Panel Place Review: Legit Way To Find Gigs?

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If you land on the Panel Place website, it doesn’t look like a typical “make money” website.  Instead, it’s cluttered with a ton of “opportunities from digital products and services” from a variety of industries.  You may have come across this website in your journey to finding ways to make money online and may want to know more about it.

In short, while the company does offer legitimate opportunities, you won’t find much in terms of uniqueness.  You will want to picture it as an aggregator of sorts.  This may not be a bad thing, however.  I will explain shortly.

In today’s Panel Place review, I want to show you exactly how the website works as well as if it’s something you should consider.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is Panel Place?

According to the company, they were founded in 2012 and was developed as a way to help people explore new opportunities all in one place.  The team works hard every day to help worldwide users find various opportunities offered.

You will want to picture it almost like a search engine of sorts, where you can click on a category and then see a list of options you can consider.

The company in itself seems to be legit and they do promote legitimate offers, but this doesn’t mean you should bookmark it.  Hear me out.

How Panel Place Works

If you land on the Panel Place website, you can immediately start clicking on one of the many product categories, as seen below.  They have a lot of them, some of which focus on ways to make money.

If you were to click on any category, it then takes you to a list of options.

Take the “Market Research Paid Survey” category, for example.  This is what you will see…

While most of the companies listed are legitimate, they only list the companies that pay them a commission, so you will find a limited number of opportunities.  So, obviously, we know the agenda here.  Anything that you see posted is financially motivated as they will only list what makes them money.  I get websites need to make money, however, when companies post only what makes them a cut, they are often missing out on a ton of other options.

Again, these are all third-party survey options, so you won’t take surveys with Panel Place.  Rather, it’s just someone like me pushing you to another company.  And, while they promote a lot of the companies I do, I promote many more, as I focus on what’s great, even if they don’t pay me.  Yes, some companies pay me, but the list is very slim.

Signing Up for an Account

The company allows you to sign up for an account, but what happens if you do so?

If you create an account, it allows you to do the same things you can do if you didn’t create one.  This is what it looked like when I created one…

Once you click through on what interests you, they will present you with a variety of interests as well as email you any time an opportunity arises.

Signing up for an email only allows you to receive marketing, which I don’t recommend you do as you can get all of the information you need from the website without signing up.

Final Thoughts

3/10This isn’t much of a review as it’s pretty easy to understand how the company works.  They provide a list and you can choose from the options.  Yes, while many of the companies they list are legitimate, they are missing out on so many great options.  And, we know the reason why they don’t include these options; it’s because of money, of course.

If you’re going to research companies for guidance, this company can work, sure, but I would make sure you look at least a few other sties to see what they recommend.  Reddit is an option as well.  In doing so, you can gather a general consensus as to what’s going to work for you.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience and/or you want to comment on what I have written, you’re more than welcome to use the comments section below.

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