Is Lucky Chip Spin Legit? Read This (Review)

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The Lucky Chip Spin app is one of the many “coin pusher” apps that are usually not worth your time.  If you want to save your time reading this review, I will tell you right now that this app is a sham as well and definitely isn’t worth your time.

Whenever you come across any game that claims you can win cash, you have to raise your red flags.  Sure, while there are legitimate ways to make money playing games, you will never make much.  I’m talking $1 to $2 per hour.

The Lucky Chip Spin app has more than one+ million downloads and claims that you can win real cash as you drop coins into the platform.  It’s simply a game where you can push coins into a platform and earn “money” to eventually cash out, which you never get to.

In today’s review, let’s explore how it works and why it isn’t worth your time.

Earning Money with the Game

To play the game, the premise is simple.

All you need to do is drop a coin on the belt and let the coins push the coins off the belt.  If you have ever been to an arcade before, I’m sure you have seen this type of game.

Every time you drop a coin, you can earn coins and cash, which are added to your balance.

In the very beginning, when you download the app, they will give you a few tokens, and immediately after playing, you will earn a lot of cash.  I’m talking $20 or so.  Don’t get excited just yet, however.

Normally, what you’re going to find out with these apps is that they all do the same thing.  They will lure you in with a ton of cash, only to cut you off when you get to that high threshold.  They do this so that you keep coming back to watch their ads and make them money.  Yes, you will have to watch a lot of ads in between the gameplay.  There are a lot of ads, which is usually a large red flag.

The game is very easy to understand, but it isn’t worth your time.

Getting Paid

As mentioned, you will be loaded with cash in the beginning, however, you will need at least $300 to cash out via PayPal.  Yes, that’s $300, one of the highest thresholds in the industry.

You will earn a lot of money in the beginning, but when you get close to that threshold, the earnings will slowly trickle away and you will never see that payout.  If you don’t believe me, read all of the reviews online.

Again, you will just make them money by watching the ads and you will continue to earn less and less.  This is very common in the industry.

Now, here’s a kicker.

If you were to hit that $300 (unlikely), people have said you still won’t receive it, as a timer starts, letting you know when you receive your money.  Even when the timer expires, the money still isn’t to be found.

There’s a reason that if you use Google, “Lucky Chip Spin…” will suggest “lawsuit.”

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, as stated in the beginning, it isn’t worth the time.  In fact, any of these chip pusher-like games are never worth your time.  They lure you in with tons of money in hopes you keep coming back for weeks to make them money.  Plus, the game isn’t even fun.

For now, please don’t waste your time.

While some games do pay money, you will never earn much.  I’m talking a few dollars here and there.  If you’re happy with that, go for an app that pays you to play games.  If not, I would recommend finding something else.

That does it for now.

Feel free to comment on your experience in the comments below.

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