mRewards Review: Should you Download it?

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mRewards is an app that lets you earn coins by completing a bunch of tasks. You can play sponsored games, complete surveys and watch videos, to name a few.  The app has partnered with a tech company called Adjoe, which provides a list of offers for you to check out. And the best part is that you get rewarded for every task that you do.  However, don’t get excited just yet because it’s not what it seems.

Now, there are a ton of these apps on the market, and unfortunately, most of these won’t pay you much.  I’m talking a few dollars a year.  While these apps can introduce you to new games and you can get rewarded in trying them, it’s not going to be what you think.  This one in particular has more than 5,000,000 downloads, so I figured it’s best to write a review to see why it’s so popular.

Whether you have heard about the mRewards app or you want to try another app that pays you to play games, let’s take a gander and see if this app is worth your time.

As always, all of my reviews are non-biased and 100% honest.  Let’s begin!

Earning Money with mRewards

The premise is simple with this app like the many “get paid to play games” apps.

You will play games and as you do so, you will earn coins for every minute you play.  Once you earn coins, you can cash out for a variety of rewards, including gift cards and cash.  I will get into that later.

mRewards is a free app that you can find on the Google Play Store, and the nice thing is that it’s available globally, so anyone can join.  When you open the app, it’ll ask you to accept the Terms of Usage and then sign up with your Google account. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.  It takes maybe one minute at most to do so.

When you do so, your dashboard will look something like this:

Aside from playing games, you can earn in other ways, all of which I will cover below.

Playing Games

In this section, you can find a list of games that reward you with coins for every minute of gameplay. But before you dive into the games, you need to allow usage tracking so that the app can keep track of how long you’ve played.  If you don’t let it track you, it’s going to be impossible to track your game play.  All apps that pay you to play games will work like this.

Once you’re all set, each game on the list will show you the number of coins you’ll receive per minute and the maximum reward you can earn. To begin collecting coins, just tap on “play now” and install the game from the link it takes you to, usually the official Google Play Store.

After that, you will return to the mRewards dashboard and find the game in the “Your Apps” section. It’s important to open the game through the platform so that your playtime can be properly tracked.  If you don’t, you won’t get tracked.

Now, here’s something you should keep in mind.

The coin/minute rate that you see before you even install the game is only valid for the first few minutes of gameplay.  As you play more, the rate will gradually decrease, meaning it will take longer for you to earn the same amount of coins.

For example, I played a game, and initially, it was paying me about 150 coins per minute.  After playing for a bit, however, I checked my earnings in mRewards and noticed that the rate had dropped to 150 coins per two minutes. So, keep in mind that the more you play these apps, the more that your coin earnings will decrease.  Pay attention to this if you do decide to play these games.

Mostly, I didn’t find much in terms of games.  In fact, the selection was probably one of the worst out of the competitors I have checked out.  I wasn’t too happy with this section.

Survey Offers

Aside from games, you can also partake in surveys, in which you can answer simple survey questions for a few coins here and there.

In this area, you have the opportunity to earn coins by taking surveys from two providers: Bitlabs and CPX Survey.

Before you jump into these surveys, however, you’ll need to complete a profile survey to give some information about yourself, as this is the standard of most survey companies.  This profile survey is important because it helps match you with surveys that are relevant to your demographics, interests etc. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone will qualify for every survey. Many surveys have specific requirements such as age, gender, job category, or location.  If you don’t complete this profile, you won’t see any surveys, keep that mind.

When I was playing around with the app, I needed to play one game before I could even do so.  Once you do, you would have the option to then start answering survey questions, which don’t come from mRewards.  Rather, they come from a third-party offerwall, as noted.  This simply means you can find these surveys on so many other sites.

Now, I have to be honest with you. Participating in surveys can eat up your time, and the pay isn’t always that great. Most surveys won’t pay more than $1 and can take anywhere between 5 to 20+ minutes to complete.  Plus, some will disqualify you after a few minutes, making it even more of a time suck.  It’s important to manage your expectations and understand that the rewards might not be huge.  Don’t expect to get rich here.

Watch Videos

mRewards also rewards users for watching advertising-like videos. If you were to watch these videos, you can earn up to 50 coins per video, and there’s a daily limit of 10 videos. It’s a simple way to earn some extra coins while enjoying some video content, but it’s not as much as you think.  Watching videos is never worth your time.

So, whether you choose to participate in surveys or watch videos, keep in mind that it’s all about persistence. Surveys may disqualify you at times, and the pay might not be significant, but with some dedication, you can still accumulate those coins over time.

Referring Friends

Now, let’s talk about another way to earn coins—referring your friends and earning additional coins.

mRewards gives you the opportunity to earn coins by inviting your friends to download and use the app.  When your friend earns their first coin, you’ll receive a bonus of 2500 coins. On top of that, you’ll also get 10% of all the earnings your referrals make.

To invite a friend, simply copy the unique referral link generated by the app and share it through social media, email, text, or any other messaging platform. Spread the word and earn even more, but just make sure you don’t spam your invite code.

The Rewards

As noted, the app works with a coin currency system, and you will need at least 8,200 coins to earn a $1 Amazon gift card.  That means every coin you earn is worth 0.0001 in value.  It’s not much.  If you want PayPal, you will need 46,500 coins to receive a $5 payout. The thresholds are low, but it’s going to take a long time to reach it as the earning potentials are low.

The app does offer a variety of rewards, including Amazon, PayPal, Google Play, Nexflix and Spotify.

When you do cash out, it will take up to 48 hours to receive your code.

The Pros:

  • games can be fun if they are available
  • legitimate payouts
  • great payout options such as PayPal and Amazon

The Cons:

  • many reports of bugs and glitches
  • sometimes the games don’t track right
  • video watching limitations
  • some tasks are too hard

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, mRewards isn’t worth your time.  They don’t have much in terms of inventory and the surveys, videos, etc all come from a third-party offerwall.  You won’t find much in terms of uniqueness here.

While the premise sounds great, I would skip it for now.  Instead, consider a much better option such as Swagbucks or even Mistplay to earn money while playing games.  You won’t earn much but you can earn something while playing around.  It’s better than this one at least.

If you do stick around, they are legit, but you may be frustrated with the earning potential.

That does it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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