Quicktate Transcriber Job Legit? Let’s Find Out

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Quicktate is one of the many transcription companies out there.  Yes, they are legit, but no, they won’t make you rich.  I have mentioned them a few times, and I figured, like the many companies I talk about, that it was time to review them.

If you’re looking for a remote job that involves typing, particularly transcription, then it may be one for you.

In today’s review, let’s review Quicktate.  Let’s see how you can sign up, what you can make as well as what other workers think about it.  As always, I’m 100% honest and you will never find me promoting garbage nor will you find me promoting scams.  I don’t work that way.

What is Quicktate?

First, let’s take a look at who Quicktate is.

In short, it’s a professional company that “audits, summarizes, evaluates and analyzes audio recordings and phone conversations.”  Companies can submit audio files and then receive a transcribed version back.  It’s your typical transcription company, one that hires  home workers to transcribe from home to transcribe a variety of files such as voicemail messages, letters, legal files, and conference calls, to name a few.  Simply put, you listen to audio and you then type what you hear.  It’s as simple as that.

The company was founded in 2008 and its parent organization is iDictate, Inc.

There’s no doubt the company is 100% legit, but the true question is if the company is worth your time.  That’s what we’re about to find out.

Working with Quicktate as a Transcriber

If you’re interested in working with Quicktate, then it’s as simple as following this link and then creating an account.

During this account creation process, the company will ask you to read a few policies, handbooks and fill out your personal information.  You will also need to provide three references, something that many online companies don’t ask for.  I can understand why they do it, however.  No resume is required.  Lastly, you will need to complete a short quiz to prove your competency.

As a huge negative, however, the company does ask that you pay $20 for a background check.  Yes, I often say that if you have to pay to apply for a job, it’s a scam, however, in this case, it isn’t.  I don’t know why they do this, but they are one of the few legitimate transcription companies that require you to pay for a background check.  If you’re serious about working with them, you do need to pay this fee as they do not hire anyone with a felony or misdemeanor on their record.

All jobs are flexible since you’re considered an independent contractor.  This means you get to choose as many hours as you want to work.


Of course, there are requirements, some of which I got into prior, but there are some others to consider, all of which I mention below:

  • accurate spelling/punctuation
  • able to follow instructions
  • must have own equipment
  • no felony or misdemeanor convictions
  • must pass a typing quiz

According to the sign-up page, these are requirements, and if you fail to meet any of these requirements, you will be ineligible to apply, unfortunately.

Quicktate appears to be open to residents outside of the United States, but you will need a tax ID number to qualify.

How Much Does Quicktate Pay?

How much you get paid will depend on the type of work you complete.  For general and legal transcription, the rate is said to be about $0.0025 cent per word, about one cent per four words, whereas medical transcription is a pinch more at $0.005 per word, or about two words per penny.

In comparison to the many transcription companies I have covered at the past, this is a much lower rate. For this reason, I wouldn’t put them near the top of your list.

If we were to do the math and say you could type a 60 words a minute and you only worked 45 minutes of an hour, that would be about $6.75.  Type 120 words per minute and it’s a double rate.  Worth it?  Eh.  But, you could work your ways up in the rank and earn a pinch more, but it’s not going to be life-changing.

Quicktate pays weekly on Mondays via PayPal.

The Reviews

On Indeed, 13 previous/current workers gave the company a 3.3/5 rating, whereas 16 reviewers gave the company a 2.7/5 on Glassdoor.  These aren’t the best ratings, and from what I read in these reviews, this is what people boasted about as well as complained about.

The Pros

  • good stepping stone if you want to get into the transcription world
  • steady work
  • ideal for beginner work
  • flexible work, no set schedule
  • PayPal payment

The Cons

  • pay is below average
  • no hope for advancement
  • poor communication

Mainly, people complained about the pay, but a lot did like the flexibility in that the company offered.  It also seemed to be a great option if you consider yourself a beginner.

Final Thoughts

5/10In the end, you may be asking, is Quicktate legit?  The answer?  Yes!  However, it may not be worth your time.

Quicktate is ideal if you’re just starting out in the transcription world and you want to add it to your resume.  It can gain you some experience and give you an idea as to whether or not you want to continue in this industry.  Just remember you won’t make a ton of cash, even though there’s a steady supply of work.  Don’t consider it as a full-time job because I don’t think it will cut it.  Also, don’t forget the background check that’s required in the beginning of the application process as well.  This is one of the only legitimate companies that required it, so you will be out cash right away.

That’s going to do it for now.  If you love the idea of transcription, be sure to check out my more than 100+ transcription companies that are hiring.

As always, check out the site for the hundreds of ways to make, save and be smart with your money.  Comment if you feel I missed anything or you want to share your experiences.  I always like hearing from you.  Thanks for stopping by.

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