McMoney Review: Get Texts and Earn Cash

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McMoney is a paid app that shells out cash for allowing your phone to receive text messages.  It’s owned by, a company providing communication and payment solutions., established in 1999, is a Netherlands-based organization and a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, helping businesses enhance their customer experience.

You may be curious as to why a company would pay you to receive text messages and that’s it.

According to McMoney’s official website, they pay you to help them “test and improve mobile operations.”

In plain English, you help them to help mobile companies work together. More importantly, each text message you get will add more money to your balance.  And yes, this is actual money, not points or coins.

Sounds a bit like data collection, right?  Essentially, under the guise of marketing research, you earn a few cents just by accepting these text messages at random.

I know it sounds odd, but it is true.

If you want to essentially get paid to receive text messages and that’s it, let’s dive in and see how McMoney works.  As in all of my reviews, I’m always honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

How McMoney Works

Download the McMoney APK

You might find it a bit odd, but like many other unique money-making apps, McMoney isn’t on the Google Play Store only nor is it on iTunes. This isn’t that unusual for Android apps that pay you, since, let’s face it, these apps are often too “spammy” for the Google Play Store to keep them around for long. Despite this, you can still download the “APK file” from McMoney’s official website directly onto your phone and manually install the app from there. It’s not too complex, but these APK files will only work for an Android device.  Apple devices, unfortunately, will not work.

Register Your Phone Number

To receive these text messages and get paid, you have to first register your cell phone number with McMoney. They have stated that they “can only support limited amounts of users in specific countries.” So, if this limit has been reached, you sadly won’t be able to register in that country at the moment.  You will see this error message upon registering.

For example, if you’re living somewhere with plenty of market research potential, such as the United States, and Canada, for example, you will be able to create an account without any hitch. For other countries, it might be a bit trickier due to less demand involved in testing telecommunication networks. Still, with that being said, McMoney is a global app and has users worldwide, so if the country you live in is eligible, you will be able to start the registration process.  At least try and see if they are accepting your country at the time.

Start Receiving Texts to Earn Cash

After registering your cell number, the app will start sending you random text messages. The reason behind this is that they are “part of an application that uses SMS messages to eliminate SMS delivery fraud in global telecommunications.”

The text messages you’ll get are just a mix of randomized characters and/or numbers, and you can immediately delete them. You’re not required to reply and/or verify in any way that you’ve received them.  You don’t have to do anything with these texts, which makes it a decent passive income app opportunity.  Simply let it text your phone and that’s it.

Each message typically pays a few cents, and McMoney clarifies that the number of text messages you receive within a week can vary and suggests keeping a solid internet connection to receive more messages.

When I was using it, for instance, I received about two or so texts per week from McMoney, which is why I eventually uninstalled the app. I didn’t find it to be worth it. The messages, always random strings of code or jumbled characters from unknown numbers, were slightly annoying and not worth the small payments.

Is it Legit?

Yes, McMoney is a legitimate app. It does pay you for receiving text messages, and there’s ample proof of payment available online.

When I tested the app, I was getting about one to three texts or so per week, with each paying me around $0.02. However, this minimal payout is a significant concern many people raise about the app, and it’s ultimately the reason why I uninstalled McMoney after testing it for a few weeks.  Your results will vary, but seeing as I live in the United States, this is what you should expect.  This could change in the future, however, so do keep that in mind.

As I always say, just because it’s legitimate, it doesn’t mean it’s worth your time.

How Much Can You Make?

The main issue that I have with McMoney is that the earning opportunities are incredibly low and beyond your control. Even with online surveys, which honestly aren’t great, you can grind out with surveys to reach the cashout threshold. With McMoney, however, you have no control over your earnings since you can’t determine the number of SMS messages you receive or the rate per message. Plus, these types of apps generally don’t pay a lot for every message sent.  It’s less than a penny or two, on average.

Yes, there were some people online who were with the app for a long enough time to get their cash. Generally, these users made a dollar or so here and there, and after forgetting they had the app for some time, they cash out.  This is always looked at as a positive, I guess.

McMoney typically pays between $0.013 to $0.06 for every message you receive. However, the amount you earn per message can vary depending on your location. Some countries might offer higher earnings, while in others, it might not be as much.

For me, if I had kept McMoney installed, I would have probably made about $3  a year, maybe a pinch more. That just didn’t justify occupying space on my phone.

You have to ask yourself if spam messages are worth $3 per year to you.  Only you can decide.

Getting Paid

One notable advantage of McMoney is that it allows you to cash out through PayPal, as opposed to offering random free gift cards. Plus, in most countries, the minimum withdrawal amount is only $1 through PayPal. Although some countries may have higher thresholds, like $5 or $6, if you’re in North America, you can cash out from McMoney once you’ve earned a dollar. That’s pretty low for apps like this, considering that many others require you to have $5 to $20 before you can redeem your earnings. However, as we’ll discuss in this review, even that $1 may not be as good as it sounds. Bear in mind, McMoney processes payments once a week, every Thursday.

The Pros:

  • 100% passive income (truly install and forget)
  • 100% free
  • low cashout threshold
  • works globally

The Cons:

  • very low payout potential
  • some countries won’t receive a lot of texts
  • a lot of text messages come through
  • have no idea what you can earn


What if I don’t get messages?

Usually, If you’re not receiving text messages for more than a few days, it could be due to a few reasons. It could be that the text message volume isn’t there, or you may need a stronger internet connection. Also, it could be that you have a blocked device. You can check the list of approved devices at the bottom of McMoney’s homepage.  If your device is listed, you will not be able to participate.

Can I block these messages at all?

Yes, McMoney does let you set specific windows of availability for receiving SMS messages, as well as quiet hours when you don’t want to be disturbed. It’s a handy feature, especially if you keep your phone’s volume on while sleeping, so McMoney doesn’t wake you up. However, bear in mind that this will probably reduce your earnings if you choose to turn this feature on.

How do I stop receiving the messages?

If you want to stop getting text messages, all you need to do is delete the McMoney app from your smartphone. That should halt the incoming SMS messages. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the company still sells your information and phone number to third parties after it’s done.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth getting one to three text messages a week for about $0.02 each.

If you’re saying yes, it’s worth that $3 or so a year, then sure, go ahead.  If not, there are many other ways to make money, of course.

Personally, I don’t use it because I just don’t want the odd text messages and this app on my phone, but that’s just me.  As I said, some people are happy with it, but it’s usually those who forget all about it.

That’s going to wrap it up.

As always, if you want to chime in and let us know your thoughts, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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