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At first glance, RentaCyberFriend reminds me a lot like the website I reviewed many months ago, Rent a Friend.  The only key difference I have found is that you can rent a friend online rather than meet someone in person.

Whether you’re looking for someone to simply talk to or maybe share an interest, it may be an option to consider.  Of course, it will cost money to have a friend, but to some people, this is often worth it.

In today’s review, I check out RentaCyberFriend.  Is it worth your time?  Is it legitimate?  As always, I’m 100% honest with my reviews, so if you’re interested in finding a friend online, it may be one to check out.

Let’s begin!

What is RentaCyberFriend?

According to the company, RentaCyberFriend is said to be a “fresh new approach to growing a lively network of friends, buddies and penpals, and exchange information and expertise online.”

All they ask of you is to create a profile, either a friend seeker or as a person who’s willing to be a friend online.  Like a freelance working site or a dating site, you will want to make sure that this profile sells you.  Tell the world what you do, your passions as well as add a picture so that they know who they are working with online.  It’s up to you as to what you want to put on the profile, but if you’re using the site as someone who wants to make money, then, again, you will want to make sure you sell yourself the best you can.

As for who’s running the company, all I could find out is that it was operated by a company by the name of Rent Cyber Inc., a company based out of California.  I couldn’t find much else.

Signing Up

To become a member, they do ask that you’re at least 18+ years old and offer accurate information.  All they ask for is your name, email and password, at least at first.

Now, the company does charge a fee in order to start using the service, which starts at $29.99 per month or $99.99 for the year.  This is the only way you can start using the service, whether you’re offering your services or looking for a friend.

Remember, once you sign up, you will then be asked to create a profile, in which you will describe yourself, what you can offer as well as your age, hobbies, etc.  It’s sort of like an online resume.

The Friends

When I logged in, there weren’t many people who were willing to be my friend online.  I’m talking no more than 75 females or males, it wasn’t much.  Those who were available charged a hefty fee.

For example, I found a 32-year-old female from the United States charging $180 per hour!  This friend was a fitness trainer and it appeared you could work out with them.  Remember, all of these cyber friends offer varying rates.  If you could offer this rate and succeed, then good for you, but I have found most friends, at least here, do not charge this much.

That’s a lot of money to hang out with someone virtually online.   Other members charged anywhere from $15 to $50+ per hour, so this was one of the higher rates, to be honest.  If you were to use the service, you would probably average closer to the $20~ per hour, maybe a pinch more.  Just remember this is a “friend” site, not one designed to date people.

You can search for friends without an account if you want to see what’s out there; however, if you want to contact them, you will have to create a profile.

Final Thoughts

3/10RentaCyberFriend doesn’t seem like much.  They don’t have a lot of people on the site and it just doesn’t seem active.  Plus, they charge $30+ per month just to see profiles and communicate.  That doesn’t include renting the friend.  I find this to be quite high in price.  I just don’t think you can make much with this site.

If you want to find a friend online, I would probably skip out on this site and consider something much more popular like RentAFriend.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, if you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to sound off below!

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