Survey Cash App Review – Legit?

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NOTE:  This app no longer seems to be active.

The Survey Cash app is a smaller app on the Google Play Store with a pinch of more than 10,000 downloads.   It’s one of the hundreds of survey apps on the market that pays you to complete surveys.

It’s operated by Cashie, LLC, which appears to be an Android developer that operates two apps at the moment.  I couldn’t find much about them in my search, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because many survey apps don’t always have much about who’s operating them.

Whether you’re looking for another way to make money taking surveys or you want to know more about the Survey Cash app, let’s see what it’s all about.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Earning Money with the Survey Cash App

To make with the app, it’s no different than any other survey app.  You will sign up with your Google account, open your app and then you can access your dashboard.  It takes maybe one minute to get started.

Now, the thing with this app like the many others out there is that they work with multiple third-party offerwalls, such as Bitlabs, Theorereach and Pollfish, to name a few.

To put it simply, these providers that you see provide the app companies, such as Survey Cash, with the surveys, and the apps then split the profits with you.

So, for example, if “Pollfish” paid Survey Cash $1 for the survey you completed, they may keep $0.20 for themselves and pass the $0.80 to you.  They are the middleman, and it’s why I recommend you compare as many companies as possible because your payouts will vary.  I have done so much research and have found, Swagbucks and Freecash to be the highest platforms that use third-party offerwalls.

To earn money, just click on an offerwall of interest and take the surveys of interest to you.  It’s very easy to understand.

All of the offerwalls are the same way, where you will see how much you will make as well as how long the surveys will take.  Keep in mind that you won’t qualify for all surveys, so don’t assume you will earn the money if you click on the survey.  You will have to qualify in order to take it.  Just click on the survey and take it to earn your coins.

How Much Do the Surveys Pay?

Most of your surveys will pay no more than 1,000 points ($1) 99% of the time.  In fact, most of the surveys I saw paid less than $0.50, sometimes, much less.  It’s so important that you do the math and pay close attention as some of these are definitely not worth your time.

Keep in mind that the app does use a points system, so you will have to do a little bit of math.

How Much Are the Points Worth?

Every 1,000 points you earn will be $1 in value.

This means every point is worth $0.001 or every 10 points is worth $0.01.  The math isn’t too hard, but I prefer that most apps use a straightforward currency system, but this is rare nowadays.

If a survey is worth 50 points, it’s only $0.05 in value, etc.

While 100 points can sound like a lot, it isn’t, so it’s important to make sure that the surveys you take are worth your time.


When it comes time to cash out, the nice thing is that you only need $1 to cash out, which makes it one of the lowest thresholds in the industry.

As you can see, you have two options to choose from, either PayPal or Payeer if you so choose.

Seeing PayPal is the best option for most, this should be more than enough, as cash is king, right?

Payouts take about 24-48 hours to process.

The Pros (according to Google Play):

  • easy and quick sign-up process
  • a lot of third-party offerwalls
  • PayPal
  • easy to use
  • easy to withdraw cash
  • low threshold

The Cons (according to Google Play):

  • reports of cash out troubles
  • many surveys don’t pay a lot of coins
  • no customer service email, making it difficult to get help
  • reports of app incentives to rate it a 5 star
  • not the highest paying app

Final Thoughts

5/10The Survey Cash app is definitely legit but it’s nothing unique.

What I do like is that the minimum threshold is low and they do work with a few legitimate offer walls, however, you can find these offer walls on other sites that pay much more, such as, Swagbucks and Freecash, to name a few.  This isn’t your best option if you’re going to have it on your phone.

If you do use the platform, that’s okay, however, don’t expect much and make sure you value your time.  A $0.50 survey won’t be worth 20 minutes of your time.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you have ever used the app and want to add your commentary, feel free to add it below.

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