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Literably Review: a $10-$15+/HR Transcription Job?

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Literably is an online reading assessment company that helps identify A-Z reading levels as well as determine reading skill gaps for students in grades K-8.  Its app will record a student while they read out loud into a device and will then quiz them on their comprehension.  In short, this platform will help analyze students’ oral reading and comprehension skills and help teachers monitor their students.

It’s a company that often pops up on work from home job boards, so I figured it was one to review.

So, you may be wondering what this has to do with making money?

Well, the cool thing about this company is that they often hire transcribers and scorers, where it will be your duty to listen to these recordings and grade their accuracy.  Your tasks will include listening to students as well as their ability to comprehend.  In a sense, you will be helping schools identify their students’ reading weaknesses.

If you like the idea of listening to a recording and then analyzing/transcribing what you hear, then the company may be something of interest to you.

Is Literably a Scam?

Whenever you come across a job listing of sorts, you may be wondering if it’s a scam.  I get it.

In short, Literably isn’t a scam.  It was founded by two reputable entrepreneurs, Tyler Borek and Habib Moody, both of who were Yale University graduates.  The company was founded in 2013 and continues to operate as of this review.

If you take a  glance online, they have both a professional LinkedIn account with more than 600+ followers as well as a well-put-together website.  Plus, if you look at multiple third-party websites, multiple employees/contractors, both past and present, say that the company is legit.

Now, while the company is legit and not a scam, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth joining.  Hence, this review.

Signing up to Work With Literably

If you’re interested in becoming a transcriptionist/scorer with Literably, you will want to follow this link to access the sign-up page.  As you can see in the graphic below, the sign-up process is relatively quick at first as all they ask for is your name, a user name and email.

It’s free to sign up, however, as you can see from the graphic, you will need to meet a few qualifications, including:

  • be at least 18+ years old
  • you can’t be from Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska or New Jersey (it does appear it’s open to international applicants)
  • have a PayPal account
  • a computer and internet connection

The qualifications aren’t strict, but you will need to pass a test, which brings me to the next point here.

Passing the Test

If you qualify to sign up as a scorer, then Literably will want you to take a test to test your skills.  While they don’t require any experience, they do want to make sure you’re fit for the job, of course.  This is common among many transcription-like companies.  If you want to see a sample, you can follow along with this YouTube video.

According to people who have taken the test, it lasts about 30 minutes long and will consist of six transcription tasks of sorts, where you will listen to the audio of children reading and then compare these recordings to a written test to identify errors, such as grammar, poor pronunciation, etc.  As a fair warning, some people say it’s quite hard.  For example, someone on Reddit said the following:

After you complete the test, it can take more than 10+ weeks to hear back from the company.  Yes, that’s not a misprint.  It’s quite long, usually due to the demand and smaller work staff.  In the case you fail the test, you can re-take the test one year after you failed the first time.

Starting Work

If you’re able to pass the test, then you can start to work as both a transcriber and scorer.

As a transcriber, it will be your job to listen to the audio provided, which, as mentioned, is read by students, and then compare this audio to the wording on the actual text.  As you’re doing this, you will add, delete, and alter the text as you’re doing so.  After listening to the entire audio file, you will then score the students’ performance based on the grading guideline.  Don’t worry, Literably provides you with all of the training necessary to succeed.

After you submit your work, someone at Literably will review your work for accuracy purposes and will pay you accordingly.  Your pay will vary based on factors unknown.

Literably Pay

At the time of this review, Literably paid anywhere from $0.35 to $0.85 per audio minute.  Keep in mind that this is per audio minute and not the minutes you work.  As a general rule of thumb, it will take you four minutes to transcribe every minute, but this can be longer or shorter, all depending on your speed and skills.

So, using this math, every 60 minutes of work equates to about 15 minutes of paid time, which will net you about $5.25 to $12.75 per hour gross.  Remember, you’re considered an independent contractor, so you will be responsible for your taxes come tax time.  This can knock another 15%+ off your hourly rate, so do keep this in mind.  As always, talk with an accountant for more information come tax time.

When it comes time for payday, payments are sent out weekly via PayPal.

The Pros

For the transcription world, the pay isn’t too bad at $8 to $15 per hour average, sometimes more (or less).

It’s a flexible work environment, allowing you to work whenever you want.

You’re helping children succeed with their future as well as helping teachers save time.

It doesn’t require any experience to apply.

They provide all the training materials to succeed.

The Cons

The test can be hard for some.  Multiple reports were complaining about audio quality, foreign children speaking unclearly, etc.

It can take more than 10+ weeks to hear back after you submit your rest.

As with all flexible online transcription jobs, work isn’t guaranteed.

It’s not recommended as a supplement for a part-/full-time job.

Final Thoughts

7/10Overall, if you like the idea of working from home and you like the transcription type jobs, it’s one to consider.  You won’t make too much, maybe $10~ per hour, but I have read reports that some people can make north of $15+ per hour once they get the hang of it.  Of course, your results will vary.  Only you can figure out how much you can truly make.  Just let it be known that this company is legit and you won’t be wasting your time working with them.  Out of all transcription companies I have reviewed, this is a decent one as you’re helping students succeed.  This can at least make you feel good about your work, right?

For now, at least sign up and see if you can get approved.  If you feel you can earn a higher-than-average hourly rate, then good for you.  If not, you can always cancel your account or never log in again.  If you can type at least 50+ words per minute and have transcription experience, I don’t see why you can’t make more than $10+ per hour.

Also, if you are interested in transcription-like jobs, be sure to check out my 101+ transcription companies hiring right now.  There are a lot more than just Literably.

As always, if you have worked with Literably, have a question or want to vent, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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