Offernation Review: Is It One of the Best?

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Offernation is operated by the same company as, a website that pays you to complete offers and surveys.  If you haven’t checked out my review on that company, you will find it’s one of my favorite GPT-like website, simply because of the many opportunities and the higher-than-average payouts.  Plus, if that’s not enough, the company allows you to cash out with only $1 in rewards.  There’s a lot going for it.

In today’s review, I want to talk about Offernation in detail.  Is it as good as  Is it worth your time?

As in all of my reviews, I only promote what I feel is worth your time, so I hope you can trust me with what I have to say.

What is Offernation?

Offernation has been around since 2014 and has settled as being one of the more established GPT companies.  I have used them countless times and have never had a problem getting paid.  If you want to make some extra money in your spare time online, whether it’s completing a survey or an offer, it’s one to highly consider.

The company is based in the UK and is open to anyone in the world, as long as you’re 18+.  As noted, the same company operates as well as a smaller entity, Rewarding Ways.  It’s 100% legitimate and you won’t have anything to worry about as long as you abide by the rules.

Signing Up for Offernation

To start the sign-up process, the company asks for the typical information, such as your name, email address as well as your physical address.  They do so to cut down on any fraud, seeing they will have to confirm your identity and account.  You will also be asked to add your payment accounts (PayPal, Skrill and/or Bitcoin) in order to get paid.  These are the three major ways to be paid, but the company does offer other options as well.  I will get into that later.

As mentioned, anyone can join as long as you’re 18+ years old.  Keep in mind that some countries will see many more opportunities than others, so don’t be surprised if you join and don’t see much to do.  Your results will vary.

Follow this link for a simple $0.25 sign-up bonus just for signing up.  It’s 100% free to join and no credit card is required.  It only takes a few minutes to join.

Earning Money With Offernation

Immediately after you sign up, you can start earning money via your taskbar.  As you see below, you can earn in two ways, either with surveys or offer walls.  I will get into how each of these work.

Aside from your taskbar, you can also check out your total cash and points balance as well as the latest news from the company.  It doesn’t hurt to browse through the news postings as you will find that they offer hefty bonuses for certain surveys, etc.

Offernation Surveys

Almost everyone who signs up for the website will focus more on the surveys section, simply because you won’t have to pay anything to earn money.  It’s as easy as clicking on a “company” of interest and then completing a survey.

The thing about Offernation, much like other sites, it that they work with what are known as third-party offer walls.  Simply put, these companies will provide someone like Offernation with surveys and everyone wins.  The survey companies earn money, Offernation makes money and then passes on some of the commission to you.

Now, the thing with these surveys is that some companies are better than others and I feel that this is where Offernation stands out from the rest, because they let you know who’s the best at the moment.  As you can see in the example above, they note the top four paid survey providers you can start with.

So, if you were to click on “YourSurveys,” for example, it would look something like this:

Each one is different in a way, but you can see how long it will take, how many surveys are available as well as what it’s going to pay.  Just remember, however, that you won’t always qualify for every survey you take.  On average, be prepared to qualify for about 20%~, maybe less, maybe more.

How Much Do the Surveys Pay?

Depending on the survey router as well as your demographics, I have seen surveys ranging from as little as $0.10 in value to as much as $5.  The sweet spot, though, seems to be in the $0.25 to $1 range.

Offernation pays in one of two ways, either via points or cash.  No matter which way you earn, you can always cash out with cash.  So, if you were to earn points, you can always convert them to cash since every point is worth a penny.  It’s very straightforward.

How Much Can I Make?

With an endless supply of surveys it seems, I feel your earnings are endless, however, seeing there’s only so much time in the day, you can make about $10+ per day on average.  You will never get rich, but I feel $5 is very doable, but anything more than $10 is a stretch, seeing you would have to spend a lot of time doing surveys.  Personally, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time doing surveys all day since there are much better ways to use your time.

Making Money With Offer Walls

Aside from surveys, you can also earn money with offer walls, which work similar to that of the surveys, only that you’re completing offers rather than surveys.

Like the surveys, click on an offer wall of interest and then see the offers available.  If you’re unfamiliar with these offers, you will have to complete something, such as signing up for an email or even purchase something, such as a trial.

Let me give you an example…

Most of these offer walls work in a similar way, where you can filter your results.  If you just want the free items, then you can filter by “no cost.”  If you don’t mind a purchase (yes, sometimes you can make money on these, even if you make a purchase), you can filter those as well.

In that example screenshot, you can see that if you were to sign up for “Crest samples,” you would earn 104 points, about $1.04 in rewards.  This is just one example, but they are much different than surveys.  You’re completing an offer rather than answering questions.  Just make sure you read the instructions to ensure you get credited for your time.


When it comes to cash out, you only need a $1 minimum, making it one of the lowest payout thresholds in the industry.

At the moment, the company pays out via PayPal, Skrill, Amazon or even a Tango gift card, which allows you to redeem your points for a variety of major gift cards.

All options, aside from PayPal, require at least $5 in rewards, however, if you cash out via PayPal, you only need $1.  And, if you choose the gift card options, you will need points, but even if you have cash, you can convert the cash to points and you can convert the points to cash.  Conversions are done instantly.

All payments are made within eight hours, but once you qualify, you can cash out instantly, up to $50 a day.

Earn More With Contests

Aside from earning via surveys and offer walls, I wanted to mention the contests since the company will reward the top 20 earners for a specific duration, usually $1,000 in prizes.

The more you earn throughout the contest, the higher your chances are to earn.  For instance, that top earner at the moment could earn $350 in bonuses once the contest stops.  This is something to think of if you plan on using the website aggressively.

The Pros:

  • small $0.25 sign-up bonus
  • pays instantly
  • only need $1 to cash out
  • PayPal option
  • multiple providers with higher-than-average payout
  • open to all (18+) worldwide

The Cons:

  • you won’t get rich
  • not much different than (I would only stick to one)

Final Thoughts

9/10In the end, I feel Offernation is well worth the sign up. They work with a ton of reputable providers, you only need $1 to cash out and the company has been around for more than a decade, making it a very reputable company to work with.  Best of all, it’s open to everyone worldwide as long as you’re 18+ years old.

Again, you won’t get rich using the website, but I feel you can earn $3 to $10 a day with very little effort. This can be said about any survey website, however.  Just make sure you’re taking advantage of the right surveys and offers to maximize your time.

That’s going to do it for now.

As in all of my reviews, you can comment on your experience with Offernation in the comments below.  Thanks for stopping by.

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