MomJobsOnline (MJOL): Read This First Before Paying!

Some of the links may be from a sponsor. Advertising Disclosure, managed by MJOL Marketing, is said to be a job portal that helps you find pre-screened work-from-home jobs making up to $90 per hour.  They have jobs for everyone, providing an equal opportunity for both men and women, even though it’s called “Mom Jobs.”

I have seen them pop up countless times on job portals, such as CareerBuilder, and figured I would dig deep to see what this company is all about.  I always love to check some companies out if I feel there may be potential.

Are they legit?

Do they really have stay-at-home jobs that pay up to $90+ per hour?  That’s a huge claim that often isn’t true, even if you have a myriad of degrees and experience.

Can you find a job?

In today’s review, I’m going to check out and see what it’s all about.  They sure do boast a lot, and I want to see if they are telling the truth or misleading you like so many scams do online.

As always, I want to give an honest perspective, so I’m going to act as a job seeker and see what it’s all about.  Hopefully, in the end, we can all figure out if it’s a scam or 100% legit.

What is

According to one of the job descriptions I found on, they are said to be located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and operate a staffing/recruiting agency.

The whole purpose, according to this description, is to help remote job seekers, not just moms, find jobs that you can work safely online.  Every job you find on their website is pre-screened so that you’re being certain you’re working with somebody legit.

While the company description on these job boards seem legit, I couldn’t find much on their official website.  In fact, the website was so unorganized, this was already a huge flat to me.  It was massively unorganized and seemed like it hasn’t been updated in more than 15+ years.  How much is true is hard to say as I couldn’t find much outside of the job posting descriptions.

One Red Flag – The History

Whenever I research a company, I like to look online to find out more about them, such as their BBB page (if they have one), as well as their website.  With this information, I like to use my rookie investigative skills and dig deeper to see if I can find any red flags.

Well, I found one that stuck out to me — the company’s history.

According to the company’s BBB page, it said they have been in business for more than 17 years.  However, when I look up the creation date, it was said the domain was created in 2012.  Doing the math, that’s only 8 years as of this writing.  I don’t know where the other 11 come from, unless they were working before this domain was created or maybe they operated under a different name?

I even checked the Wayback Machine, the internet archive, where you can search older websites to see what they looked like in the past.  In doing this, I could only go as far back as 2012, further proving they started this domain in 2012.

Anytime I can find a red flag, I’m very hesitant with any other claim they make, and boy, do they make a lot of them.  So, with them maybe lying about this, it’s tough to know if they are lying about other things as well.

How it Works

If you have found this company via a job search online, then you may have noticed one of the many jobs available, from data entry to customer service and medical coder.  These tend to be the most popular at-home job options, probably one of the reason they target these keywords so that you research it even more.  When you land on the job posting, it appears like no other, only that this one doesn’t direct you to a job post, where you can apply.  Instead, it directs you to the main website.

The thing I didn’t like about what this company does is that they post a lot of what looks like jobs, only to lead you to their website in hopes you sign up to find a job.  So, essentially, you’re never applying for a job at MommyJobsOnline; rather, you’re asked to pay to have them find you a job.

Now, if you were interested in one of these jobs, they ask that you either call a phone number or go to their website, MommyJobsOnline.  This is where it gets tricky.

Once you’re on the website, it can be hard to navigate.  In fact, it’s probably one of the worst looking websites I have ever encountered in my history of reviews.  I know it’s mean, but c’mon, take a look at this screenshot:

The colors are all over the place and it’s so hard to focus as there are so many words scattered about.  It definitely needs an overhaul.

However, when you land on the website, you’re probably going to click on one of the few links available, such as “View Jobs” or even the “MJOL Job Board.”

Well, whichever option you do choose, it will take you to the same page, asking you to essentially pay for a job bank membership registration.  To me, this is a huge red flag, even if the information they do provide is 100% legit.  My golden rule, with a very few exceptions, is that you should NEVER pay for a job.  Think about it.  Would you pay someone to start working at a grocery store?  No, of course not!  The same should be said about the online work world.

According to this page, packages ranged anywhere from $85 for a specific category or $210 for the full job bank.  If you were to buy it, they claim they can offer more than 5,000+ remote jobs with the ability to submit your resume to confidential employers.

As I write this, they had categories for transcription, medical coding, customer service, clerical and professional.  In each, you can see what kind of remote job types are available.

If you were to pay the fee, then the company will send you a job link for your preferred type, with links to current job openings.  This is usually sent within 24 hours.

Now, if you were to pay, then let it be known that there are NO refunds, so be sure to think this over if you do plan on buying the list.

The Reviews Online

While I didn’t want to want to spend $85 to review this company, the reviews online said enough.  I knew exactly what I would be getting myself into without making the investment.

The official BBB page, even though they had an A- rating, had eight complaints in the past few years.  Some people said they provide bogus links to jobs, while some did praise it, saying they were able to find a job.  There were more negative than there were good, however.

On a few reviews found on Glassdoor, people didn’t like that you had to pay a high fee to essentially obtain a list of jobs.  They said most of what you could find could already be found online.  To the company’s defense, someone from the company did reply and say that 98% of the jobs are exclusive to their site.  Not sure how true this is, however.  Another person said they paid the $85 and applied to more than 100 jobs, never hearing back from anyone.

I couldn’t find many reviews online, and the ones I did find, there were only a few, most of them being negative.

So, to me, it’s one or two things.

One, it’s not as popular as I think it is or maybe people just aren’t posting reviews because it’s actually worth it.  In the world of reviews, people always go out of their way to post a negative review instead of praising something.

Another Flag – The Pay

The company says that you may be able to apply as an internal candidate once you pay the one-time $85 contractor fee.  According to the site, all internal job positions are 100% guaranteed upon completing a satisfactory background check.

However, if you dig deeper into the job positions, they are laughable.

For instance, as an email marketing specialist, you are asked to send out emails daily, at least 300+ and you will be paid $10 per sign-up.  So, basically, you’re sending out emails to who knows who.

Another position, the data entry specialist, will pay you $20 for every 5,000 submissions you add to the spreadsheet.  Think of that!  Submit 5,000 entries and you get paid $20.  That is worst than third-world wages.

The lesson here is if you’re enticed by the “guaranteed” internal job, you’re in for a treat as you’re betting off panhandling on the corner.

So, Is MommyJobsOnline a Scam or Legitimate?

I know.  This is the answer you’re waiting for.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that MommyJobsOnline is a scam.  Instead, I would say it isn’t worth the investment.  I would never pay $80+ for a list of jobs that I could find online for 100% free, including this website.  Sure, while there are some awesome paid job resources, such as FlexJobs, these companies are much more transparent in their work than MommyJobsOnline is. Plus, it’s a lot more professional looking and have better reviews than this company.

Even though they say they “pre-screen” the jobs for you, some jobs seem to be outdated and they just don’t update as many of these sites do.  Almost everything you can find from the research I did using third-party sources, almost all of these jobs can be found online for free.  For example, if you were looking for online medical transcriptionist jobs, then you could view my 100+ companies hiring right now.  I give it to you for free; they charge you.  It’s not much different.  You could also search Indeed or your favorite job tool to see what’s out there.  In doing so, just make sure you heavily research the company.  I can’t stress this enough.

In the end, if it was worth it, you would see a ton of great reviews, with people praising it.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, whenever you need to pay $xx to $xxx+ a month to find a job online, it isn’t worth it.  I have yet to find a paid website, with the exception of FlexJobs, that is even worth the investment.  Most of these companies that “claim” to have the list just gather information like I do and charge you for it.  I’m just nice and provide it to you for free!  The only perk to these lists is that they may update is more often than most websites do.

Think of it.  Would you pay someone to work for them and/or help them find you work?  Probably not.

In the end, steer clear and use the many free resources you find online.  Even if you can’t afford the few dollars a month to use FlexJobs, you can always use Indeed to your advantage as I mentioned.  SkiptheDrive is a great resource as well.  Best of all, it’s free!

Again, if going the free route, just make sure you heavily research the company’s name before applying as companies like this sneakily create job posts to mislead you.  A quick search can usually yield a good amount of results.

Now, I leave it up to you.

If you have ever found this site and/or know something I don’t, then feel free to leave a comment below.  I always love to hear from you, no matter what you have to say.

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