Panelpolls Review: Projects up to $300?

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Panelpolls goes by the motto “the cool opinion site” for families.  It’s one I have seen on occasions when completing surveys on the Swagbucks router and figured I would research it more in depth as you can sign up with them if you want to.

If you have kids, it’s one you may want to put high on your list as this is the demographic they target.  Like many survey sites,  you will be asked a series of questions and get rewarded for your time in the form of points.

In today’s review, I review the panel.  As always, I sign up, show you how it works as well as how much you can make.  Remember, I will never recommend something I personally wouldn’t use, you have my word on it.

If you have kids under the age of 18 and you like making money, let’s see what it’s all about.

What is Panelpolls?

Unlike most survey companies that will take in anyone older than 18+ years old, this isn’t the case with Panelpolls as they focus more on families, kids, teens, young adults, parents and adults.  Surveys range from interesting topics to TV shows, apps, trends and more.  They also offer a variety of other ways to earn, from in-person focus groups to online communities.  In some cases, you can even test games and apps at home and get rewarded.

Panelpolls is operated by Touchstone Research, a full-service marketing research company, developing next-gen insights to the world’s largest brands, marketers and agencies.

There’s no doubt the company is backed by a legitimate organization,  but just because this is so, it doesn’t always mean the panel is worth your time.  This is why I like to sign up and test them out to see the potential.

Signing up for Panelpolls

To sing up for Panelpolls, they make it easy as they only ask for your email, a password as well as your date of birth.  It’s not much and only takes about a minute to complete

After you sign up on that first page, they will then ask you a few simple questions to learn more about your demographic, most of which if personal information such as your address.  This process will take three to five minutes at most and is quite standard for most survey companies.

The panel is open to kids two years or older, but if you’re younger than 14, you will need to sign up beneath your parent’s name to start earning points.  Panelpolls is only open to United States residents.  Membership is 100% free.

NOTE:  Panelpolls restricts their panel size so that they can offer a more rewarding experience.  With that being said, you may find that they are not accepting new members on occasions.

Panelpolls Dashboard

After you add your contact details, you can then access your dashboard as long as they can confirm your physical address.  Yes, you have to give out an address and yes, you will need to make sure it’s legit as they will not accept a fake submission.  There’s no way around it.

The dashboard is fairly standard as this is where all of your jobs will post.  Also, aside from being able to log into your account, be sure to check your email as they will send invites to the email on file as well.

I usually don’t log in much as I get a lot of invites via email, but you can log in if need be.  Plus, you will need to log in to redeem your points once you earn enough to cash out.

Also, be sure to whitelist the email address as there are reports that their invites often show up in the spam folder.

How Can You Earn Money With Panelpolls?

According to the company, you can earn cash in a variety of ways, including:

Surveys – These are your typical surveys, where you will be asked a series of questions and get rewarded for your time.  These surveys tend to pay anywhere from $1 to $10+ on average.  These will be no different than what you will find on other websites if you have done them before.

In-person/Virtual Focus Groups – This will take a pinch more of work and will involve participating in a project, either in person or virtually.  Your virtual groups won’t pay as much since you don’t need to travel, but the pay is still good.  Most projects can pay anywhere from $50 to $400+ per project.

Online Communities – An online community is almost like a message board of sorts.  Generally, you will be asked to log in multiple times a week and answer questions as well as interact with other people in the group, usually in a message board setting.  These projects can sometimes last weeks but some can be much shorter.  It just depends on the project in question.  Online communities can pay anywhere from $10 to $200+ a month.

TV Show Testing – These are some of the better jobs as you will be asked to watch a TV show, commercial or movie and then answer a series of questions, usually what you think about it, in the end.  These jobs don’t pay much, usually no more than $10, but a lot of people tend to enjoy them as you are getting paid to watch TV in a sense.

App & Game Testing – Instead of watching a movie/TV show, you will be asked to test a game/app and answer a series of questions after.  Again, depending on the length of the project, these testing gigs can pay upwards of $10 to $100 each.

Panelpolls Rewards

Panelpolls doesn’t reward you with cash after each project; rather, they will credit points to your account, with every 1,000 points worth $1 in value.   Almost every project is always worth at least 1,000 points, so you can expect at least $1 in value for every job you do.

Once you earn at least 10,000 points, a $10 value, you can request a $10 Tango gift card, which can be redeemed from over 100+ retail brands and charities.  Or, if you don’t want the gift card, then you can request a check, however, in this case, you will have to wait until you have 20,000 points, a $20 value, before you do so.

All of the redemptions can be done directly from your panel’s dashboard and they do not expire.

How Much Can I Earn?

According to most of the reviews I read online, you can expect to make anywhere between $5 to $15+ per month, maybe much more if you get approved with an in-person/virtual group.  In this case, you could earn much more, sometimes as much as $300+.  This doesn’t seem to be as common, however as a lot of their in-person, higher paying jobs, are located in L.A. and New York City.  This isn’t the case with the virtual groups, however, as these can technically be done anywhere.

I have been part of the panel for years and tend to get a lot of invites since I have a few kids under 10.  I don’t complete the surveys much, but I don’t see why you couldn’t earn more than $10 a month.

If you’re not receiving a survey invite, be sure to check your spam folder as some people may find their invites showing up there.

What Are Others Saying

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what the internet has to say.  Of course, the internet always has something to say, so I break down both the pros and cons, all of which you can find below.

The Pros

  • Fun – Many members like the survey invites they receive and find them to be much better/interesting than competitors
  • Great if you have children – As long as you have children, you will find you can receive a lot of invites
  • High earning projects – The potential to make $100+ in a project makes it one to consider
  • Everyone can join – Parents and kids can all join under one account

The Cons

  • No children, no surveys – If you don’t have any children, then you may not find as many invites in your inbox
  • Low rewards – Some reports of not making much, but this is demographic dependent
  • Disqualifications – Surveys will disqualify you, that’s part of the industry, but Panelpolls often does it after you waste 10+ minutes on it
  • No PayPal – It only appears that you can get a physical check or a Tango gift card

Final Thoughts

8/10If you have children, consider at least adding your name to the list.  Remember, they may not have an opening, but if they do, at least consider it as you could have the potential to make $100+ if you get the right project invite.  And, while you can make $1 to $10 per survey, the survey section is okay.  I just find it to be a pinch more work in comparison to competitors like Swagbucks.  It’s not bad, though.

For now, I say if you have kids, join.  If not, skip it as you won’t get any invites.  It’s a very reputable research company backed by positive reviews online.  You have nothing to worry about in regards to its legitimacy.

As always, I leave it up to you.  If you have ever joined this panel and/or you want to add anything, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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