the reviews I did check out were mostly negative.  While I do see negativity in most of my reviews, I never see this much of a bad response.

The Pros and Cons

Every money-making opportunity I talk about has its cons, of course, but there are positives in many of them as well.  In all of my reviews, I always like to look at both sides of the coin, allowing you the opportunity to make your own personal judgment.  Since I don’t know how much money you need to make, this opportunity could be great to you but awful to someone else

The Pros

  • fun work to some
  • weekly pay
  • steady supply of work
  • flexible
  • it’s free to join

The Cons

  • very little training
  • very low pay
  • poor Google Play review (1.5/5 average)

Final Thoughts

5/10Without a doubt, Humanatic is 100% legitimate and safe.  Yes, you will get paid if you work for them, but just because they are legit, it doesn’t mean it’s worth joining.

In the end, I’m leaning toward not joining Humanatic.  It pays less than $5 an hour and the work can be tedious after a while.  Plus, it can take a long time before you even hit the $10 threshold in order to get paid.  While the site does accept some foreign countries, I only see this as an advantage if you feel the U.S. dollar can be stretched much further in your state.

It is a nice alternative to taking surveys or even typing online, but I just can’t see myself listening to calls for less than $0.15.  If you like the idea of that, then, by all means, sign up.  If the thought irks you, then I recommend one of the hundreds of other ways to make money online today.

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  • Hello there i got a few questions 

    A: is it possible for me to make $10 in 1 category alone? .Can they give you that amount of calls in either inventory discussion or service setter booked?

     B: how much is possible in inventory discussion at 2c per call per hour in usd on average if i listen to the entire conversation no skipping at all No fast forwarding and x1 speed ? also on average for service setter booked at 3.5c per call on average in usd also listing to entire conversation no fast forwarding x1 speed

    C: whats the best time in GMT to review calls

    D: is it possible to make $500 a month working 40 hours a week on this site