LuckyCash App Review: I Won’t Download

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LuckyCash is yet another app promising to help you rack up “credits” in exchange for pretty simple tasks such as answering surveys, downloading other apps, or even watching videos. Then, you can use these credits to exchange them for cash rewards, either through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Now, there are a ton of these apps out there, many of which don’t pay much and/or mislead you.  While you can make a few dollars on occasion, you need to make sure you’re downloading the right one and trust me when I say that there are only a few I like.

In today’s review, I will dive in and see if LuckyCash is one worthy of a download.  I will also answer all of the questions you probably have.  Is it for real or just another scam? Will you truly get paid?

With all of that being said, let’s jump in and begin.

What is LuckyCash?

LuckyCash is a rewards app, which is operated by a company called E-Conit that’s based in Belgium. With this app, you earn credits through various activities, such a filling out surveys, testing apps, watching videos, or even filling out forms..

Once you have earned enough credits, you can then exchange them for actual cash or Amazon gift cards. Send your earnings directly to your PayPal account or ask for an Amazon gift card via email.

LuckyCash is a legitimate app, but that doesn’t mean that everyone gets a reward for every task they complete. Despite its solid rating on the Google Play Store, there’s a stream of user grumbles about lost points and missing payments.  I will get into that later on in the pros and cons.

The app’s Terms of Use make it clear that LuckyCash is simply a platform for showcasing promotional offers from advertisers, and it’s these advertisers who hold power to decide if you’ve earned any rewards or not.  Simply put, like the many apps I talk about, they act as a middleman, just pushing these generic offers to you and splitting the commission they receive.

In the simplest terms, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be paid and no law can coerce the company into fulfilling their promise to you.

Getting Started

LuckyCash is globally available and is compatible for mobile phone devices (Apple/Android). Once you’ve installed the app, you will need to open it and tap ‘continue’ if you agree with their “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy.”

Now, let me warn you that just because it’s available in your country, it doesn’t mean you will see a ton of offers.  Some countries will see more offers than others.  Just keep that in mind.

There’s also a field where you can enter a referral (sponsorship) code if you’ve been invited by someone else, and this will land you an instant 500 credits.  You will only receive this if you have that code.  If you don’t have one, you can search for one online if this seems like something you’re interested in.

Then, once you do so, you can immediately start earning rewards.

As soon as you open the app, you will receive a 50-credit welcome gift. And, if you complete a brief profile with your PayPal email and age, you’ll earn an additional 150 credits.


Now, before you jump into the tasks, it’s important to understand the conversion rate. Essentially, 1,000 credits will equal $1 in value.

And, once you’ve earned at least 5,000 credits, you can cash out via PayPal for $5. If you want an Amazon gift card, you’ll need at least 10,000 credits, which equals $10 in value.  This minimum threshold, I would say, is about average for the industry and it shouldn’t you too long to get there.

Right now, the app only offers PayPal and Amazon rewards, that’s it.

LuckyCash offers various ways for you to earn credits, which I will talk about next.

Earning Money

Mega Offers

In this Mega Offers section, you will see a plethora of offers from various advertisers such as third-party offerwall providers, game developers, and market research firms, to name a few.  This is where you’re going to make most of your money if you use the app.  You will also see tabs that say “more offers”  and “extra offers,” which all work in the same way.

In any of these sections, you will be rewarded with credits once you fulfill the conditions attached to each offer. For instance, one might require you to install an app and then play until you hit a certain level.  Another may say that you need to sign up for an email newsletter.

While I was exploring LuckyCash, here are a few offers I found:

As you can see, you can play the 2048 Showdown app and earn 175 credits when you reach the 10,000 score.

These offers will update throughout the day, week and whenever you see one, just make sure it’s worth your time.  As long as you follow the directions as noted, you should get rewarded.


This section lets you fill out surveys from mainly third-party research partners. At the time of this review, only two companies were on board: TheoremReach and Pollfish.

The problem with these offerwalls is that you might end up spending quite a bit of time trying to qualify for surveys. The odds can be against you, depending on your demographic data. Most surveys require 10 to 25 minutes to finish and typically pay less than a dollar worth of credits.  Usually, it’s not worth it, but you can find a good option on occasion.

If you want to take surveys, I always recommend more reputable options such as Prolific, Cloud Connect or even Swagbucks.  All of these pay much more and you will have more of a selection.

Watch Videos

LuckyCash will offer one credit for each video ad you watch. Most of these videos run for about 30 to 60 seconds.

The problem is that you will have to watch 1,000 videos to earn $1 in rewards.  Worth it?  No!

Videos are never worth it, so I would skip out on this option, even if it seems easy.

Cash Lottery

In the cash lottery, you can purchase one ticket for one token.  You can then enter the raffles, which mainly give away cash prizes.  The drawing is done every Sunday and the raffle will be cleared.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune feature allows you to spin the wheel with the potential to multiply your credits up to 10 times the amount. You’re free to bet whatever amount you want, but you will always have to bet at least 800 credits to do so.

Inviting Your Friends

In the “Share” section, you can invite people to install the app, and you can earn 30% of whatever your friends make.  Simply click on the “Sponsor” button and pick anyone from your social media circles.  You can also share a special link if need be.

In my view, getting people onboard is the most effective way to earn money with this app. Let’s say you bring in 5 people and they each earn $100 in a month.  If you do so, you will earn $15 without having to complete a single task.  Referrals are always great if you find the right people to recruit.  However, I wouldn’t focus on referring people to this app, as it isn’t a great money earner in comparison to others I have reviewed.

Getting Paid

Once you have earned 5,000 credits, you can cash out for PayPal, but you will need at least 10,000 credits for an Amazon gift card.

To cash out via PayPal, ensure that your profile has your correct PayPal email set. If you do so, you will then head to the payments section and select the amount you’d like to cash out.

Payments are usually made within 48 hours.

The Pros:

  • various ways to earn
  • PayPal and Amazon rewards

The Cons:

  • payment delays or never received money
  • excessive ads
  • many expressed skepticism about the app’s legitimacy
  • a very slow way to earn

Final Thoughts

3/10LuckyCash is a legit app, but I’m kind of concerned with the payments.  I saw a number of complaints on the Google Play Store that indicated not everyone received their payment when they said they would.  Also, the company seems to always be sharing emails of users who successfully cash out daily.

There’s a degree of risk involved here and that’s probably why I wouldn’t recommend this app.  Why work hard and find out you won’t get your cash for one reason or another.  There are too many better options out there that have much better ways to earn and a better reputation.  Some of these options include Swagbucks and Freecash, for example.

In the end, I would say skip it.  It’s not a scam, but I just don’t like what I see.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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