Scratch Cash Review: A Scam to Avoid

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You might have assumed, like I did initially, that Scratch Cash is all about scratching free cards for easy wins, but no, like so many of these apps, it’s misleading.

The surprising truth is that the scratch-offs are secondary, and the primary way to earn rewards is by downloading and playing the sponsored games for vouchers. Once you meet the minimum cashout requirement, you can trade those vouchers for PayPal cash.  This scratch-off cards are enticing you to download the app and then be disappointed later.

Scratch Cash partners with a well-known platform named Adjoe, which is a third-party platform that offers a whole host of game offers. The principle is simple: the more you play, the more vouchers you can get.  However, Adjoe works with a ton of partners, so you won’t find anything unique here.

Mega World Wide operates Scratch Cash, which has been downloaded over 500,000 times on Google Play. They’re also behind several other money-making apps, such as Scratch Cards Pro, which bears a close resemblance to Scratch Cash.

It’s not the best rated, and in this review, I will tell you the reason why.

As always, my reviews are non-biased and 100% honest.

How Does Scratch Cash Work?

Scratch Cash is available on the Play Store for most Android devices, however, it won’t be available on any Apple devices.  I did read reports that some Android devices didn’t work, so your results will vary.

Once you’ve launched the app, you’ll find that you have to complete all missions to earn real money. The first mission will ask that you scratch three cards to unlock your initial payout of $0.35.  Every card you scratch earns you coins, but don’t get too excited. These can’t be used to redeem rewards. Instead, you’re aiming to collect vouchers, signified by a green coin.  For now, ignore the coins as they are pointless.

After completing your first mission, you’ll find your $0.35 prize in the payout section. By clicking on “Earn,” it will prompt you to allow usage tracking, letting Scratch Cash keep tabs on your gameplay.  You’ll then be granted access to a broad selection of game offers, as seen here:

To get started, simply tap “Play Now” to install the game via the Play Store. Remember, it’s crucial to open the game through the Your Apps’ tab to ensure Scratch Cash accurately tracks your playtime.  Each game offers you a chance to earn a maximum number of vouchers. Play and earn.

As mentioned, playing games is the main way you’re going to earn cash here, so if you’re looking to make money scratching lottery tickets, you won’t find that here.  The more you play the game, more coins you will earn, but again, it won’t be as much as you think.

You could see that I only had one option, which isn’t all that great if you’re looking to earn cash.  This seems to be the case most of the time.

Prize Cards

When you’re ready to cash out, you’ll need to unlock prize cards by fulfilling what Scratch Cash calls “missions.”

The scratch cards’ main goal is to net you enough coins to unlock more prize cards.

Some of these missions include spinning the wheel and playing the lucky card; however, it’s crucial to remember that you can only uncover and claim larger prizes once you’ve claimed the previous one.

The initial payout of $0.35 demands 34425 vouchers, for example, which isn’t too hard to amass, but be prepared, as Scratch Cash will request facial recognition and a PayPal sign-up to go ahead with the payment.

Is Scratch Cash Legit?

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit worried about Scratch Cash’s promises based on the reviews.  If you read the official app reviews on the Google Play Store, the app is constantly barraged with complaints on the Play Store.

Now, I can’t say for certain that you won’t receive your money, but I do have to caution you about the substantial risk of not getting paid.

One player, for example, was unable to cash out because their facial verification was perpetually pending.

Several others complained about errors when trying to cash out, with no responses from the company. If they don’t even respond to reviews on the Play Store, I’m not very confident their support team will assist if you encounter issues.

Another player reported being asked for her PayPal password to finalize her cash-out. What happened next? A mere ten minutes later, she received a warning from PayPal about unusual activity on her account.

What’s worse is that the reviews continue.  Here’s a brief summary of what I found:

  • only a limited number of partner apps can be played for earning vouchers.
  • coins DO NOT convert to cash (they are worthless)
  • low payout rates and an increasingly high number of vouchers required for cashing out
  • issues with the app, including non-crediting of double rewards after watching videos, problems with facial recognition and other technical errors
  • poor customer service, almost non existent

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, Scratch Cash is a dud.  Make sure you pay close attention to all of the poor one star reviews because they seem to be true.

The app has no games to earn money and the scratch-off cards are very boring.  There’s no potential here at all and you’re just wasting your phone’s storage.

In the end, you’re much better offer trying another way to make money online such as Swagbucks, etc.  You won’t get rich, but you can earn money a lot faster than here.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, please feel free to do so below.

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