Why Are There No Surveys on Swagbucks?

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Swagbucks is one that I have mentioned so many times before.  I made more than $800+ last year and continue to make just as much this year.  It won’t make you a ton, but it’s a great way to treat yourself to something nice every so often.

In today’s guide, I wanted to talk about the many reasons you may not see any surveys.  I will give you some solutions as well as the reasons as to why your dashboard may be empty.

As always, I’m 100% honest, straight to point and would never promote garbage I don’t believe in.  So, with that being said, let’s begin.

Why Are There No Surveys on Swagbucks?

You May Be Providing Inconsistent Data

According to the official Swagbucks website, one of the main reasons is due to the providing inconsistent data.  If you have seen surveys in the past, and you completed them in their entirety, then this could be the main reason your dashboard is now empty.  This isn’t always the case, however.

If you have found yourself to be clicking aimlessly and not paying attention, then the marketing partners with Swagbucks will be aware of this and will alert Swagbucks so that they will flag your account.  In some cases, Swagbucks will ban your account, but a lot of times, they just take the surveys away.

You have to be honest with yourself here, and only you know the answer.  Did you answer the survey questions honestly?  Did you take your time?  Remember that these marketing companies are issuing these surveys for a reason.  They need your honesty and cannot use answers that are fabricated.

Your Demographics Stink

Simply put, you’re not in a good demographic profile.

99% of the time, marketing companies will be looking for a specific demographic, and many times, you may find yourself not fitting the average demographic.  This happens more than you think, and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about this unless you lie about your age, which, of course, will get you in more trouble.

Generally, residents who live outside of the United States as well as those who make less than $20K~ per year won’t see as many surveys than, say, someone who makes $75K and is 40 years old with two children.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you fill out your entire demographic profile in its entirety as this will increase your chances of getting more surveys.  It can be boring at first, I know, but it does pay off big in the end if you plan on using the site.

You Are Lying

Whether it’s your age or personal information, the market research companies will catch on sooner or later.

This kind of ties into inconsistent data, but I wanted to mention it briefly.  If you’re younger than 13+ and/or you’re telling the surveys you’re a CEO making $150,000 a year, when in reality you’re a 16 year old collecting carts at Walmart, they will know eventually.


Every survey has a timer and they have a collective average to know how long the survey takes.  If the market research company deems the survey takes 10 minutes and the average was 9 minutes, then your survey time should be around that time.  If your average shows up at two minutes, for example, then it will be flagged immediately as this shows the researcher that you didn’t take the survey honestly.

And, if you don’t believe me, check out this source code from one of the surveys I took…

You can see there was a time for the beginning and then when you conclude the survey, it will end the survey.

The lesson here is to make sure you take your time and read every question honestly.

Failing Attention Check/Trick Questions

Almost every survey will have an attention check question and you answer these incorrectly, then it’s almost a given you will be given the boot.  Plus, if you continue to fail these attention check questions, then you will more than likely be banned from the surveys.

And, what is an attention check question you may be asking?

It’s simple.

These are straightforward questions thrown into the survey.  It can be something such as “click strongly agree for this question” or “select the third option.”  It’s very straightforward, and as long as you’re paying attention, you won’t have a problem.

Again, the key here is to PAY ATTENTION.

Holidays and Weekends Are Bad

Generally, your weekends and holidays are very slow.  If it’s a Saturday, Sunday, or a major holiday, most research companies aren’t working, which means fewer surveys.  This can often be the case.

Poor Written Answers

Some surveys will ask for your thoughts rather than ask you to click a yes/no question, etc.

In the case you see a question such as this, avoid putting in gibberish as people do read this.  If you rush through it and slap a few words together, this could flag your account.

Again, be honest and provide feedback that would be valuable to the researcher.

Sometimes, None Are Available

And, sometimes, there may be none available, it’s as simple as that.  I would only start to worry if you notice there haven’t been surveys for more than a few days straight.  If that’s the case, then you may want to contact support to see if your account has been flagged.

How Can I Get More Surveys?

Of course, Swagbucks isn’t the only option out there as there are a ton more to check out.  Consider checking out some of my favorites, such as InstaGC, and others.  I have written so many guides, I recommend you check out these lists to add them to your radar.  The more you join, the more you can make.

Fill out your profile!  The more Swagbucks knows about you, the more surveys you can get.  Since these research companies are looking for certain people, they won’t know about you if you don’t provide the information.

Of course, be honest.  As long as you provide honest answers, read all questions before proceeding and take your time, you should continue to see surveys show up on your dashboard, regardless of your demographics.

Final Thoughts

99% of the time, you should see surveys on your dashboard as long as you’re honest.  Once you start to game the system or become dishonest to try to make as much as you can, this is where you will get into trouble.  Almost all companies like Swagbucks will give you the boot, and they are not afraid to ban you.

In the end, you can make a few dollars here and there and that’s about it.  Don’t expect to make a living doing this, even if you feel you can hack the system.  It just doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

That wraps it up for now.

If you have any methods I’m missing and/or you want to comment on what I mentioned, feel free to do so below.

As always, check out the many guides on this site as well as my YouTube channel.  Thanks for stopping by.

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