Specpan Review: Another Survey Site to Avoid

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The Specpan community is said to be “easy and fun,” and it’s one that help you earn cash for every survey you take.

Yes, it’s another survey company in this competitive industry, and it may be one to join; however, at first glance, I wouldn’t count too much, at least from what I read.

If you’re thinking about adding another survey company to your list, I wanted to talk about Specpan in today’s review.  I will talk about how much you can make, if it’s legitimate as well as what you can expect if you were to sign up.

As always, my reviews are 100% honest and legit.  Let’s begin!

What is Specpan?

Specpan is yet another survey site, where you’re expected to answer survey questions in exchange for points, which you can exchange for rewards.  The difference with this survey panel, however, is they work more with retailers and manufacturers, specifically the construction industry, and the surveys focus moreso on your purchasing habits as well as the brands you engage with daily.  The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and appears to be 100% legitimate, but the question is if it’s worth your time.

Signing Up

To sign up, the company wants to know a lot of personal details, such as your address, name, gender, etc.  It’s fairly common among most survey companies, but seeing they focus on the manufacturing sector, they also want to know your profession so that they can send you targeted surveys once you join.

The entire process takes about five minutes to get to the next step.

After the first registration page, you won’t be done just yet as the company will ask you to fill out yet another page, known as the profile survey.

This profile survey is common among survey companies since they need to know more about you so that they can send you targeted surveys.  After all, you wouldn’t want a survey about children’s products if you didn’t have children, right?

While the profile survey is optional, I highly recommend you fill it out in its entirety to maximize your survey invites.

Specpan is 100% free to sign up and you need to be at least 18+ to join.  You must reside in the United States or Canada.

The Surveys and Your Dashboard

After you answer as many profile screening questions as possible, you should start to see survey invites come to your dashboard.  You can always complete your profile screening questions via your dashboard menu under the “Profile Surveys” tab.

The screenshot above will highlight the surveys available to you at the moment as well as your most recent activity.  You can also check your current point balance as you complete surveys.

As a quick note, you won’t always qualify for the surveys you see, so just because it’s on the list, you won’t automatically complete it.

How many surveys will I get?

The survey invites always continue to come in, so it’s tough to say how many you may see.  On average, it could be a few a day; however, you won’t always qualify for them.  Expect to complete a few a week.

How much do the surveys pay?

On average, the surveys tend to pay more than average.  I have seen surveys ranging from anywhere as little as $1 to more than $10.  Every point is worth a penny, so that 350 point survey seen above is worth $3.50 in rewards.

The Rewards

Specpan allows you to redeem rewards once you hit 2,500 points at a basic level.  However, as you move up in the ranks, you can find yourself only needing 1,000 points to cash out.  The more you take surveys, the higher you can level up.

At the moment, the company only offers two reward options: either an Amazon gift card or a virtual Master Card.  There’s no PayPal option, unfortunately, but many are happy with Amazon and a virtual credit card, even though it takes a few more steps to redeem.

What the Internet Says

Specpan doesn’t seem to be as popular as the many companies I have talked about, but I did find some reviews from people online.  What I found is that there were a lot of complaints of people saying they were never paid.  Some were able to hit the minimum redemption threshold, only to find that the company didn’t reward them.   A few others noted the surveys took way too long, only to find out they were disqualified after spending 20 minutes on a survey.

As for the positives, I didn’t see much.  A few noted the surveys were paying more than average, whereas others said surveys were targeted more toward specific industries.

Final Thoughts

3/10In the end, I would pass on Specspan.  I feel the company doesn’t offer much that’s unique and I read a lot of complaints in that they don’t pay.  That alone scares me away from them.  I wouldn’t take the gamble for now.

For now, I would skip out on this survey platform and consider much more reputable options such as Swagbucks or, to name a few.  These surveys can pay just as much and I know for a fact you will get paid.

That wraps it up.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience and/or you have a question, you can leave a comment below.

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