Rebatest Review: Free Stuff on Amazon?

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Rebatest is product testing company of sorts, primarily working with Amazon, helping you get free products in exchange for your feedback.   Before I start this review, however, let it be known that the company has no affiliation with Amazon nor does Amazon endorse it.  It’s an independent website helping third-party Amazon sellers gather the reviews they need to rise in the Amazon ranks.

If you like the idea of getting free items via Amazon and don’t mind testing what you receive, it could be something worth joining.

An Honest Rebatest Review:  Legit or Scam?

In today’s review, I will show you how it works, what the company is about and if it’s worth joining in the end.  As always, my reviews are always non-biased and 100% honest.

What is Rebatest?

Rebatest is said to be a “new product testing platform” that helps connect people with 100% cashback in exchange for providing honest feedback.

The company was founded in 2013 and was eventually established in the United States in 2018, according to the official website.  And, as I’m writing this review, they have more than 146,500 members with more than $3.5 million in cash back given to its customers.  They also had a stat noting they were one of the world’s fastest cashback growing sites, growing more than 500%.

While the company didn’t have an address or much of a company history, aside from the sales pitch, it does seem to appear to be a legitimate company, at least from the third-party reviews I did see.

Joining Rebatest

To join and start reviewing products, you will first have to create an account, which can be done via the main website through the “join now” button.  You can see this button plastered all over the place, so it isn’t hard to miss.

Before you join, however, you can see what you can review to see if it’s worth a sign-up.  To see what’s currently in their inventory, head to the “test products” tab.  In doing so, you can browse through the hundreds, if not thousands, of items currently available to review.  If you do see a few that catch your eye, then it may be wise to sign up so that you can test that product for free.  Remember that these items change all the time, so what you see today may be much different tomorrow.

When you’re ready to join, they do ask that you confirm a few items before you’re able to do so.  The one thing that stuck out to me is that you can’t leave negative comments on Amazon or else it could have “adverse effects on your Rebatest account.”  Instantly, this was a turn off as it seems all they are doing is to push falsified positive Amazon reviews to boost a seller’s profile on the Amazon platform.

If you’re okay in knowing that you have to leave a positive review no matter what, then it may be worth considering.  For this review, I will complete the sign-up process in its entirety to show you how it works.

In signing up, Rebatest asks for your email and a password, that’s it.  When I signed up, I could get a $5 new member bonus as well as 1,000 reward points.  After you sign up, you can confirm your email and start product testing almost immediately.

To qualify, you must reside in the U.S. or U.K and have a valid PayPal account.

Testing Products on Rebatest

After you create an account, you can then immediately start applying to products.  To do so, you will simply want to head to the “test products” link to see what you can test today.

For instance, when I was reviewing this, these were a few of the many products I could test…

As you can see, there were more than 905 results, with a fair majority of them costing me nothing.

In this section, you can browse the list as you please, sort by a particular category or you can search for an item if you had something in mind.  For instance, if you were in the market for socks, you could search for socks to see what comes up.

So, How Are These Items Free?

If you have shopped on Amazon, and I’m sure you have, you probably almost always look at the reviews.  After all, it’s a great indicator as to how good that product may be.  Since Amazon allows sellers, such as you and I to sell, it often means there are thousands of businesses/individuals to compete with.  And, since it can be hard to get reviews organically in the beginning, some sellers resort to unethical platforms, such as this one, to get reviews.

So, you leave a positive review, and remember, it has to be positive to get your money back.  The seller gets their positive review, and hopefully, as their fake reviews grow organically, they get more sales because of it.  Now, you see the unethical side of it, right?

Most of what you find on this site will be low-quality garbage, not even worth your time.  Plus, seeing you have to put your money up front, there’s no guarantee the company will even reimburse you.  It’s a gamble of sorts sometimes.

How the Process Works

So, if you did want a product on the site, the company would ask that you apply to the product.  You just click on the “apply now” button found on the description and then purchase the item as you normally would on Amazon.

On each listing, you will see the rebate available as well as how many points you need.  Generally, the higher the item is priced, the more points you will need.  And, to earn points, you will need to successfully rate Amazon products to earn more or you can perform other task as well, such as the following…

If you qualify, you will then make the purchase on Amazon and provide Rebatest with your Amazon order number within four hours to get credited in the future.  At any time, you can check out your applications as well as your cash back and points balance beneath your email address near the top.  They do note that it can take up to four days to get a rebate.

As you can see, I would have four hours to submit my order number to potentially get my “$19.99” back.

So, How Do I Get My Money Back?

Unfortunately, Rebatest does not give you cash back immediately, so you will have to front your cash before getting it back.  However, you will have to meet the company’s terms before you even see the cash, as I mentioned earlier.

Sohow do I get my money back?

Well, your review will have to be accepted by the seller.  And, according to the FAQ, a seller can reject your rebate on “content which is irrelevant to the tested item,” “less than 20 words” or “encourages hate.”  Basically, if the seller doesn’t like what they see, they can reject it and you will then have to talk with support to maybe get your money back.

In most cases, your review will need to be positive.  Remember when you signed up and it said: “negative effects could have adverse effects on your account.”  Well, they wrote this for a reason.  No positive review, no money more than likely.

For instance, look at this review I found online…

I find this to be highly unethical, especially if the product isn’t deserving of a positive review.  If you don’t leave a positive review, expect to run into problems.

What the Internet Is Saying

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what other people are saying.  So, I went ahead and combed the internet to see what people are saying, both good and bad.   Everything I found, I included below.

The Pros

  • tons of great ways to get products for free

The Cons

  • unethical business practices
  • customer service can be hit or miss
  • reports of balances not being paid out
  • have to jump through a bunch of “hoops” to get your rebate

Final Thoughts

5/10Sure, you can get free stuff on Rebatest it seems, but it’s highly unethical, at least that’s how I see it.

The only way I see it could work out is if you really want the product and leave an honest review.  In this case, it’s the only way I see it make sense.  But, if you’re buying for the sole purpose to get free stuff and leave an fake positive review to keep going, then you’re just polluting the Amazon Marketplace.  Not cool.

In the end, it’s up to you if you want to proceed.  If Amazon catches on, you could put your account at risk as they have always been very strict with this kind of scheme.  If you do it once or twice, you should be fine, but if you continue to buy and buy, this is where it can get you in trouble.

Rebatest does seem to pay out, but only if you meet the seller’s requirements, which can be strict in some cases.  If you want to play the game, then that’s your decision.  For me, I will probably pass unless I see a highly reviewed item that I feel may be worth the time.  I feel that will be quite rare.  Other than that, I feel as if I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my Amazon account, so I will probably put it on the back burner for now.  I just don’t see anything good coming out of this.

Now, I leave it up to you.

Have you tried Rebatest?

What do you think?

Did you get paid?

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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    • Not true. Been using their site for a year now. I always get paid, but you have to be careful not to have your amazon account banned from reviews.

    • Give you a tip. Before applying for a product, check if this product has recent reviews on Amazon. If so, apply. If not, it is best not to apply, it is very likely that this product has been marked by Amazon.

  • Personally feel good. Have already recommended it to family and friends. They also feel good. The only drawback is that many act like liars. For example, suddenly said that your account owes money. In fact, you returned the goods on Amazon after you got the cashback, and they want to get back a refund. Besides, if you can’t connect to Facebook, it is actually blocked. But their customer service is very useful and can basically solve the problem, but the reply is a bit slow because of the jet lag.
    Anyway, I feed great.