Opinion Miles Club: Free MileagePlus Miles? (review)

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In today’s review, let’s talk about Opinion Miles Club, which is a survey platform that’s specially designed for MileagePlus members. If you’re not part of United Airlines’ loyalty program, you might want to look elsewhere because you need to be a member in order to join.  You can, however, create a loyalty account if need be.

Now, like most survey sites, you’re probably wondering, “Is Opinion Miles Club the real deal or just another online scam?”

Well, let me clear that up for you. This website is totally legit,  but being legit doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right choice for you, of course. It’s important to dive deep into what this club has to offer before you decide to join.

Opinion Miles Club isn’t your ordinary survey site, either.  As mentioned, it stands out because it’s tailored for MileagePlus members. And, in case you’re not familiar, MileagePlus is United Airlines’ loyalty program. This focus on a specific group makes the club quite unique.

But here’s the thing – if you’re not a MileagePlus member or don’t plan to be one, then this site won’t really be your cup of tea.  I would recommend you look elsewhere.

Signing Up

Now, even if you are a MileagePlus member, keep in mind that Opinion Miles Club isn’t always open for new members. There are times when they put a pause on accepting new members. But as of the latest update, at least when I was writing this, they were welcoming new members again. However, there’s no way to know if this will stay the same in the future.

When it comes to location, you need to be living in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, or China to sign up.

As for age, the website doesn’t specify any particular age requirement for joining, but it makes sense that you should be old enough to meet MileagePlus program’s age criteria before you think about joining this survey panel.  This simply means you will have to be 18+ to join.

Joining is 100% free and only takes a few minutes to do.

Earning with Opinion Miles Club

For those who are part of MileagePlus, you’re probably curious about how you can earn with Opinion Miles Club. Let’s take a closer look at that in this section.

This club rewards you for completing surveys, but it’s more than just answering questions. It’s about being part of a community that values your opinions, especially if you’re already flying with United Airlines.

If you’re into completing surveys, this could be right up your alley. After signing up and filling out your profile, you will be all set to start. It’s important to complete your profile accurately, so they can send surveys that fit you perfectly.  If not, you may never see a survey invite.

Once your profile is complete, just sit tight and wait for a survey invite. You will find these in your dashboard or via email. And, when you get one, there’s a bit of a process to follow.

First, you will answer a few questions to see if you fit the survey’s target group. Don’t worry, if you’re not the right fit, they’ll let you know quickly so you won’t waste time.  If you are part of their target group, then you can take the survey and earn the reward noted in the beginning.

How Much Can You Earn?

How much you earn depends on several factors. These include how often you’re invited to surveys, how many you complete, and the number of award miles you earn per survey.

But here’s the deal – you won’t always get survey invites regularly. So, the potential to earn big isn’t exactly high. And don’t count on these surveys to cover your next flight ticket.

Each survey typically pays about 50 to 100 award miles and seeing you only get a few a month, expect to make a few hundred miles a month on average.  Mileage is credited instantly to the United Airlines account upon survey completion.


Completing a survey successfully adds reward miles to your account. But remember, there’s often a limit on how many people can take each survey, so it’s a good idea to jump on them quickly.

The rewards system is all about award miles, that’s it.  You won’t get cash, but these miles add up in your MileagePlus account. You can use them for booking flights or getting upgrades. To redeem your rewards, you’ll have to visit the MileagePlus website, not the Opinion Miles Club site.

To put it simply, you’re earning points to add to your MileagePlus account.

So, if cash is what you’re after, this might not be the survey site for you. But if you love the idea of earning towards your next vacation or flight upgrade, Opinion Miles Club could be a great fit. And if you’re really looking to earn cash from surveys, I recommend checking out sites that pay through PayPal. They’re convenient and offer real money for your time.

Badge System

The club has a cool tier system for members, marked by badges. As you complete more surveys, you move up the ranks and earn different badges. Each badge brings its own set of perks. There are five badges to aim for, and staying active on the site helps you collect them. These badges aren’t just for show as they unlock more benefits the higher you climb.

It’s like a game where you climb up the ranks by being active in the community. There are five levels you can achieve – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the ultimate, Diamond.

When you first join and get your account going, for example, you’re a Bronze member. It’s just the beginning.  To reach Silver, you need to fill out a quarter of your survey profile, complete your first survey, and keep taking surveys weekly. Gold status is next, and for that, you should complete half of your profile, stay active for two weeks straight, and finish a total of 10 surveys.

Reaching Platinum is a bigger challenge. You need to complete three-quarters of your survey profile, stay consistent for three weeks, and finish 25 surveys. And for the best Diamond status, fill out your entire profile and complete 50+ surveys.

This badge system adds an extra layer of fun and achievement to your survey-taking experience, but it doesn’t do much in terms of rewards.

The Pros:

  • Members can earn reward miles for completing surveys, which can be valuable for frequent flyers.

The Cons:

  • Only available to MileagePlus members, limiting its accessibility.
  • Rewards are in the form of miles, not cash, which might not be appealing to everyone.
  • Numerous reviews highlight inadequate support, making it difficult to resolve issues.
  • Many users report being disqualified from surveys after completing them, leading to frustration and a sense of wasted time.
  • Some users experienced account suspensions without clear explanations, contributing to a sense of unreliability.
  • Reviews indicate concerns about data mining, with users feeling their information is collected without proper compensation.
  • Users often find surveys are already full or they do not qualify, resulting in limited earning opportunities.
  • The effort required for the number of miles earned is often seen as disproportionate, with some surveys offering minimal points after extensive time investment.

Final Thoughts

Opinion Miles Club is a legit survey site for sure, rewarding members for their survey participation. However, it’s not without its drawbacks, which might outweigh the benefits for some.

On the plus side, their membership tier system is a neat feature. It means you can earn more rewards as you go along. But there are a few downsides to consider. Firstly, it’s exclusive to MileagePlus members, so not everyone can join. Also, don’t expect to earn cash – the rewards are in the form of miles. Another hiccup is the support system, as reaching out to their team for help isn’t straightforward.

For me, the major turnoff isn’t the exclusivity of the panel. It’s the lack of a functional contact form. When a site makes it hard for members to get in touch, it feels like they don’t value the user experience much.

But hey, if you’re already earning miles with MileagePlus, joining Opinion Miles could be a good move to boost your miles count.

However, if you’re set on survey sites that offer real cash and better support, it’s worth exploring the top survey sites available in your country.

As always, feel free to drop a comment if you’ve got thoughts or experiences with Opinion Miles Club. I’d love to hear what you think.

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