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Skooli Tutoring Reviews: $25/HR Opportunity

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Skooli is one of the many online tutoring companies where you can earn more than $20+ per hour helping other students. They are said to pay one of the highest rates because they work with only the best. This means they are very selective and your chances of being hired can be slim, but don’t let it deter you just yet as the requirements aren’t too crazy. The company offers instant online tutoring in every subject, anytime, anywhere.

If you want to help tutor students online anytime you please and like the idea of working with a reputable tutoring company, then let’s see what Skooli is all about and how you can take advantage.

What is Skooli?

Skooli helps students learn difficult concepts and get better grades by connecting them with teachers/tutors in a digital classroom environment. Created by the founders of Teach Away, which helps certified teachers, aspiring teachers, or ESL teachers find jobs, the company took their decades worth of experience and created an innovative e-learning program.

Simply put, it’s a reputable company that connects students with the right tutors virtually. No in-person meetings are required nor do you have to commit to a schedule. According to the company, you can accept sessions that work for you.

How does it work?

Whenever someone has a question, they will ask it and the system will reach out to the hundreds of tutors on the platform, designated by their subject and grade level. In doing this, it can find the perfect match. If you’re online, then you get the chance to receive these invites and accept whichever ones that are of interest to you. Some require instant help whereas others may need help in the future. It seems to be a mixed bag.

Then, once matched up, a student can start chatting before they enter the classroom to ensure this is who they want to work with. If accepted, then both the tutor and student can enter the online classroom setting, where they can get help with their problem.

After each session, Skooli provides the student with personalized feedback as well as study tips to help improve upon the areas that need help.


If you want to become a Skooli tutor, they don’t accept anyone. As mentioned, they pay some of the highest rates due to their strict standards of hiring top-tiered talent. This means you have to abide by some qualifications.

According to the company’s official website, you will need to hold one of the three sets of credentials to be considered as a top tutor:

  • bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a related field
  • government-issued teaching license
  • OR specialized instructor qualification

Aside from holding one of these three sets, Skooli asks that you have strong written and verbal communication skills in English as well as be able to pass a background check.

Tutors can apply from anywhere in the world as long as these requirements are met. Since the tutoring platform is opened 24/7, the company encourages international applicants to apply.

As long as you hold one of these three, you can consider the platform. If not, you won’t be accepted, no exceptions.

Applying as a Tutor

As long as you meet the qualifications above, Skooli asks that you fill out an application ( and upload your certifications, your proof of education and have a government-issued ID readily available. You will also let them know what you can tutor.

Then, if they feel you’re a good fit, a team member will reach out to you to schedule a call to discuss your qualifications as well as answer any questions you may have. At this time, you will need to clear a criminal background check as well.

If you do get accepted, you will be asked to review the tutor videos as well as the training materials to demo the classroom to see how the platform works so that you’re ready for your first session. When you complete your training, you can then being to set your schedule and polish your profile so that you receive the right requests. During this time, you will set your availability, upload a profile picture as well as let prospective students know what subjects you’re qualified to teach.

After you go through the training process and are comfortable enough to begin, then you can go online to accept instant help incoming requests. You can do this by going to your dashboard and setting your availability. Remember, since you’re an independent contractor, you can choose whenever you want to work.

How Much Are Tutors Paid?

Hourly rates are determined byyour qualifications and experience, so it’s hard to give a definite answer. However, from my research, it appears the average rate is about $25 per hour or $0.41 per minute. Remember, this is just that — an average.

If a student schedules a session in advance, you will be paid the full amount once the student enters the classroom. Even if they don’t show up, you can get paid as long as you wait at least 15 minutes.

In the case of the instant requests, there is a five-minute grace period, and sessions that last no longer than five minutes will not be compensated. However, once the grace period of five minutes has passed, Skooli will pay you 15 minutes in compensation at a minimum. Going beyond the 15 minutes will pay you per minute accordingly.

All payments are made via PayPal and are sent out once you click the “request payout” button. You will need at least $100 in earnings to cash out. Payments are typically processed on Friday.

What Are Others Saying

Skooli isn’t as popular as the other online tutoring companies, so I couldn’t find much in terms of reviews. On Glassdoor, for instance, they only had six reviews. And, in these reviews, this is what they had to say:

The Good

  • great pay
  • backed by a reputable company
  • flexible schedule
  • no minimum commitment
  • open 24 hours a day
  • open to international applicants

The Bad

  • work seems to be at random; a lot of inconsistencies
  • low student count
  • not as popular as other options

Final Thoughts

6/10If you’re already tutoring online or want to tutor online, Skooli seems to be okay. While they have a higher pay rate than most, the students don’t seem to be there. This isn’t a knock on them, it just seems like a brand that isn’t as popular, at least not yet.

For now, if you want to apply, then, by all means, do it. Don’t expect a ton of work, however. In many cases, you will be lucky to make a few hundred a month, if that. It just depends on how often you log in and which subjects you’re competent in. Remember, they have strict standards so you may not get accepted, even if you have a college degree.

If you have ever used Skooli or want to talk about it, then feel free to do so in the comments below.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my 20+ favorite online tutoring companies to see which other companies out there that you can tutor with.

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