Pusher Mania App: Real or Fake? (Warning)

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The Pusher Mania app has more than 10,000,000 downloads and a 4.3/5 rating on the Google Play Store.

If you’re familiar with those push coin games you often see at the arcade, it works just like it, with the exception that you don’t have to invest your money.  The game is very easy to play and they make it so that you’re addicted right in the beginning all in hopes you may win money.

The website notes that it’s a different experience in that you can win gift cards and real money, however, is this true?

In this review, let’s take a gander at the Pusher Mania app and see if it’s worth your time.

Let’s begin!

Earning Money with the Pusher Mania app

The only way you can “earn” rewards in the app is by playing the game.  And, as noted, it’s very simple.

When you start playing, all you will have to do is drop the nickels and control where they fall.  As the green coins fall into the slots, you can collect them and they are then added to your “green coin” balance.  The gold coins, which are the ones you’re dropping will be added to your gold coin balance.  These are the balances you will eventually use to cash out.

As you play the game, you can earn $777 if you get a “777” on the slot machine, and you can also shake the machine, which can help you earn even more coins.  To spin the slot machine, you will have to fill the “slot” bucket as you’re dropping coins.

For most plays, you will get about 40 or so coins.  And, eventually, you will run out of coins, and to earn more so that you can play, you will either have to watch ads, download apps or you will simply have to wait.  This is how most of these gaming apps work as they need to make their money somehow.

Now, as you start to play, the game will make it feel as if you’re winning a TON of money.  Usually, within the first minute, you will earn thousands of gold coins as well as $10+ in currency.  This is done by design so that they make you think you’re going to make a ton when in reality, you won’t make anything.  The lesson here is don’t buy into the hype that you’re earning a lot because this isn’t the case.

As time goes on, you can still play, but you will find that your balance won’t build up as much as it did before.

Redeeming your Rewards

To cash out, you will need A LOT of coins to do so.  As I was writing this review, here’s what you needed to cash out:

As you can see, you will need 500,000 tokens to earn a $2 Amazon gift card or you will need at least $100 in cash to get a PayPal payment.  If you want cash, this is one of the highest thresholds I have ever seen in a game/app.

Can you make money?

As noted, they will throw you a ton of cash in the beginning, making it seem as if you’re going to get close, however, once you get close to $100, you will no longer see the green coins.  This is a very popular problem found in almost all of the reviews.  If you do see a coin, it will be a penny in value, if that.  Usually, this will start to happen once you get to $90 in rewards.

As you can imagine, you won’t be able to make money and all you’re going to do is make them rich by watching all of the ads throughout the game.

The Reviews

If you head to the Google Play Store, you will see that they have a 4+ rating, however, I don’t know how they have this average since most of the top reviews are extremely poor.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

This is a screenshot from the top two reviews as I was writing this, and if you dig deeper into the reviews, most say the same thing.  You get to the end, thinking you’re going to cash out, only to find out that they won’t send you any more coins.  Nowhere could I find someone who said they could cash out for $100.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, this app is a dud.  You won’t make money, but you will make them a ton of money by watching their ads.

While it may seem like you’re making a ton in the beginning, you will never get to the end.  Trust me on this.  If you don’t believe me, check out the other reviews on Google Play as well as with other sites.  It’s just one of the many sleazy apps on the Google Play Store.

If you want to earn money playing games, it can be done, however, you will never earn much in doing so.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to add your comments on the game, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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