Money RAWR: Is This Legit? (review)

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Money RAWR is a rewards app that pays you to play games.  It’s one of the many apps like this on the Google Play Store, and it may be one of the most popular, as it has more than 5+ million downloads and an okay 4.3/5 rating as I write this.

While there are plenty of apps that pay you to play games, the main problem is that most don’t pay much, if anything.  The same could be said about Money RAWR.

In today’s review, I wanted to talk about how the app works, what you can make, and as in all of my reviews, I will let you know if it’s worth a download.

What is Money RAWR?

Money RAWR is a rewards app that’s available only for Android devices.  It’s owned by the Just Dice company and it was designed as a way to try games and get paid for doing so.  This very same company owns so many apps that work just like it such as App Flame, Cash’em All, Cash Tap and Coin Pop, to name a few.  They own a ton.

If you have ever played a game such as Mistplay, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept.  It’s going to be much like it.

Simply put, you will download games of your choice, play them and then get rewarded for your time in doing so.  Everything you need to know about getting paid will be known before you download the app.

Getting Started

To get started, you will want to download the app and sign up.  You can either connect your account via Google or Facebook, whichever you prefer.

After connecting, they will then want to know more about your age and gender so that they match you with relevant games; however, I think they will show you the same games, no matter what you put.

Once you enter this information, you will then be asked to grant permissions, which allows the app to monitor your activity.  This is done so that they know you’re actually playing the games as intended.  If you don’t allow them to track your activity, you will not get paid as they won’t know what you’re doing.  This is common among all apps that pay you to play games.

Making Money

After you create your account and grant permission, you can then browse a list of games you can download and start earning “coins,” which is the game’s currency.  You can use these coins to cash out for rewards, which I will talk about in a minute here.

When I downloaded the app, I could only choose from three games, which isn’t all that much in comparison to the competitors.  I know they add games frequently, however, it won’t be as often as you think.

If you see any game you want to download and start playing, all you have to do is click on the “play and collect” button and start playing.  In doing so, you will then earn the coins specified in the screenshot.  For example, Lords Mobile will pay you 421 coins per minute whereas Match Masters will pay you 393 coins per minute.

As a note, the earnings are high at first, but as you play the game, the coins per minute drastically drop.

Now, this may sound like a lot, but the coins aren’t worth all that much and that brings me to my next point.

What Are the Coins Worth in Money RAWR?

Unfortunately, the coins aren’t worth a ton.

If you want PayPal, for instance, you would need about 9898 coins to earn $1, whereas a $5 Amazon card would cost you 46,594 coins.  Every 10,000~ coins are worth about $1 in value.  This is just an estimate, however.

If we do the math, that means if we played the Lord Mobile app and earned 421 coins per minute, every hour would earn us about $2.55 per hour.  Do keep in mind, though, that the longer you play the game, the lower your earnings become, so in reality, that $2.55 per hour could be much less.  Please note this.

You have to ask yourself if playing a game for an hour is worth about $2 for your time.  I would say unless you planned on burning time, it won’t be worth it, mostly.


The nice thing about the app is that the do have a variety of rewards, all of which start at $0.50 to cash out.  This makes it one of the lowest thresholds in the industry.

Aside from odd coupons, which I don’t recommend, you can choose from the following rewards:

  • Google Play
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Playstation
  • BJ’s
  • TGIFridays
  • NIKE
  • Xbox
  • Walmart

These are subject to change, but most start at anywhere from $0.50 to $15.

When you cash out, the company notes that you should wait anywhere from 5 to 7 business days.

The Pros:

  • lots of rewards
  • low income threshold
  • games pay by minute

The Cons:

  • not a lot of games
  • won’t earn more than $2~ per hour

Final Thoughts

5/10In the end, the app is okay.  It is 100% legit and they will pay if you decide to download it.  You won’t make more than $2 per hour and the game selection is quite poor in comparison to competitors such as Mistplay and Swagbucks.

While you will never make a lot of money playing games, you should at least choose an app that gives you a lot to choose from.  That way, you can find a game you may want to play for some time.  I only find these apps worth it if you planned on playing that game anyways.  You usually won’t find more than a few games here.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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