PrizeGrab Review: Hundreds of Prizes to Win?

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PrizeGrab guarantees a winner every day.  If you’re a fan of contests, you may have come across this site before and may be wondering what it’s all about.

I have mentioned cash sweepstakes in the past before, and it’s a fun way to maybe win cash and/or big prizes, but like the lotto, your odds are so slim.  It doesn’t hurt to join, though!  The great thing about PrizeGrab, however, is that you don’t have to pay for a lotto ticket.  Instead, you will just enter your name into various sweepstakes.

If you like the thought of winning money and want to play every day, PrizeGrab may be worth signing up for.

In this review, I’m going to show you how the process works, if it’s worth your time as well as what you can win.  As with all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only referencing companies I would use.

With all of that said, let’s jump in and see if PrizeGrab is worth your time.

What is PrizeGrab?

According to the website, PrizeGrab was founded by two “Casanovas” who wanted to change people’s lives by giving away prizes and cash.  Apparently, they loved the thrill whenever someone had a winning moment.

The website was founded in 2013, and to date, they have given away more than $2 million in prizes to more than 6,500 winners.  Today, as a household name brand, the company continues to travel in America surprising winners.  According to the privacy statement, it appears they are based out of Miami, Florida.

They are said to be the #1 sweepstakes site in America.  Looking at traffic numbers, at least according to SimilarWeb, they receive more than 1.8 million visitors a month.  That’s a lot!

Signing up for PrizeGrab

To sign up for PrizeGrab, you can so in two ways, either via your email or Facebook account.  There’s no right or wrong way, but I prefer to sign up with my email address.

If you sign up with your email address, they ask for your name, a zip code, your email as well as to create a password.

After you submit your information, the company will ask you to confirm your email so that you can start playing.

As a fair warning, I would use a filter of sorts to prevent the influx of spam you receive in the future.

Joining is 100% free, and they will never ask for a credit card number.

Your PrizeGrab Dashboard

Once you confirm your email, you can then access your dashboard, which will look something like this:

In your menu, you can click on the following categories, most of which are self-explanatory:

  • Prizes
  • Super Cash Highway
  • Unclaimed Prizes
  • Popular
  • My Account

Later on, I will talk about how each section works, but first, let’s talk about the main screen.

On your main dashboard, you will see a variety of giveaways, all of which you can enter.  Usually, the highest valued prizes start at the top and they drop in value as you scroll.  When I was writing this, for instance, the highest value prize as $25,000,000 cash, which you can see located near the top in the screenshot above, whereas the cheapest prize was a $10 gift card.

Next to each prize, it will show you how many entries are left, allowing you to click on it if you want to enter.

So, if I wanted to enter that Amazon gift card entry, I would click on it and then hit the enter sweepstakes.

On this page, it will talk about the prize, how many entries are allowed as well as when the giveaway ends.  If I click on that button, then I’m automatically entered with the information I provided initially.

Your Streak

As you continue to enter contests, your streak will increase.  According to the FAQ, the longer your streak is, the more points and bonus entries become available.  Basically, you may be able to enter more than the average person.

This is a stat you can see in the upper-right hand corner of your screen, and it will look something like this:

As you fill out that bar, you can then unlock more achievements.  For instance, when I entered 10 entries, I unlocked the following:

I could even spin the PrizeGrab’s Spin Wheel to win instant prizes as well.

According to the company, these points will result in “incredible bonus opportunities” and cannot be cashed out.

How Many Contests Can I Enter?

When I was using the website, I could enter as many contests as I wanted, however, I was limited to the number of entries I could enter.

For instance, using that Amazon example, I could only enter four times, but I could then go onto another entry if I wanted to and keep increasing my odds.  The $7,000 cash entry, for example, I could enter more than 100 times.  Just take a look at the entry to see how many times you can enter.  To enter, you just need to click and wait for it to confirm.

At any given time, it appears there are more than 20 to 30 sweepstakes you can enter, so you could be busy for a while.

Do People Win?

Researching online, it does appear that people win, and if you’re unsure of the legitimacy, you can check out the winner’s page, usually found on their main website as well as on the social media profiles.

Like the lotto, you have to trust the process.  They seem like a legitimate organization, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

If you do win, they will contact you via your email on file.  This is the only way they will notify you as you don’t give them a phone number.

Super Cash Highway

I already discussed the prizes tab, so now let’s take a gander at the “Super Cash Highway” tab.

In this section, the company allows you to max out your chances of winning a cash reward by taking a ride on the “Super Cash Highway.”

All you can do here is enter the contest and the continue to increase your chances of winning larger cash prizes, hence, the name, Super Cash Highway.

It appears you can enter up to 10 times a day and works just like that of the main prizes, only with the big difference that you can continue in the future, potentially winning more.

Unclaimed Prizes

In this section, as the name implies, the company will list the many unclaimed prizes, basically those that don’t get claimed via email.  As you can imagine, people will sign up with fake emails or they may never check their email if they have won.  If this were the case, the prizes will show up here.

When I clicked on it, it took me to a page that looked just like the Super Cash Highway page.  Nonetheless, it’s another way to enter contests.

What Are Other People Saying?

Sweepstakes-like websites don’t always have the best reputation online.  After all, you can’t prove someone won, right?  I mean, I could post some random pictures of people and say they won.

PrizeGrab is no different.

In researching online via third-party review sites, I found a few complaints and praises, most of which I include below.

The Pros

  • It’s legit – I saw people complaining about winning and losing, however, they do seem to be a very legitimate organization
  • Great customer support – Take a look at their social media and you will see that they are very responsive with their visitors
  • Cool prizes – Many of the prizes I saw ranged from thousands of dollars to simple gift cards

The Cons

  • Lots of entries, no winning – I did read countless reports that people entered hundred, if not thousands of entries and never saw a cent
  • Nothing but entries – There are no other ways to “earn” prizes as it only revolves around entries
  • A ton of spam email – This is almost a given on a site like this so be prepared to filter your email or use a dummy account
  • Don’t know the odds of winning – You won’t be able to tell how many people enter the contest, so it could be 10 or 1,000,000+

How Does PrizeGrab Make Money?

This is easy as it’s how I make money from this site.

In simple words, ads.

The more eyeballs PrizeGrab gets, the more money they can get when you click on an advertisement.  I’m sure they have a ratio of sorts by now, so if they make $30,000 in ads, then they may give away $20,000 of it.  On this Reddit thread, it was confirmed by a PrizeGrab representative.

Aside from ads, they also partner with brands and startups that may want more visibility.  Let’s not forget they can sell your email as well, but this isn’t confirmed.  However, based on the number of emails I did receive, it’s safe to say it’s sold elsewhere.  I mean, take a glance at the privacy policy and tell me what you think…

Final Thoughts

In the end, what can I say?  It’s a sweepstakes website.  If you don’t mind entering sweepstakes, then treat it like a lotto.  You could win $10 or maybe you won’t win anything at all, even if you enter 10,000 contests.  It’s all luck.

I’m not a fan of these sweepstakes-like sites, but it doesn’t mean you have to join.

In summary, I don’t have a yes or no answer.  You just have to ask yourself if you like a game of luck.

If you do, join!  If not, I would spend my time elsewhere.

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