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Scholarship Points Review: Why It’s Not Worth It

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ScholarshipPoints is different in that they award members with scholarships rather than cash when you complete surveys.  It may be a great platform to consider if you’re thinking about going to college or maybe you already are.

They have been around since 2006 and are part of the company known as Edvisors Group, which is a company that focuses on everything college, from student loans to college scholarships.  Is Scholarship Points legit?  Yes!  The company in itself is 100% legitimate, but just because it is, it doesn’t mean it may be worth your time.

In today’s review, I want to talk about and show you how it works as well as if it’s worth your time.

As always, my reviews are 100% honest, and I only recommend what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!

How Does ScholarshipPoints Work?

ScholarshipPoints works much differently than your traditional survey sites in that they will give you a raffle ticket/s to an upcoming scholarship drawing every time you complete a survey.  Most raffles are about $1,000 in rewards, but I have seen some as high as $10,000.  I want to let it be known that you won’t earn any money with the site; rather, you’re gambling at the chance to win a scholarship.  And, how many people you’re competing with will greatly depend on the number of people completing surveys.  It could be thousands or tens of thousands, who knows?  As long as you know you’re competing in a raffle, it will make it that much better.

Signing Up

To start earning scholarship entries, you need to be at least 13 years old and reside in the United States as a legal citizen.    They also note that you must be attending or at least plan on attending a college located within the United States.

It’s as easy as entering your name, address and email to get started.

The entire process takes about three minutes and it’s 100% free to join.

In signing up, you can immediately access your dashboard to start winning scholarships.

Your Dashboard

Once you sign up, you can immediately access your dashboard, which will look something like this…

Right on the main page, you can find a “complete these activities” to earn points, as well as a few other options such as bonus codes as well as “answer surveys” section.  These are the only two ways you can earn points at the moment.

The main activities, at least from what I saw, were nothing special, and I have found them on countless survey-like sites.  You complete the offer and then the company will reward you with points.  Honestly, I would say steer clear of most of these offers because they just bombard your email with spam.  It’s nothing special.  Plus, you won’t get paid, which is a huge downfall.

The Surveys

Where you make most of your points will rely in the surveys section.  This, again, is no different than most survey sites.  The biggest downfall, just like the offers, is that you won’t get paid.  Rather, again, you get points in which you can enter a “raffle” to win scholarships valued at $1,000.

As you can see in the screenshot, the company will provide you with a survey opportunity, as well as how many points you can receive after completing it. Next to each one, you can see how long it’s going to take you.

There are a lot of surveys, most of which pay about 800 to 2,000 points, with the average survey taking about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

If you’re interested in the website, I think you can earn about 1,000 to 3,000 points per day with little effort.

The Scholarships

So, the main reason to use this site, of course, is to win a scholarship.

Every point you earn is a raffle ticket to one of the many scholarship opportunities.  At any given moment, you should always see a $1,000 scholarship, with drawings held at least every 10 days or so.  In some cases, they will have a larger scholarship which totals more than $10,000+.  You can find all of the scholarship opportunities right on the “scholarship” tab.

What I don’t like is that they don’t tell you how many people are entering the drawing so you never know what you’re up against.  Is it 100 people?  1,000?  10,000?  They don’t talk about the odds up front, so it’s hard to determine how many people you’re competing with.

With a scholarship given away every 10 days or so, expect to be competing with thousands, maybe even more, so your chances are very slim.


A free scholarship can be won, but it’s unknown how many people you’re up against as each raffle is different.


You’re going to give up your personal data, such as your address, which may then be shared or sold to third parties.  If you read the “information we collect” page, it even confirms this.

It can take a lot of time to win a scholarship.  This company uses the same surveys as other sites, but the biggest difference is that you will get paid by competitors, not them.

It’s all a gamble, of course.  It’s a raffle, so you may never win or maybe you will?  It’s like the lottery…

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, I don’t recommend ScholarshipPoints at all, and it’s for a few reasons.

Number one, you don’t get paid; rather, you earn points for raffles to enter scholarships for who knows how many people are competing with.  Even if you were to win, you would probably have invested hundreds of hours of your time.  Trust me, it isn’t worth it.  Secondly, you’re competing with a lot of people for a small number of surveys.  Again, NOT worth it.

If you want a scholarship, and you need to earn money, then I would recommend other survey sites like Swagbucks or to name a few.  That way, whenever you complete a survey, you can at least get paid cash.  Take that cash and save it for college, even if it’s a few dollars a day. You can then be assured you’re getting money to pay off your tuition.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

While the company is legit, I just don’t recommend it because I’m not a gambling person and I don’t feel it’s worth your time.  If you want to comment on your experience, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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