Spin4Cash Reviews: Why It’s Misleading

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The Spin4Cash app says it pays out real money simply play a spin to win game.

While it sounds great and it has more than 100,000 downloads, I wanted to warn you with this review before you download it and start playing, thinking you can earn something.

In today’s review, I wanted to let you know about my experience as well as how it works.  As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

How the Spin4Cash App Works

The minute you download the app, you can immediately start spinning a wheel to win the coins shown on the wheel.

That’s all you do in the game is spin and win the specified amount.  Most prizes range from 250 to 10,000 points.

As you play, you will need to reach the threshold to get to the next level. So, as you can see in that screenshot, you will need 2,500 points to reach the next level, and if you do reach that level, you get the amount specified.  In this case, it’s $1, but the next level will pay you $2 when you finish it.

Now, you’re probably wondering, wow, that’s it?

I just click a button, wait for my points to rack up, and cash out?

Well, there are some caveats that you need to be aware of as there are a lot of these sleazy apps out there that work like this.

You Must Download Games to Cash Out

Now, here’s the thing.

You will be able to earn “coins” as you spin the wheel, however, you can’t cash out unless you download other games on the app.  This is required to earn vouchers, which you need in order to cash out.  Put simply, you will need vouchers to cash out, not the coins.

In other words, you won’t earn money simply by spinning the wheel.  You will have to play games and actually earn them.

If you have ever played Mistplay or any app that pays you to play games, this works in the same way.  You have to download a game, play so much and then you get rewarded.  This is the same concept here, only that they make it seem like you’re going to earn your money in the spinning.  This isn’t the case.

What you may find with some of these apps is that you will have to work a long time to reach a certain level and you will only earn a dollar or so in doing so.

While the spinning seems simple, there’s much more beyond this.  Don’t plan on just spinning and winning.


When it comes time to cash out, it will go in tiers.  And, as you earn more vouchers, other top prizes will pop up.

For example, as you can see, my first prize was $0.25, but I would need at least 27,000 vouchers to earn it.  Remember, these are VOUCHERS, not the points you earn from spinning the wheel.  You will have to download games and play them to a certain extent to earn these vouchers.

How long would it take to earn 27,000 vouchers?

Well, to put it in perspective, one game paid 1,631 vouchers per minute.  Doing the math, I would have to play 17 minutes to earn $0.25.

Is that worth it to you?

I know it isn’t to me.

The Pros

  • some users did like playing the new games and at least earning something
  • PayPal payments
  • quite a few apps to choose from

The Cons

  • low earning potential
  • customer service seems to be lacking
  • vouchers are required to cash out, not the coins
  • it will take a LONG time to cash out
  • app requires a lot of permissions
  • may only make $1 per hour, if that

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, this isn’t much of a spin the wheel-like app.  It’s more of a download a game and play it to earn “vouchers,” which you will use to cash out.  While it seems like the company will pay, you won’t earn much.  I’m talking maybe $0.25 per 20 minutes if that.

If you’re happy with that and want to play for next to nothing, then sure, download it, but I know I won’t.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you have used the app and want to comment on your experience, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • The customer service for spin4cash is nonexistent…I definitely do not recommend this game. I cannot get verification to start claiming payouts. Am unable to get vouchers and have sent 5 emails to their support and have gotten no response. Onto another game.