Savvyconnect Review: $15/Mo to Do Nothing?

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In a lot of my reviews, I talk about a company in detail, often letting you know how you can make money and if it’s worth joining.  If you have ever read any of my reviews, then you know I’m always 100% honest and only recommend something that I enjoy doing personally.  I never recommend a company I wouldn’t and never will, even if they do pay me for placement!

In today’s review, I wanted to talk about SavvyConnect, essentially an addition to a website I have talked about prior in a few of my posts, SurveySavvy.

While it isn’t a company, per se, consider it more like an add-on that you will download to earn some cash.  It could be one of the best way to earn money while doing absolutely nothing on your part.

If you have heard of it and/or are looking for additional ways to make money, then let’s jump in and really see if this download is worth your time.

SavvyConnect App Review:  Scam or Safe?

First, let’s talk about what SavvyConnect is all about…

SavvyConnect is an addition to the very popular survey website, SurveySavvy.

Before I even begin talking about SavvyConnect, however, I do recommend you sign up for at least the survey portion of the website as they do offer a ton of survey opportunities, some of which pay more than $7+.  It’s 100% free and only takes minutes to join.  It’s one of my favorite survey sites as they always have a ton of invites, as seen here on my personal dashboard as I write this…

It’s as simple as signing up and confirming your email.  That’s it.

Again, this is not to be confused with the SavvyConnect tool as it’s an entirely separate way of earning money with the company.  You will, however, need to sign up with SurveySavvy anyways if you want to download the app after reading this review.

As a whole, the company is 100% legitimate and is highly recommended, but is the SavvyConnect tool worth your time?

What is SavvyConnect?

SurveySavvy is considered to be one of the very first internet online survey panels, founded in 1999.  To date, they work in more than 195 countries and highly known for their $1 minimum payout, making them one of the lowest minimum thresholds in the industry.

Unlike SurveySavvy, which lets you take surveys and that’s it, SavvyConnect is a tool that you download on your computer or mobile device.   The company notes that it’s a “small, safe application that quickly downloads to your PC and/or mobile device and monitors your web browsing behavior.”

No matter how you download it, SurveySavvy will aggregate data, mostly from your internet viewing habits, and will use it for behavioral research purposes.  They DO NOT sell your data nor do they force you to install some shady software that kills your computer.

In downloading this tool, you can also increase your chances of even more survey opportunities based on your internet habits.  Based on your habits, for instance, it is possible to receive surveys ranging from $25 to $75+ on top of your $5 monthly payment.  This, however, will greatly depend on your demographics.

According to the company, your information will not be sold nor will the download be filled with a ton of spyware.

If you do decide to download the app, you will get paid $5 per device, per month as long as you keep it active.  You can add up to three devices per account.

Downloading SavvyConnect

If you like the idea of making $5 per device, then it’s as simple as downloading the app, either on your phone or on your desktop.  It’s really up to you, but I would only download it on a device that you occasionally use to ensure that you stay active in the system.

If you’re interested in downloading it, you will first have to create an account on SurveySavvy in order to do so.  You must be at least 13 years old to sign up.   It only takes a few minutes, and even if you change your mind, you can at least have access to a variety of surveys that are added almost daily.  Remember that this is only one of the many ways you can earn on the platform.

Once you sign up, look for the “SavvyConnect,” tab which appears on your dashboard like this..

Click on that link to find a downloadable link.  As of right now, you can download it for Chrome, on Google Play or via the Apple App Store.

Once you download it, you will want to make sure that you’re logged into your SurveySavvy account and ensure that it’s activated to earn your monthly reward.  For instance, when I downloaded it, I was presented with this screen on my Chrome browser…

You can click on your extension at any time to ensure that it’s activated.  Personally, I would do this every time I start browsing just to be on the safe side.

How Much Can I Earn?

SurveySavvy will allow you to install the SavvyConnect app on up to three devices, meaning you will earn at least $15 a month ($5 each), even if you don’t do anything with it but let it run in the background.  This won’t include the additional survey opportunities if you were to take advantage of them.

If you really want to make money doing nothing, then this is one to put high on your list as you can see.

Once you hit $1 (yes, that’s it), you can then request a payout.  If you’re a SavvyConnect participant, your requests are fast tracked to one week so that you can get your cash payment even faster than the basic SurveySavvy user.

Earning Even More $$$

Aside from being paid $5 per device, the cool thing about downloading the SavvyConnect app is that they can send you even more surveys based on your internet viewing habits.

While you can still receive survey invites without downloading the app, you could increase your income by more than $75+ for the month if your viewing habits meet the need for an upcoming study.

Like most survey companies I talk about, the number of surveys your receive will greatly depend upon your demographic.  So, you may receive 10 times more than me as you could be considered a luxury demographic.

The same could be said about this app.

If you find yourself as an in-demand demographic to the researchers, that $5 a month you’re guaranteed to get could soon turn into $50, $100 or even more.

As I mentioned, you should log into your SavvyConnect account each time you start surfing the internet to make sure it’s activated.  But, in doing so, take a look at the invitations on the right-hand side to see if any are of interest.  For example, the screenshot above listed a $15 survey, all due to my viewing habits.  It only took 10 minutes to complete and wouldn’t have been available if I didn’t have the app installed.

So, even though you’re probably thinking, “$5 a month to download this app?  That’s it?,” it can be much more.  I just wanted to put this out there.

Sweepstakes to Win

And, aside from earning money from the surveys and downloading the app, you can also test your luck with the many sweepstakes the company offers throughout the month.

Each time you’re screened out of a survey, the company will automatically enter you into a monthly draw or more than 50 $10 prizes.   They even have random drawings, where you can win hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

It’s luck, of course, but it’s a nice gesture, right?

What Others are Saying

As with all of my personal reviews, it’s not always about me.  I’m just one person and have my own thoughts.  Unfortunately,  these thoughts aren’t always right and are the main reason I include this section in every single review I write.

So, looking online, I broke down both the pros and cons I found online and summed it up below…

The Pros

  • 100% free to download
  • reputable company operates it (founded in 1999)
  • they do pay out
  • chance to take $75+ surveys
  • data is only reviewed in aggregate form
  • there’s no personal identifiable data
  • they don’t sell your data to third-party companies
  • very easy way to earn

The Cons

  • lots of survey disqualification horror stories (common among survey companies)
  • compatibility issues on some phones
  • software bugs that may prevent you from doing certain things
  • you won’t get rich
  • said to increase mobile data usage
  • you do have to install software to use
  • multiple reports of poor customer service

Final Thoughts

6/10I have mixed thoughts about the SavvyConnect app.

While there’s nothing wrong with it, I just don’t think it’s worth the $5 a month, at least to me.  I don’t like downloading things, either.  However, it could be worth it if you’re able to get additional surveys because of your usage.  Again, this will greatly depend on your demographic.

Since I’m not the most tech-savvy guy, I really don’t know the in’s and out’s of the app and what it could do to my phone.   I did read that some people didn’t like the permissions the app asked to accept before downloading.  Some even noted that there was some odd activity going on after installing.

Nonetheless, if you want to earn $5 a month doing nothing, it’s something to consider.  Maybe at least consider downloading it on an eligible device that you don’t use all that often to test it for the month.  If you like the results, then maybe keep it going.  If not, then it’s as easy as uninstalling it and trying out one of the million other ways to make cash in life.

If you have ever used the SavvyConnect app and/or you have some questions/concerns, then you’re more than welcome to sound off in the comments below.

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