Intuit User Research Review: Get Paid to Beta Test

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Intuit research, operated by the same company that owns TurboTax, Quickbooks and Mint, to name a few, is often looking for small business owners, self-employed workers, accountants and individuals who pay their bills and taxes to participate in research studies.  These studies do reward you and they come from a very reputable company, as you can see.

As long as you don’t mind participating in surveys and you meet the very simple requirements, then it may be something to consider in your spare time.  No, you won’t get rich nor will you receive a ton of invites, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking to add more companies to your research/surveys list.

In today’s review, I show you how Intuit User Research works as well as how you can sign up.

Requirements to Join

If you’re interested in signing up, you can be located anywhere in the world; however, as mentioned in the intro, the company is often looking for small business owners, workers and just about anyone who pays their taxes.

While it seems that they favor U.S. residents, they do offer research studies to other countries as well.  Worst case, if you sign up and never hear back, then you only wasted a few minutes of your time.

Signing up is 100% free and you don’t have to be a current Intuit customer to participate.

Signing Up

Chances are as long as you’re 18+ years old, you can sign up. And, to do so, you will be asked to create a profile at following this link.

In doing so, you will see a “create your profile” button directly on the homepage.  It will look something like this…

In creating your profile, the company will want to know your general personal information, such as your name, city, email and so forth.  They will also want to know what type of person you are, such as a small business owner, self employed, etc as well as which products you use with their company.  They want to know a lot about your tax habits as well as your business/side hustles if you were to have them. It’s fairly typical if you’re familiar with signing up with research companies.   Just answer the questions honestly so that they can match you up with the appropriate tests.

The entire process is very easy and only takes about 10~ minutes to complete.  This profile creation is 100% mandatory as this is what will match you with upcoming research opportunities.

After you complete the process, you are then in the database to start receiving studies.

The Studies

Once you’re in, you will then have to wait for an invite, and, these invites will come to your inbox only if you meet the demographics they are looking for.  Like any survey site, these studies are catered to a particular crowd, so if you don’t fit the profile they are looking for, they won’t send you an invite.  Your results will vary as to how many invites you will receive.

What makes Intuit different is that you will only help them with their products, from offering feedback on future products and services to helping them improve products already on the market.  It’s no different than any other survey site, with the exception that you’re not working with a ton of companies. Which product they are looking to test, however, is another story.  It will just depend on what they are working on at the moment.

Intuit offers three ways to test, from visiting a local office providing feedback in person to a virtual face-to-face meeting.  The virtual meetings tend to be the most popular through a video chat, but on occasions, you can find simple survey invites as well.

No matter which tests you partake in, you will often be asked to sign an NDA and then provide your feedback according to the directions.  Everything you need to know ahead of time will be given to you, so there’s no worry here.

How Much Does it Pay?

There wasn’t much I could find online nor could I speak from personal experience, however, I did find some information in talking with a few people.

If you were to attend a live in-person meeting, they can often pay well into the hundreds.  Again, you will have to visit a location in person nearby to participate.

As for virtual testing meetings, the sweet spot tends to be in the $75 to $125 range, again, depending on the length of the test.

Simple surveys can pay much less, usually less than a few dollars, dependent on the length.

It appears most jobs pay with a virtual Visa gift card and is sent after the survey/study completes.  This information will be sent to you via your provider.

Final Thoughts

5/10The Intuit user research panel isn’t going to offer much and definitely isn’t one of my favorite.  Seeing you’re only working with Intuit products, you’re going to be very limited.   While there’s nothing wrong with this, you shouldn’t expect much.

In the end, unless you like Intuit products and you really want to help them with beta testing, then, sure, you could consider it, but I don’t think you will get more than one invite a year if that.

If you like the idea of beta testing, I highly recommend you check out my “get paid to test” post.  Here, I talk about the many beta testing sites that will keep you more than busy beta testing.

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