RapidWorkers Review: Nothing but Garbage

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RapidWorkers is a poor man’s version of the Amazon MTurk.  If you’re not familiar with the MTurk platform, picture it as a job board of sorts, where you can complete small tasks for a few pennies each.  Now, you’re probably wondering, a few pennies?  I know, it’s not much, but these jobs only take seconds to do, which means you can sometimes average $7 to $10+ per hour, sometimes much more if you get good at it.

Now, RapidWorkers is another platform, where you can complete small tasks.  Jobs can range from following someone on Twitter to finding an address, but most of what you find here is highly unethical and I wouldn’t be proud of completing these jobs.  There are a lot of these jobs and can pay anywhere from $0.1 to more than $1+ each.

In today’s review, I take a look at the platform and show you how it works, how much you can potentially make as well as if it’s worth your time.  As you can tell by my title, the site isn’t on my A+ list nor should it be on yours, but as in any review, I want to get a full picture, hence this review.

If you’re looking for a smaller part-time job, where you work whenever you want, then this could be a platform to consider.

Let’s begin!

What is RapidWorkers?

As mentioned, RapidWorkers works just like MTurk.  It’s just like it, but it’s much smaller in size as it doesn’t have nearly as many jobs.  But, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money as there always seems to be some jobs available.  Your goal will be to complete the jobs as designated in the job description.  You get to choose the jobs and you get to work whenever you please, and as long as the job creator likes your work, you will be approved.

According to the about us page, the company helps “individuals, small businesses and professionals create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns” to help increase sales, backlinks, a better ranking and more.  The about us page was very vague, with no contact information, but as I have stated so many times in my reviews, it doesn’t always mean it screams scam.  It just doesn’t come off as being too professional.  The only thing I could find is that they were founded in 2009.

I have dealt with RapidWorkers in the past, and I can tell you they are legit and they will pay, but it doesn’t mean it may be worth your time.  That’s why I’m writing this review after all.

Signing up for RapidWorkers

To sign up to start working with RapidWorkers, you will want to click on the “sign up now” button, located near the top of the page.

During this process, the company will ask for your name, email as well as a password so that you can log back into the future to complete your jobs.  As a fair warning, you cannot change your name or email, so you will want to make sure this is something you’re okay with and plan on using for quite some time.  It doesn’t take long, maybe a minute at most.

Also, RapidWorkers is very strict with fraud.  This means no VPN use, no multiple accounts and not completing country jobs you’re not from.  So, if the requester asks that a U.S. citizen completes the job and you’re from India, you will risk getting your account ban.

As long as you agree to these terms, you can create an account and get started after you confirm your email.

Signing up is 100% free and is open to all, no matter where you live.

RapidWorkers Dashboard

After you complete your registration, you can do one of two things.  You can either create a new job offer in case you need help with something or you can view a list of available jobs.

Seeing you want to make money, you will always want to click on that available jobs list to see what kind of jobs are available at the moment.

For instance, when I was writing this review, there were hundreds of jobs available.  Here’s what my dashboard looked like:

On your dashboard, you can view the available jobs, the tasks you have completed in the past as well as withdraw money if need be.  The dashboard is very easy to understand and shouldn’t cause any confusion.

RapidWorkers Jobs

Now, this is where you’re going to make your money, but as with any online platform, you will want to be careful in which jobs you complete as there are a lot of scams here.  For instance, some may ask you to sign up for a free trial, but you forget to cancel your trial and you’re now getting charged.  Or, in some cases, you may be asked to do something unethical, maybe like complete multiple email accounts.  You will have to sift through a lot of garbage, but there are some great options to make you a few dollars.

So, when you want to find a job, what you’re going to see is the title, usually what the providers wants, as well as which countries are eligible, the payments, the time it takes as well as how many jobs are left.

Let’s take a look at this example:

This provider just wants you to share a YouTube video and is willing to pay you $0.03 to do so.  It’s open internationally, which means anyone can do it and more than 594 jobs have been completed, with a 999 cap.

If I were to click on the job, I’m then provided with these directions:

I would have to open the link (I blocked it out for security purposes) and then watch the full video to get credit.  After, I would have to share it on any two social media accounts, linking to these shares as proof.  After I do, I would input the two links as well as screenshot the video I watched.

In this case, it’s a lot of work for $0.03, but since it’s opened internationally, you will find that a lot of people overseas will do it no problem.  Plus, let’s not even get into how ethical this is.  The key here is to find jobs only open in your country that pay much more.

Rapidworkers Is Filled With a Lot of Junk

The thing I don’t like about RapidWorkers is that it’s filled with a lot of garbage.  Unlike Amazon MTurk, which has strict quality control, this isn’t the case with RapidWorkers.  Most of what you find is unethical, spammy and just pure garbage.

For instance, when I was writing this, these were some of the low-quality jobs available:

  • like a YouTube video
  • complete a survey (typical spammy-like survey)
  • create Gmail accounts
  • complete offers using your credit card

Honestly, 99% of the jobs I found were garbage and weren’t my time and I don’t think they are worth your time, either.

Some even made me upset.  In a few cases, people would ask others to find a Facebook ad and then say that it’s “hateful” in hopes Facebook gets rid of it.  So, instead of doing what any average business owner would do and actually compete, these jokers just want to try and get rid of their competition.  Too bad that they don’t know it will be a never-ending battle.

Getting Paid

If you do decide to use the platform (I recommend you don’t), then you’re probably wondering how you will get paid.

As mentioned, you won’t get paid until your submitter marks your job as “satisfied.”  If a task is marked as such and then added to your account balance, which you can find in the “withdraw $” tab.

You will need at least $8 to cash out and you will have to email them, which is unheard of.  Most websites are up to date in this technological era and just let you click a button to cash out.  This isn’ the case here as you will have to communicate via email.

Now, if you do cash out, the company will take a 6% PayPal fee, another thing unheard of in this space.

How Much Can I Make?

If you wanted to use the platform, I wouldn’t expect any more than $0.10 per job and looking at the job board, it’s going to take you at least five minutes to complete every job.  So, even if you were aggressive and completed every job on the board, I think it would be very hard to earn more than $3+ per hour.

Plus, seeing there aren’t a lot of jobs, you would run out of work eventually, so I wouldn’t expect much.  Instead, I would prepare for maybe $10 a week, at most.

It’s definitely not a platform that will make you rich, that’s for sure.

So, What Are Others Saying?

I can’t be the only one with negative thoughts or maybe I’m the only one, who knows?  For that reason, I always like to skim the web and see what other people are saying as well.

In this section, I went ahead and broke down both the pros and cons, letting you ultimately decide what’s best for your financial endeavors.

The Pros

  • short tasks, most of which take a few minutes to complete
  • could be a good option for foreign workers
  • always seems to have tasks
  • can start working immediately
  • 100% free to join

The Cons

  • a ton of scam-like jobs/very unethical
  • lots of reports of banning, according to SiteJabber reviews
  • only one payout option
  • unprofessional support
  • money/time invested ratio is not good
  • 6% PayPal fee

Is Rapid Workers a Scam?

No, RapidWorkers is not a scam, however, I can’t stress it enough.  Most of what you find here is very unethical and I wouldn’t be proud of doing the work.

Unless you want to complete very spammy-like affiliate offers or complete tasks, usually against some sort of TOS, then go for it.  I know I wouldn’t.

RapidWorkers will pay and they do have jobs, but it’s something that you have to ask yourself if you want to use.  There are much better alternatives that offer much better jobs that you won’t feel bad doing.

Final Thoughts

1/10RapidWorkers is garbage.

The jobs are unethical, they pay peanuts and I would hate to do 99% of these jobs.  Most of the time, it only benefits the job provider as they are either making money from the scammy affiliate offer they are promoting and/or they are doing something illegal/unethical.  Don’t give in as it’s not worth it.

In the end, I would steer clear.  If you love the idea of performing short tasks, I highly recommend you check out Amazon Mturk instead. This platform, on the other hand, is gold consider this.  They actually have quality control and the jobs are respectable.  Plus, you can make much more as there are many more jobs.  It won’t make you rich, but you can make $50 a day once you get how the platform works.

Now, I leave it up to you.

Have you used the RapidWorkers platform before?  What did you think?  What did you like about it?  Am I missing anything?

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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