MindSumo Review: $1,000 Challenges?

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Have you ever wanted a platform where you could earn by sharing your brilliant ideas with companies?

Well, MindSumo proposes just that.

When I first came across this site, it caught my attention because it’s not your everyday earning platform. It’s unique in its approach, and I felt compelled to see if it truly delivers on its promise.

In this review, I save you the hassle of figuring out if MindSumo is worth your time. By the end, you should have a clearer picture as to whether or not you want to sign up.

What is MindSumo?

MindSumo stands out as a premier hub for young innovators to showcase their prowess in problem-solving.

By engaging in “Challenges” that demand creative solutions, participants have a shot at earning cash, honing their abilities, and maybe even securing a job opportunity. It’s impressive to note that MindSumo boasts a vibrant community of over a million problem solvers, spanning six continents and collaborating with more than 3,000 universities worldwide.

To start, you will begin by setting up your MindSumo profile. Make sure to highlight your problem-solving flair.  You can then browse through available Challenges and submit your innovative solutions to those that resonate with your interests. If your idea hits the mark and gets picked as a winner, you get to pocket the prize.

The website in itself is 100% legit, but as you’re about to find out, winning may be a lot tougher than you think.

Let’s talk about the challenges….

Earning Money with Challenges

At the heart of MindSumo lies the concept of “challenges.” If you want to earn with this platform, challenges are where the action happens.

Let’s clear up any misconceptions first: we’re not talking about any physical dares or stunts. These challenges revolve around genuine issues that real businesses encounter. They’re seeking creative thinkers like you to provide solutions.

Once you step into the role of a “MindSumo solver,” your dashboard (or the app, which I will touch on later) will showcase a range of challenges you can dive into. Plus, any challenge that matches your expertise will pop up in your email notifications.

But not all challenges are open to everyone. Some are reserved for the best of the best problem solvers. You might spot them on your dashboard, but they might be off-limits unless you’ve achieved top-tier status (I will delve into how to attain that shortly).

If a challenge captures your interest and you’re eligible, clicking on it will provide in-depth details. Every challenge comes with its unique “deliverables” – essentially what you need to submit to stand a chance to win.

Many challenges I looked at, for example, posed questions with a predefined set of answers to select from. But the real meat of the challenge? It’s about presenting your proposed solution. Once you’ve submitted your inputs, it’s a waiting game until the challenge ends.

Post-challenge, businesses take their time to evaluate every submission. Thereafter, they pinpoint the winners, and there are often multiple for each challenge.

From my personal experience on the site, these challenges aren’t a walk in the park. They demand out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re not one to think creatively, chances of earning here might be slim. That’s the crux to ponder over before diving into MindSumo.

Joining the MindSumo Community

And, if you’re wondering who can hop aboard the MindSumo train, it’s slightly ambiguous regarding the countries it caters to. However, my understanding is that anyone globally can join. The only clear criteria? You need to be 18 or older.

Signing up for MindSumo is quite straightforward.

You fill out a simple registration form, and after this, a confirmation link lands in your inbox. Clicking on this completes your registration, and voila, you’re all set to dive into challenges on their dashboard.

How Much Can You Make?

MindSumo can be quite lucrative, and there’s potential to earn hefty amounts if your solution is top-notch. However, given the competitive nature of the platform, it’s no cakewalk. Crafting solutions demands effort and ingenuity.

For those with the requisite skills, MindSumo can be a valuable side gig. Bear in mind, though, that challenges won’t be endlessly pouring in. Plus, certain challenges cater exclusively to top-tier solvers.

What’s this “top-tier solver” status?

It’s what you’d aspire to achieve as a MindSumo participant and to attain it, you need to consistently submit high-quality solutions. The exact number to hit this rank isn’t disclosed, but once you do, the platform will notify you. This status opens doors to more earning opportunities, making it a coveted goal.

Getting Paid

As noted, one challenge doesn’t have just one winner. Multiple participants walk away with a piece of the pie.

Let’s break it down using an example…

In a challenge, let’s say that the top 20% of all submissions will get rewarded. Within that, the top 5% will split a $1,000 prize. Following them, the next 5% will distribute $400 among themselves, and the subsequent 10% will divvy up $200.

In our scenario, if the top 5% consists of two individuals, both will get $500 each. If the succeeding 5% also has two individuals, they’ll each receive $200. Lastly, the 10% bracket will share the final $200.

The company hosting the challenge decides the exact distribution percentages. Sometimes, half the participants might earn rewards, while other times, it may be a select few.

Every challenge will let you know how you’re going to get rewarded if chosen.

Withdrawing Your Earnings

If you do get selected, withdrawing your earnings is straightforward, as MindSumo uses PayPal for payouts, offering a hassle-free experience.

The best part is that there is no waiting to hit a certain amount. You can pull out your earnings whenever you wish, making it incredibly flexible.

The Pros:

  • Potential Earnings: Some users have had positive experiences, suggesting there’s potential to earn money, albeit possibly limited.

The Cons:

  1. Delayed or Nonexistent Payments: Many users complain about projects remaining in review for long periods, and some claim to never receive payment even after their work has been approved.
  2. Suspected Scam: Several users suggest that the platform is a scam, indicating that their efforts were taken advantage of and they didn’t receive due compensation.
  3. Information Phishing Concerns: A recurring complaint is that the platform might be phishing for information or ideas without intending to pay.
  4. Long Review Times: Multiple users mention that their articles or projects remain under review for extended periods, with little to no communication about the status or expected timeline.
  5. Rules Not Followed: Some users mention that the platform doesn’t even adhere to its own guidelines, leading to further distrust.
  6. Wasted Time and Effort: Almost all negative reviews highlight the wasted time and effort they put into the platform, only to be left uncompensated or in the dark.

Final Thoughts

5/10MindSumo stands tall with its promise of high rewards, some well into the hundreds. But, and it’s a significant ‘but’, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Flourishing here calls for distinct skills – a blend of problem-solving prowess and creative flair. So, if you’re someone who thrives in such an environment, MindSumo might be your goldmine. However, for those who lean towards simpler tasks for their side hustles, perhaps browsing through some top surveys or GPT sites would be more up your alley, such as Swagbucks. These platforms often offer more straightforward ways to supplement your income.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to comment below.

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