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You might be familiar with online services that shorten long URLs into more manageable links. is one of these services and it’s pretty similar to others like AdFly and But is it a reliable way to make some extra cash, and if so, how much can you actually make?

If you’ve been exploring ways to make some cash online by shortening URLs, you might’ve stumbled upon a site called  This website promises to pay you whenever someone clicks on your shortened links.

Sounds good, right?

Now, you may be wondering if this is a genuine opportunity or something shady that you should steer clear of.

In today’s review, let me break down what’s really going on with and why you should keep your distance.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is says it’s a service that turns long URLs into shorter, shareable links. The catch is that when someone clicks your short link, they’re shown a quick ad before getting to the original site. You get paid per click, with the rates depending on where the person clicking is located. Rates can vary, going anywhere from $2 to $20~ for every 1,000 views.

The basic idea is simple: shortens long URLs, which you then share. When people click on your shortened URLs, you make some money. It’s available to anyone around the world, and you can even get a $1 bonus just for signing up.  Don’t get excited just yet.

To put it simply, the site pays you based on the number of views your shortened links receive. More clicks usually mean more money, but the rates are better for traffic from America and Europe compared to Asia or Africa. The aim is to share viral posts or YouTube videos through these shortened links and attract traffic, thereby making some extra income on the side.

How it Operates

Signing up is straightforward. You simply use your email address, confirm it, and then you’re good to go. Then, offers several tools to help you shorten URLs, including Quick link and Mass Shrinker. The first tool lets you shorten individual URLs, while the latter can handle multiple links all at once.

Once you’ve got your short links, you can share them on various platforms. When people click on them, you earn money based on where those clicks are coming from. For example, clicks from European and American countries generally pay more. The rate varies but generally, you can make between $2.50 and $22 per 1,000 views.

Here’s the thing, however. isn’t as straightforward as it seems. They twist their links to send users to sketchy places like scam websites, malware hubs, or even adult content. You might think you’re advertising a genuine product, but the people who click on your link get bombarded with scammy ads that take them to harmful sites. They could end up dealing with malware on their devices or even get tricked into sharing their personal info on phishing sites.

On top of that, tries to rope you into a referral program. They say you’ll earn 20% of what your referrals make for life. But in reality, this just draws more people into their shady network, exposing even more users to harmful content.

So what should you do if you’ve fallen into the trap?

First off, scan your device for malware using software like Malwarebytes, which works on various operating systems. Change all your passwords and keep an eye on your bank account for any weird activities. If you’ve signed up for something through their links, reach out to that service to cancel or get your money back. Make sure you steer clear of and let others know to stay away from it.

Is it Legit?

I’ve got some reservations about, mainly because it hasn’t been getting the best online reviews. On Trustpilot, for example, it averages a rather low 2-star rating, with over 60% of people giving it a single star. That’s not exactly glowing praise, is it?

Adding to the skepticism, there’s no info about who’s running the show over there. The owners are staying anonymous, and that’s usually a red flag for me when assessing a site’s legitimacy.

Now, it’s not like I’m saying it’s an outright scam. I’ve seen a few reviews from folks who claim they’ve actually been paid by, but here’s a kicker: the site often displays ads with harmful links and inappropriate material, which likely contributes to those bad ratings, as noted.

So, in the end, I’m going to say that it’s mainly one to avoid, mostly because of the sleazy ads they promote.

What the Reviews Online Say

Most users seem highly dissatisfied with, labeling it as a scam. Many complain that after they make their first payment, they’re suddenly locked out of their accounts. Others have noticed that the site doesn’t accurately count clicks when they share links on social media, making them feel like their time and potential for earnings are being wasted.

There are also major concerns about the site serving ads loaded with malware. One user said that their antivirus software had to intervene when they tested a link, blocking tons of malicious content. Other complaints revolve around the site being cluttered with ads, including adult material and scams, which not only reflects poorly on the person sharing the link but also frustrates users trying to access the intended file or webpage.

On top of these issues, the site’s referral system seems to be fundamentally flawed. Users report earning little to no money despite referring hundreds of people, casting doubt on the company’s promise to share 20% of your referred users’ earnings. Overall, the site is widely considered unsafe and unreliable. Several users advise reporting the company and staying far away from it.

Final Thoughts

0/10To sum it up, I can’t really endorse as a reliable earning platform. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, proceed with caution. It’s got a spotty track record, and while it may pay out sometimes, the overall experience seems to be more disappointing than rewarding.

In the end, I would say skip it, but if you do join, do so with caution.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even go that far as there are many other ways to make money that can earn you much more.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about malware.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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