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Solitaire Cash App Review: Can You Win Money? (My Take)

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I enjoy playing Solitaire and maybe you do, too. There’s a comforting familiarity with Solitaire, and perhaps you play it to relax.

Now, imagine if you could play Solitaire on your phone and earn real money. That’s the promise of the Solitaire Cash app. This app is quite popular among side hustle enthusiasts, claiming you could win significant sums by playing its skill-based card game.

But is Solitaire Cash legit? Does it pay out?

I explored the app to uncover the truth. My findings on the Solitaire Cash app highlight its functions and my reasons for advising against downloading it.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% legitimate, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is a trending mobile app available for iOS, which offers you the chance to play Solitaire and win cash rewards. This app boasts millions of downloads and ranks within the top five card game apps on various app stores.

Its concept isn’t unique, either.

Solitaire Cash is akin to other gaming apps that reward players, much like the offerings from a company named Skillz. The premise is simple: compete in skill-based card games against others and stand a chance to win real cash.

The app’s design ensures that players face off against opponents of comparable skill during tournament games. The top performers in these tournaments are rewarded with cash, and the app promotes the possibility of winning hundreds through these contests.

While this might sound like an attractive way to earn online, it’s essential to realize that this might not be the ideal option for everyone. The app’s credibility and the rewards might not be as they appear in their promotions.

Is Solitaire Cash Legit?

While Solitaire Cash may seem appealing at first glance, my experience suggests it’s not as legitimate as it claims to be. The app entices users by offering small bonuses and gems if they put in their own money. Its promotional content paints a picture of easy earnings, but the reality seems quite different.

In truth, putting money into this app might result in a loss more often than not. The uncertainty of whether you’re competing against genuine players or computerized systems is concerning. A few reviews I found, for example, noticed an odd pattern of never placing higher than 4th, suggesting possible manipulation or interference by bots.

The app also aggressively pushes ads to boost gem earnings and sets high thresholds for redeeming rewards, making it difficult for users to cash out.

With so many genuine apps offering real monetary rewards, I’d advise caution with Solitaire Cash. It might not be the best choice for those seeking genuine play and earnings.

Can I Trust it?

From a safety perspective, Solitaire Cash seems trustworthy.

Available as a free download on the iOS store and backed by the established Papaya Gaming, it has credentials. However, caution is advised if you’re contemplating entering paid tournaments, as there’s a real risk of losing more than you gain.

How Solitaire Cash Works

I took the time to explore Solitaire Cash and play a handful of games to get a grasp on how it operates. It’s a straightforward app that involves three main actions: downloading & signing up, engaging in freeroll tournaments, and finally, participating in cash tournaments.

Signing Up

At the moment, Solitaire Cash is exclusively available as an iOS game. It doesn’t cost anything to download, and you can either indulge in free tournaments or consider cash options with real money rewards.

And, signing up is a breeze. After registering, you will provide a player alias and then try out a short introductory game. This intro helps familiarize new users, but if you’re acquainted with Solitaire, you’ll catch on in no time.

It’s crucial to know that only those 18 and above can use Solitaire Cash. Also, if you’re from specific U.S. states such as Arizona, Indiana, or Montana (among others), you won’t have access to cash games. Most users likely approach this app hoping to earn some cash on the side, and that’s primarily what we’re discussing here.

Engaging in Freeroll Tournaments

Starting off, if you’re looking to play and potentially earn with Solitaire Cash, you can dive into “freeroll” tournaments. Instead of actual money, these games use gems as the entry fee. There are various means to collect these gems:

Deposit Perks: For every dollar deposited, you can receive 20 free gems. Plus, on an initial deposit of $7, score a bonus of $3 and 1,400 gems. Though subsequent deposit bonuses exist, they tend to be less lucrative.

Daily Check-ins: Just by logging in consecutively, you can earn cash. Three days get you a $0.10 bonus, for example, and stretching it to seven days nets $0.30. Plus, from day one, you bag 30 gems.

Friend Invites: Get your pals on board and you both benefit. Each friend who joins hands you a bonus of $1, and they get the same deal.

Video Views: Optionally, watch in-app videos to earn 10 gems each, up to a daily cap of five videos.

My experience playing some of these free games showed that they are much like the traditional Solitaire we know. What sets it apart is the competition – players go head-to-head using the same deck, and speed is of the essence. To enter a game with potential cash rewards, you would need approximately 120 gems, though this can fluctuate based on the prize amount. Some games offer rewards ranging from $5 to $10, but there are those where the winner could pocket several hundred dollars.

It’s evident from the info that certain tournaments, boasting prize pools upwards of $30, come with a cost. Essentially, this could translate to investing considerable time, maybe even weeks, accumulating enough gems for a single freeroll entry.

Paid Tournaments

Another avenue to potentially earn with Solitaire Cash is by joining the cash tournaments, where there’s a buy-in fee. Each game has its distinct buy-in and reward parameters.

For instance, you might decide to invest $5 for a chance at the Adrenaline Rush tournaments. Should you outplay everyone else, a $20 reward awaits, for example. However, certain tournaments require both gems and cash to participate, often coming with heftier prizes.

While you do compete against others, remember that everyone’s gaming experience is personal. Victory is determined by who finishes their game with top marks and at a swifter pace.

Here’s a crucial piece of advice: should you fail in a tournament, your buy-in goes down the drain. This element of risk gives the game its gambling nature. There’s a tangible possibility of ending up with a net loss instead of earnings.

Frankly, this characteristic makes me wary. I’m not fond of apps that operate on such principles. The gamble, coupled with potential losses, is why I steered clear of the paid games during my trial of Solitaire Cash. My preference, as you may know from reading my guides, leans towards cost-free online money-making avenues.

How Much Can I Make?

You might eye those grand prizes of $100 or more, but winning such amounts in a single round or even in a day might be a stretch. If you’ve honed your skills, you may pocket an average of $3 to $10 per day, making your monthly earnings somewhere between $50 and $100. This isn’t your laid-back solitaire, as a split-second can thrust you from the top spot to somewhere lower.  These are just estimates and are kind of high to be honest.

To up your game, dive into forums and YouTube walkthroughs to get Solitaire Cash tips.  Practice relentlessly.

Whether it’s on Solitaire Cash or your gaming device, getting a grip on speed, precision, and swift card play calculations is paramount. If you’re banking on a steady $50 to $100 per month, Solitaire Cash might not be your go-to. While it’s engaging, mobile cash games aren’t your dependable paycheck, of course.

Will I Get Paid if I Win?

Certainly, Solitaire Cash is a legitimate application offering genuine cash prizes for triumphant Solitaire matches. Yet, there’s a catch – it’s all too easy to see your money evaporate should you decide to deposit. It might not be the best side hustle idea out there. Although backed by a reputable app creator and enjoying popularity on the App Store, always manage your expectations regarding potential earnings.

So yes, there is documented evidence of Solitaire Cash honoring its payouts. The catch, however, is your need to win in the tournaments. And there’s no certainty about the nature of your competitors – are they genuine players or sophisticated computer programs?  There’s no answer.

What About Hacks?

If you come across claims of hacks to snag free gems or cash, treat them with suspicion. Any such “gem generators” or “referral tricks” are likely shady and could compromise your personal or financial information.  There are no hacks nor would you want to gamble with any of them.

The Pros:

  1. Enjoyable Gameplay: Many players love the game and enjoy the challenges.
  2. Potential to Win: There are opportunities to win both in-game currency (gems) and real money.
  3. Responsive Customer Service: Issues reported to customer service get a quick response.
  4. Not Completely Rigged: Many players find they can win fairly consistently, especially when playing for gems.
  5. Regular Updates: There are weekly challenges that keep the gameplay fresh.
  6. Easy Cashout: At least one user has reported smooth cash out procedures once they understood the system.

The Cons:

  1. Confusing Payouts: The payout procedure can be a bit unclear, leading to confusion among some players.
  2. Possible Rigging with Deposits: Some users believe the game might be biased against them when they deposit their own money.
  3. Game Glitches: Multiple users have reported issues such as the “sticking” of keys, mysterious decrease in game wins, and other potential bugs.
  4. Perceived Tone of Responses: At least one user felt the customer service’s tone was off-putting, even though they responded promptly.
  5. Inconsistent Winning Patterns: Some users notice streaks of wins followed by streaks of losses.
  6. High Fees on Cash Out: The amount taken out when cashing out reduces the overall winnings considerably.
  7. Issues with Reporting Problems: The process to report issues, such as recording gameplay, can be cumbersome.

Final Thoughts

3/10While Solitaire Cash isn’t necessarily deceptive, it certainly isn’t a goldmine, either.

Yes, a handful of users might turn a profit, but the majority are more likely to face losses. The odds of snagging prizes are particularly slim unless you’re open to gambling with your own money. Considering the numerous cost-effective side gigs out there, it’s wise to opt for this app only if you’re a die-hard Solitaire enthusiast ready to invest actual cash.

Personally, I don’t like the gambling aspect, so you won’t find me using it.  I would much rather earn guaranteed earnings on simpler sites such as, etc.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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