Signature Surveys Review: Why It’s So Annoying

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At first glance, Signature Surveys states that they will pay you a $5 instant activation bonus and a potential $20 bonus opportunity if you join and start taking surveys.  I have been researching survey companies for quite some time and I can tell you that this potentially one of the better bonuses out there.

But, seeing I don’t really hear about this company on other sites, I figured I would sign up and see what it’s all about.  I did read a lot of bad things about them online, so I figured I would see if what everyone else was saying was true.

Can you earn more than $25 in bonuses?

Do they have a steady supply of surveys?

These are many of the questions I’m about to answer.

To help you save your time, as always, I went ahead and signed up to let you know what this company is all about.  As in all of my reviews, you can promise that I’m 100% honest, only recommending companies I would use.

If you want to make money in your spare time, mainly answering survey questions, let’s see if it’s worth the join.

What is Signature Surveys?

According to the company’s main website, you can complete the short form and you can start receiving offers that can help you discover money opportunities.  In filling out the registration form, it will state whether or not you’re eligible for a $20 bonus.

The company says they bring companies together, just for you, to help you make money with free trials, paid surveys, research panels and much more.  Now, as a quick note, I have reviewed a few of these companies before, and sadly, they are usually not worth your time.  What they generally do is gather your information, push a few okay survey companies and then bombard you with spam.  99% of the time, you can find everything they offer for free and then some.  In short, it’s not worth your time.

I couldn’t find much about the company’s history, with the exception that they were based in Brooklyn, New York.  When I took a gander at the address, it leads me to a “Mail Boxes of Brooklyn” address.  In short, these are PO boxes that anyone can rent and aren’t professional at all.  They just added the “suite” to make it feel as if they are running a corporation of sorts.  This, to me, is a red flag right away as a simple search can yield this information.

Aside from the address, in their terms, it mentioned the company, SBG Media Inc., which appears to be a media marketing company of sorts, from social media to tracking software.  Now, the company’s website seemed legit, but I didn’t dig too deep.

Signing up for Signature Surveys

To sign up for Signature Surveys, it looks like they want the typical information, but a little more than usual.  Most companies don’t ask for an address or phone number in the beginning, which is usually a turn-off to me.  They want it all, from your physical address to your phone.  As a fair warning, be careful in giving out this info as they may spam you to no end.  This was said a ton of times online from people who did sign up.

After you sign up, all of which takes about a  minute, they start blasting you with offers.

It looks like they accept any United States resident as long as you’re 18+ years old.

The “Offers”

Immediately after you sign up, the company will ask you to complete a survey below to help keep the site free.  The only problem is that these aren’t surveys; rather, they are offers that will bombard you with more spam.

I mean, look at these.  Some ask if you need help resolving debt while another asks if you were diagnosed with cancer while taking Zantac.  There’s a lot of garbage on this list, and I don’t recommend signing up for any of it.  In other words, say NO to it all.

If you click on no about 15~ times, it then takes you to yet another page that looks like the offer page prior.

Again, it’s a lot of garbage, and it’s nothing worth joining, I promise you that much.  Click no about 15 times, and guess what?  ANOTHER 20+ “offers” that require you to click no.  By now, it’s getting frustrating and most places will not require you to do this.

After about clicking no 100+ times on so many pop-up ads, and I’m not even exaggerating, I can finally see their so-called list of surveys that will give me a survey bonus of $20.  Here it is…


I like a few of these, particularly Swagbucks, FusionCash and Panda Research, but the rest are garbage and are not worth your time at all.  Trust me, I have reviewed some of these and found them to be of no value such as Survey Club and Survey Voices.  And, if you complete all seven, I can get a $20 bonus, but I’m not even going to gamble on this as who knows if one of the trackings goes bad on one.  It seems like an okay deal, but again, I work in this industry and tracking may be a pain.

After you skip out on these opportunities, you can then view your “offers” dashboard as shown here…

While I was reviewing this, those were the only offers I could complete.

Yes, a whopping four offers.  When you compare it to other companies that offer hundreds, it’s not worth your time, seeing you have to spend 10 minutes weeding through garbage just to get here!

Is Signature Surveys Legit?

This is the burning question, the legitimacy of the site.

While some of the companies/offers they push are from legitimate websites, they do promote a lot of garbage.  For instance, a lot of the “sweepstakes” websites they push often just take your email address and then sell it off.  Who knows if they ever give away the sweepstakes.

I’m going to say Signature Surveys isn’t legit, simply because they push so many garbage affiliate offers, only looking to line their pockets and not help you out.  This is 100% opposite of what I value. I’m always about transparency, letting you know how to make money, how a company works, etc.  I would never sell your email address nor would I make you click no 100 times in hopes you sign up for an offer.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, I say avoid at all costs.  And, it’s for a myriad of reasons.

For starters, you have to pass through at least four pages of offers, clicking no at least 100 times just before you get to the lousy offers page, which, looking at my dashboard, included four very weak offers.

This company is just in it to make as much money from the affiliate offers presented to you a hundred times and to capture your personal information.  You’re not going to get anything out of this.

If you want to make money completing surveys, it can be done, but I definitely don’t recommend this option.  Instead, consider Swagbucks, Survey Junkie or QuickThoughts to name a few.  These companies allow you to make money right away, without having to click “no” a hundred times.

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  • Tom. I just read your review on this survey I have been doing these surveys for four months I was promised all kind of winnings and I kept getting nothing and today I signed up with an on line survey and I would love for you to tell me if it is legitimate before I get too involved with them they go by wealthy Team. I started doing this survey for some samples and maybe win a little money so far not a cent I would appreciate so much if you could tell me if I am making a good decision or a bad one I am 83yrs old and if I have let my self get involved that will hurt me and my family I will never get over it .

    • Barbara,

      Don’t do it! This site isn’t worth your time. If you want to take surveys, you won’t make much, maybe $5-$7 a day, maybe more, depending on how often you do it. Please check out Swagbucks, and QuickThoughts app. These are all very legitimate and have tons of opportunity. Best of luck to you.