Mobile Performance Meter Review: Paid to Do Nothing?

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The Mobile Performance Meter is a very popular app that is said to reward you to use your phone as you always do.  As I write this, it has more than 33,000 reviews with a decent 4.3/5 score on the Google Play Store.

Even though the reviews may be high, the real question is if it’s worth joining?  That can be said about any money-making app, right?

As in all of my reviews, I love to test these apps and report back my findings.  I will tell you how it is and always recommend products that I would use.  I would never promote something for the sake of my own self-promotion.  I just don’t work that way.

What is the Mobile Performance Meter App?

The app will reward you with what’s known as “Meter Points” every time you allow the app to run in the background as you use the phone.  Just answer some basic questions about yourself and that’s it.  In doing so, the company will reward you with these points as you use your phone.

Aside from just using your phone and allowing it to run in the background, you can also earn points faster by enabling what’s known as the Survey Booster Service,” which allows you to answer simple survey questions.  If you enable this option, it will alert you any time there’s a survey question that’s available for you to answer.

The app is operated by Embee, which is a technology company based in San Francisco which works with both mobile carriers and market research firms.  You can read more about their company at  The company has paid out millions of dollars in the past year alone.

In short, the company is legit, and yes, they will pay you, but is it worth your time?

Let’s see…

Signing Up

To sign up for the app, the company will first ask for you to grant it permissions, particularly the phone and location permission.

This is mandatory as this is how you’re going to get rewarded if you don’t complete the surveys.  And, as you can see from the screengrab, they need this permission to help measure network performance by your location.  It can also help you receive location-targeted surveys, which can help you earn even more rewards.

Aside from granting these permissions, you will also fill out a brief profile questionnaire, all of which takes a minute at most.  After you submit this information, it will run a quick test to determine if you’re eligible to participate in your area.  Do keep in mind that you may be disqualified based on your phone carrier and phone.

Once you fill out this information, you can then proceed to your dashboard.

As a note, this app is only available for Android and it doesn’t have an iPhone version, at least for now.

The Dashboard

After you sign up, you can immediately access your dashboard, and it will look something like this:

It’s very simple, as you can tell, but make sure you pay close attention to that “Earn Rate” as this is how many Meter Points you will earn in a day.  So, for example, I will earn 20 points a day as long as my phone is running.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how the heck are they getting paid?

It’s simple.

According to the company, major mobile carriers are always paying people to go around and test the call quality, etc.  This is where they come in as they are the middleman, using your phone as a sample to test the network’s quality.  The app does all of the dirty work, so you don’t have to do anything.

The company doesn’t install any unnecessary software nor do they sell your personal information.  In reading about the company, they appear to be pretty honest.

The Rewards

The company offers a variety of gift card options, from to Barnes & Noble and Domino’s Pizza, to name a few.

You will just select a gift card of choice from your dashboard, as well an amount, and you can redeem your gift card.  On average, every 100 points will equal $1, with gift card redemptions start at $5.

How much can I earn?

Well, doing the math at 20 points per day, that’s about 600 points a month or 7,200 a year.  Using our 100 points = $1 ratio, it would be safe to say that you can earn $6 a month on average for doing nothing.

Remember, though, if you refer friends or answer those surveys, you could make more, maybe a few dollars a month more.  But, of course, this will depend on how many surveys you receive as well as how many of them you complete.  Most surveys pay out about $1 each.

However, and it’s a big however, some people report receive fewer points a day, sometimes as little as 5.  For instance, on this Reddit thread, some members said they saw 5, 10, or 20 points a day, and reports have mentioned it’s probably partially due to the device you’re using.  I wanted to note this as you will find your daily rate could be much different than someone else.

When do I get paid?

Once you redeem, it will usually take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to receive your reward.  Your reward code will come into your email inbox.

The Pros

  • get paid to do nothing
  • backed by a reputable company
  • solid reviews on Google Play/iTunes
  • doesn’t appear to impact the battery

The Cons

  • not a huge money maker (only $5~ a month)
  • have to run the app in the background for it to work (some people are uncomfortable with this notion)
  • doesn’t work with all phones/carriers
  • it does require a sim card to work

Final Thoughts

4/10So, ask yourself:  Do I want to earn $6 a month doing nothing?

If you’re answering yes, then download it and forget about it.  If you don’t want to worry about this app running in the background, then I 100% get it.  I don’t know how much you want to earn, so your opinion may be different than mine.

If you do download it, keep in mind that it is, indeed, 100% legit, so there’s no worry there.  They don’t sell your data, but they will share your phone information, such as speeds, etc, with mobile carriers.  I don’t think there’s a cause of concern here, at least I don’t think.   They have to make money after all.

That wraps it up for now.

As always, if you want to comment on this app, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.  Until next time!

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