OpinionPioneer Review: A Survey Site I Like

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In today’s review, let’s talk about OpinionPioneer, a survey site I’ve recently explored. This platform stands out with its user-friendly interface and some unique features that aren’t commonly found on other paid survey sites. If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash, this could be a worthwhile option.

As in all of my reviews, I personally looked into OpinionPioneer, giving it a thorough test drive.  As you probably know, if you have been around for some time, I have a lot of experience with these kinds of sites, having tried out hundreds of them, so I know a thing or two about what makes a good survey site good.

OpinionPioneer isn’t just another survey site, either. It’s relatively new to the scene and offers an opportunity to make some money by sharing your opinions. Sure, there are loads of sites where you can do this, but choosing the right one can make all the difference. That’s why I decided to check out OpinionPioneer for myself.

The big question I wanted to answer was whether OpinionPioneer is a legitimate way to make money online or just another of time.  Yes, it’s legit, and I was pretty impressed with what I’ve found. This site has some features I haven’t seen elsewhere, and yes, they do pay. I’ve received payments from them multiple times, and I’ll even show you some proof of that later.

But, just because it worked for me doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best fit for everyone. It’s important to look at what earning opportunities it offers to see if it aligns with your goals and preferences.

So, with all of that being said, let’s dive into what OpinionPioneer can offer you in terms of making money online. I’ll give you all the details, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right platform for you.

Let’s begin!

Who Can Join?

Essentially, you could join from almost any country, but here’s the thing – not all countries will have a bunch of surveys waiting for you. In some places, the pickings might be slim, but you can still earn by inviting others from countries with more surveys.

If you want to earn cash by taking surveys, your best bet is to be in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, to name a few.  From my experience, these regions tend to have the most surveys. Other countries might have occasional surveys, but these listed ones are your hotspots.

You can always join but be forewarned if you don’t see a lot of invites.  You will need to be at least 18+ to join.

Taking Surveys with OpinionPioneer

The main way to make money on this platform is through paid surveys. What’s great is how easy it is to find these surveys once you’re logged in. You won’t be scratching your head, wondering where to start; the available surveys are displayed right upfront.

Now, here’s something cool I found about OpinionPioneer – they show you the Probability of Complete (POC) for each survey. This feature gives you a heads-up on your chances of qualifying for a survey. It’s a neat touch that I haven’t really seen on other survey sites and makes the experience more user-friendly.

For example, you might see a survey with only a 30% chance of qualifying, but don’t let that discourage you. In my experience, it’s still worth giving it a shot. Plus, the survey overview also shows you how long each survey will take and its rating from other users.

In that screenshot, you can see that one has a “4% POC.”  This means that only 4% qualifies, which, to me, is quite low.  Others will have a “unknown.”  Mainly, pay attention to the star rating as well as the points you’re earning.  You will want to make sure these surveys are worth your time.

Once you finish a survey, you’re not done just yet. You get to rate it and provide feedback, which is a thoughtful feature that adds to the whole experience. And let’s be real, not every survey will be a match for you. That’s just the nature of paid surveys.

Qualifying for surveys

To boost your chances of qualifying for surveys, fill out the profile survey right after you join. It’s quick, only takes about four minutes at most, and you earn 40 points for it. That’s a nice little bonus to get you rolling.

Another thing I appreciate about OpinionPioneer is their approach to surveys you don’t qualify for. Sometimes, they offer a small reward even if you don’t make the cut. It’s not a fortune, but it’s a nice gesture and more than what I’ve seen on other sites.  A lot of survey sites won’t even reward you if you don’t qualify.

Remember, not every survey will offer this “screenout reward,” however. And don’t expect to be bombarded with email notifications for new surveys. In my time with OpinionPioneer, email alerts for new surveys were pretty rare. So, to keep your earnings on the up and up, make it a habit to check their website daily for fresh surveys. This way, you won’t miss out on any opportunities to share your opinion and earn some cash.

Getting Paid

With OpinionPioneer, it’s all about points here.

For every survey you complete, you earn points. It’s pretty straightforward – 100 points equal $1, meaning each point is worth a cent. This simple conversion makes it easy to figure out what you’re earning.

Now, of course, you’re probably wondering how and when you can get your hands on your earnings.

Well, once you have earned $10, which is about 1,000 points, you’re ready to cash out.

Right now, PayPal is the way to go for payouts. It’s a popular choice since it’s a convenient way to receive cash online. I’ve personally cashed out through PayPal, so I can vouch that it works.

There’s some buzz that OpinionPioneer might add more payout options soon. So if PayPal isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for other methods in the future.

The Pros:

  • There’s a great overview of available surveys.
  • They pay via PayPal, which is super convenient.
  • You get a small reward even for the surveys you don’t qualify for.
  • They offer a generous referral program.

The Cons:

  • Sometimes, finding surveys you qualify for requires patience.
  • As of now, PayPal is the only payment method available.

Final Thoughts

OpinionPioneer is shaping up to be a solid choice in the world of paid survey sites. It’s still young, but it’s already offering cool stuff like rewards for unqualified surveys, a clear view of your qualifying chances, fast support, and more.

I’m excited to see how it evolves. But remember, to maximize your survey opportunities and earnings, it’s a good idea to join other legit survey sites too. This way, you’re not just relying on OpinionPioneer, especially on days when their surveys are a bit scarce.

In the end, you won’t make much, but it’s one to consider.  It’s legit, and I promise you won’t get scammed.

That does it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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