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Market Force Review: How Much Do I Make?

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Market Force is one of the many legitimate mystery shopping companies out there.  It’s one I’m part of and I continue to use to this day.  If you want to get paid to shop and/or eat out, it’s one to put high on your list.  Yes, it is possible to get paid to eat or shop, I promise you that.

In today’s review, I want to talk about Market Force.  I will let you know what you can get paid, how the system works as well as how it ranks among its competitors.  We already know it’s legit, but is it worth your time?

If you like the idea of getting paid to eat or shop, it’s something to stick around for.

What is Market Force?

Market Force is a mystery shopping company that’s been around since 1972.  As mentioned in the intro, they pay you to visit very popular retailers and restaurants.  In return, all they ask is that you fill out a very simple questionnaire after your visit as well as upload a few photos.  For example, you may be asked to visit a restaurant and time how long it takes to receive your food as well as unwrap your burger to see how it’s presented.

The company is part of the very reputable Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association, known as the MSPA, and has won Shoppers’ Choice awards as voted by North American shoppers.

It’s definitely one of the more reputable mystery shopping companies in the industry right now.

Is Market Force Legit?

Yes, I can vouch for them 100%.

I have used them for a few years now and have been paid by them every single time, as long as I complete the job as specified.  Trust me, it isn’t hard.  And, if you need payment proof of sorts, here’s a deposit sent to my bank account.

Market Force is a leader in the industry, and if you want to work with one of the best, who, in turn, networks with some of the best, it’s one you can trust.

Signing up for Market Force

If you want to work with Market Force, you will be treated as an independent contractor.  And, what this means is that you can log in at any time and choose any jobs you want to perform on your dashboard.  There are no set schedules nor does the company force you to accept jobs weekly.  It’s as flexible as it gets.

To sign up as a contractor, it’s as easy as going to the official website and fill out a very simple registration form.

During the sign-up process, they will want to know your name, email as well as create a password.  You will also be asked to fill out a few other questions as well.  The entire process only takes a few minutes and you can start signing up for mystery shopping jobs in as little as a few days.

As for who qualifies, you only need a high school diploma and must be at least 18+ years old.

Working for Market Force

Once you’re accepted, you can log into a dashboard online, which will look something like this:

To start looking for jobs in your area, you will want to click on that “Find Jobs” tab and it will bring up a list of potential jobs.  This is what that page will look like:

Here, you can enter your zip code as well as set filters if you’re only looking for particular jobs.  In this case, my filter was set to jobs within five miles.  I had 12 jobs I could choose from, and as you can see, you could see what kind of job it was as well as long as the address.  I have to blur out the information as this is sensitive information.  Seeing you’re a mystery shopper, it must remain a mystery at all times.

If the job sounds of interest, simply click on the “view shop details” button and then read what’s expected of you.  At first, it will be very basic information, but once you accept the job, you can view an in-depth PDF to see what questions you will need to answer after your visit.

You can always click on the job to accept it, and if you find out it isn’t what you expected, you can cancel the assignment.

How Much Does Market Force Pay?

How much Market Force pays will greatly depend on the job.  In any job you accept, you will see a reimbursement rate as well as what they will pay you for completing the job.

So, for example, let’s take a look at a job that was on my dashboard…

As you can see, the shop would pay $9, and the company would reimburse you for your meal up to $12.75.  So, not only would you get a free meal at this restaurant, but they will pay you to complete the job.  You could receive a total payment of $21.75.

So, I don’t want to note an hourly rate as it will depend on the job you accept, but from my experience, most jobs will pay you about $5 to $15~, sometimes much more, all depending on the job you choose.  This won’t include the reimbursement, either.

And, how much you make depends on where you live.  If you live in a bigger city, then you could complete a few jobs a day, maybe netting $50~, but if you lived in a smaller city, you could find yourself traveling 10+ miles to make $10.

Your results will greatly vary but expect to make anywhere from $5 to $10+ per job, sometimes more, sometimes less.  It’s definitely not something you should do full time, but it can make for a nice side gig.

The company pays once a month for the jobs you performed the month prior.  You can get paid either via check or direct deposit.  At this moment, there is no PayPal option.

What Are Others Saying

On Indeed, more than 85+ reviewers gave the company a 3.5/5.  It’s not bad nor is it great.  I would say it’s in the middle.

Looking at the reviews, many loved that you could decide which jobs you wanted as well as when you wanted to work.

The cons, however, were the lack of jobs in some area as well as the below-average pay for some jobs.

On Glassdoor, the company had more than 150+ reviews, with an average score of 2.8 out of 5.  Not the great, but not the best, either.

Here, people loved the flexible schedule, the management as well as regular work available.

As for cons, it was similar to that of Indeed.  Contractors complained about the pay, and a few people stated you get no second chances if you screw up and they end up banning you.

Final Thoughts

8/10Market Force is high on the list if you want to mystery shop and work with a legitimate company.  They have great support, their pay is decent and they work with a lot of big-name companies, many I am sure you have heard of.  You will read bad things about them, but honestly, if you read reviews for almost any company, you will always find something negative.  However, in the cast of Market Force, I read more good than bad, so that says something at least.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you could be mystery shopping in as early as a few days.  Again, don’t expect to make a ton, but you could earn $50+ a week plus free food/items in doing so.

If you have used Market Force and want to comment on it, or maybe you have questions/concerns, then that’s what the comment section is designed for.  Feel free to let us know whatever may be on your mind.

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