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NOTE: It seems as if RentaCyberFriend has changed since my last review.  I’m updating it below.

At first glance, RentaCyberFriend reminds me a lot like the website I reviewed many months ago, Rent a Friend.  The only key difference I have found is that you can rent a friend online rather than meet someone in person.  If you don’t mind taking phone calls, there is potential here.

Whether you’re looking for someone to simply talk to or maybe share an interest, it may be an option to consider.  Of course, it will cost money to have a friend, but to some people, this is often worth it.

In today’s review, I check out RentaCyberFriend.  Is it worth your time?  Is it legitimate?  As always, I’m 100% honest with my reviews, so if you’re interested in finding a friend online, it may be one to check out.

Let’s begin!

What is RentaCyberFriend?

According to the company, RentaCyberFriend is said to be a “fresh new approach to growing a lively network of friends, buddies and penpals, and exchange information and expertise online.”

All they ask of you is to create a profile, either a friend seeker or as a person who’s willing to be a friend online.  Like a freelance working site or a dating site, you will want to make sure that this profile sells you.  Tell the world what you do, your passions as well as add a picture so that they know who they are working with online.  It’s up to you as to what you want to put on the profile, but if you’re using the site as someone who wants to make money, then, again, you will want to make sure you sell yourself the best you can.  The more detailed your profile is, the better your chances may be.  Let me be clear here is that it ISN’T a dating site.  This is a site to have fun and chat with someone about your passions.

As for who’s running the company, all I could find out is that it was operated by a company by the name of Rent Cyber Inc., a company based out of California.  I couldn’t find much else.

Signing Up

To become a member, they do ask that you’re at least 18+ years old and offer accurate information.  All they ask for is your name, email and password, at least at first.

At the moment, you can either sign up as a cyber friend or as a caller.

Since you want to make money, you will want to sign up as a cyber friend.  Again, this is 100% free to do.

If you don’t want to make money and simply make friends, then you would have to pay a minute rate and you will have to sign up as a caller.  As a caller, you will make the calls with someone on the site and pay a “per minute” rate.

Once you sign up as a cyber friend, you will then be asked to create a profile, in which you will describe yourself, what you can offer as well as your age, hobbies, etc.  It’s sort of like an online resume.  Be as detailed as possible here.  You won’t get accepted immediately and will have to wait for approval.

The Friends

When I logged in, there were more than 13,000 pages of members, so it seems like quite a few people use it as a cyber friend at least.  In the past, when I was first reviewing this site, they only had maybe 50 to 100 friends at most, but I can see this has since change.  There are a ton of people, which could be a good or bad thing.  More people does mean more competition.

Those were available mostly charged about $0.10 to $0.20 per minute, maybe more, maybe less.  Remember, you can charge your own rate, so it’s up to you to determine what’s worth your time. The sweet spot seemed to be in that $0.10 range.

For example, I found a 32-year-old female from the United States charging $0.10 per minute.  This friend was a fitness trainer and it appeared you could work out with them.  Remember, all of these cyber friends offer varying rates.  If you could offer this rate and succeed, then good for you, but I have found most friends, at least here, do not charge this much.

Honestly, whatever you wanted to chat about, you could find in the search bar.  If you wanted to talk to someone about politics and you only wanted to talk to a 30 year old female, you could find someone.  So, as someone who’s looking for a caller, you could find quite a bit.

You can search for friends without an account if you want to see what’s out there; however, if you want to contact them, you will have to create a profile.

What Can I Make?

According to the FAQ, the site will take a 20% commission fee and you will need at least $50 to withdraw.

If you were to charge, say, $0.10 a minute, that could be a potential $4.80 per hour~ after commission.  That’s not much, so you may have to charge more, but seeing there’s a lot of $0.10 per minute people, you may have to low ball yourself until you build a client base.  You would have to work 10 hours before you reach your minimum.  That could be quite the stretch in the beginning, but with some patience, it could pay off.  However, it will greatly depend on what you have to offer.  You profile could make much more than mine, etc.

In the beginning, I think you could make a few bucks, but it won’t be much until you build a base.  Don’t plan on getting rich, however.

To make the most money on the site, they recommend that you create an engaging profile, set aggressive rates, promote yourself and always try to be online.  Since people will want to chat now, being online can give you a huge perk because they can chat right away. If you’re not, they may move onto someone else.  Of course, you will want to deliver high quality work and encourage positive reviews if you do get a customer.

Final Thoughts

RentaCyberFriend doesn’t seem like much at first, but I think they have grown a lot since.  A while back, when they first started, they didn’t have a lot of people on the site and it just doesn’t seem active.  Plus, they did charge $30+ per month just to see profiles and communicate.  This isn’t the case now, as it is 100% free to join.

If you want to find a friend online and you want to make some money doing so, then why not add your profile.  The worst that happens is that no one contacts you, but if you’re interesting enough and people are searching for you, who knows where it could take you?  You get to set your rates, so if someone does contact you, it could be worth your time.  Once you build a nice client base, this could be a decent side opportunity. Just find your niche and see who contacts you.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, if you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to sound off below!

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  • imo this is NOT a legit site. The people I chatted to on this site said that people are not getting paid. I thought I’d try but having done the minimum hours for payment and sent various support requests asking when payment will be made, there’s no money and no response.

    Take care!

  • The website is a fraud. They never pay you for your service. There is not one service provider (cyber-buddy) that they have paid. Your earnings from your clients are accumulated on the website and every time you try to withdraw these earnings, the withdrawal fails because of bull***t reasons. Not one person has ever been able to withdraw their earnings. The website owner keeps all money that we help earn. It is a totally fraud and scamming website. The people paying to avail the service are getting their money’s worth. However, we, the service providers never get a piece of any of these earnings even though it is advertised on the website that we are to get 80% of our earnings. Someone needs to arrest and imprison the website owner for such a big scam.

    • UPDATE: This website is not a scam. It is in fact legit. I was wrong by making this review and making such comments. I was frustrated and it was a hasty decision i made to make this review. The company can take a while to confirm payments but other than that it is a legit company and a wonderful service!

  • The first two comments put me off from signing up but the later ones gives me the hope to try if they company will prove me wrong. I will create my account then to see what happens.

      • I just sign up yesterday. So far free of charge for registration. I got approved already. Then I tried to be online using my phone for an hour. I havent got any client yet. But im hoping for the best.

        • Same situation here. How do we get clients? I registered a two weeks ago but to date haven’t received any clients and am online 24hours. Anybody with a clue on how we can get clients and start earning from this website to please share.

          • Exactly the issue I have, I have registered since but till now no single call from anyone and is so frustrating .

          • Same thing with me have signed up for two weeks but I never received any call, am even looking for way out to be getting clients.

  • Hi am really looking for an online job but cant seem to find any at all. I am actually tired of seaching. I work as a teacher full time but as you know our salary cant stretch out for a whole month so i need a back up job. Could you please help me out by suggesting one. I live in Kingston, Jamaica.

  • My name is Elizabeth, please I have an account with rentacyberfriend for the past one month always online, I have 14 followers but haven’t received any calls yet, I don’t really know if there’s any solution?

    • Hi Mary,
      Try to check your rate, as if there are other cyber friends with a better rate than yours, you won’t be able to get a call as users will always pick them first. For starters, I will advise you to lower your rate, and once you start getting traffic, you can take your rates up. Also, try selling your profile wording well and selecting as many interest options as you think you can best fit.

  • Hi ! I’ve just signed up and waiting for approval ! Simple question !! Do you talk to people through an app? I’m looking for an app but can’t find it…