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The Samsung Global Goals app is operated by Samsung and was designed as a way to give back to popular charities.  As part of the “Sustainable Development Goals,” known as the Global Goals, Samsung has joined the cause to help transform the world by 2030 in ending hunger, inequality and helping clean up the planet.  World leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030 and Samsung believes you have the power to change the world, with the app being one way to do so.

If you want to give back, all while viewing ads, then it may be an app to consider.  Personally, you won’t make money, but it’s so easy to donate money to great charities for only a few minutes of your time every day.

What Is the Samsung Global Goals App?

The Samsung Global Goals app is much different than most for a few reasons.  For one, it’s operated by a powerhouse in that of Samsung and your work will help give back to charities.  It’s definitely legit and safe, but you personally won’t make money.  Only charities will, but that’s great to many.  After all, there’s a reason it has more than 100 million downloads.

The app is very simple to understand as all you have to do is view ads and then cash out when it comes time to do so.

Right now, the app is only available via the Google Play Store, so if you have an Apple/iOS device, you will not be able to download it at the moment.

Let me explain how it works.

Earning with the Samsung Global Goals App

The main way to earn money via the app is simply by viewing ads.  All you have to do is download the app, open it up and then go to the earn section, which will look something like this:

Almost all of these ads will be in video form and will last about 30 seconds to watch.  In some cases, you can simply view an ad such as the one seen above.  Regardless, once you finish watching it, usually after the time expires, you will receive your reward.  If it’s a video, you will want to wait until the “X” appears so that you can close it out.  I only mention this because if you close out the ads too fast, you won’t get credited for your time.

Another way you can earn is via your phone’s lockscreen.

You will have to enable this feature when you download the app.  Once enabled, you can then watch an ad every time you open your phone.  Like the video ads, you will have to wait until the “X” shows up, usually longer than 30 seconds, to close it.

In comparison to other apps that pay you to view ads, Samsung seems to be the leader in its interface as well as usability.  It’s very easy to use and isn’t as intrusive as other ads tend to be.

How Much Do the Ads Pay?

Mostly, ads will pay pennies, but sometimes more, up to as much as $0.25.

When you download the app and log in, you can view the money you can make if you were to view the ad.

The average, however, will be in the $0.05 per ad view range.  This is typical, maybe slightly above average, in comparison to competitors.


For every video you watch, you will earn cash, in which you can donate to a goal of your choice.  As mentioned in the intro, world leaders agreed to 17 goals in which you can donate to.  This can include inequality, good health and world hunger, for example.

You will choose which one makes sense to you and pick it out on your dashboard.  Then, when you cash out, your rewards, which will be matched by Samsung, will be sent to that particular cause.

Now, from what I read, they don’t say who is getting your money, so there doesn’t seem to be transparency there, according to the reviews.  If the charity matters, then you won’t know; only the goal you chose.

And, if you want to keep the money, you can’t.  This is strictly a charity app that donates all of your ad viewing money to good causes.

Final Thoughts

6/10If you want to watch an advertisement on occasion and you want to help the world become a better place, then this is one of the better charity apps on the market.

It’s a good app, easy to use and operated by a very well known name in Samsung.  You can be assured your rewards will go toward great causes such as fighting hunger, poverty, etc.

In the end, it’s similar to that of finding change and putting it in a charity bucket.  You won’t donate hundreds but a few dollars can be nice, especially when thousands of us do it.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to chime in, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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