SurveyMoola Review: Up to $10 a Survey?

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SurveyMoola goes by the mantra, “Share your opinion.  Earn some cash.”  If you want to make some extra cash, in the tune of up to $10 per survey, they seem like they may be able to help.

While it doesn’t appear you will get rich with the program, you can make anywhere from $0.40 to $10 answering simple questions.  That doesn’t seem to be too bad if you want to earn $100~ a month.

As there are a lot of survey-like websites out there, sadly, many of them are sleazy.  Most claim they can help you earn hundreds of dollars, but all they do is promote other survey companies, asking for your email in return so that they can spam you in the future.  In short, these companies don’t help you; rather, you’re helping their wallet.

At first glance, SurveyMoola seems like one of these companies, the reason I wanted to write this review, but I’m not too certain.  We’re about to find out.

Nonetheless, like all of my reviews, I dive in deep, explore the site and save you time in the end, letting you know what I think.  As always, I only promote what I would use.

SurveyMoola Review

If you land on the official SurveyMoola website, they prominently claim that you make extra cash FAST, up to $10 per survey.  This claim isn’t too crazy as you can make that completing surveys, sometimes much more.  To get started, all you have to do is sign up, tell them what you think and get paid.

SurveyMoola is operated by Cint, which is a software company founded in 1998.  According to the company profile, they offer solutions to automate trackers, monetize panels and optimize fieldwork process and panel network for market research agencies.  However, when you sign up and confirm your email, it says “Welcome to Aragon USA,” with a link to  There seems to be a lot of names here.

There’s no doubt the Cint company is legit at first glance, but the question is if the panel is worth your time.  I don’t know much about Aragon or MoneyManual, but they both seem okay looking at the history of the company/website.

Signing up for SurveyMoola

To sign up for SurveyMoola, they ask for your email, birthday, zip code as well as a password so that you can log back into your account in the future.  This is no different than other websites.

The process takes maybe one minute at most, and in registering, you can access your dashboard immediately.

SurveyMoola Dashboard

After you confirm your account, the company will then want to know more about your demographics, such as your ethnicity, education, what you drive, etc.  This is commonplace in the survey world and is done so that they can match you with targeted surveys.  While this process is entirely optional, I highly recommend you fill these sections out so that you receive more survey invites.  If you fail to do so, you won’t see as many survey invites.

If you were to fill out your demographic profile, it should take you about five to 10+ minutes to complete.  The company doesn’t pay you to do it, but again, if you want survey opportunities, it’s almost necessary to fill it out.

Now, surveys will pop up, but these surveys have no idea what your demographics are, so you may find yourself disqualifying for a lot.

SurveyMoola Surveys

The thing I like about SurveyMoola is that it’s very easy to use as all you can do are surveys.

To access your surveys, just click on the surveys link near the top and you will be presented with a list of surveys, each displaying the time it takes to complete the survey as well as what you will make.

Looking at the list, most of the surveys paid well.  As you can see from the list, some surveys pay more than $1 for less than 10 minutes of your time.  Granted, some surveys may take longer than the time specified, I have found it to be the opposite as some are much faster than what’s mentioned.  Your results will vary, however.

How Many Surveys Will I Get?

I say this all of the time whenever I write about a survey company, and I can’t stress it enough.  The number of surveys you receive will greatly depend on your demographics as some demographics are much more in demand than others.

On average, I have always found surveys to be on my list, but just because you see them doesn’t mean you will qualify for all of them.  In most cases, be prepared to qualify for about 20% of the surveys you click on.

With that being said, you should expect to see multiple surveys a day, at least 20-30+ a day, but it could be more, it could be less.

How Much Can I Earn With SurveyMoola?

Like the surveys availability, how much you make will depend on how many surveys you complete.

Looking at the surveys available to me at the time of this review and playing around with the site, I would say you could earn $5 to $10+ a week with ease, maybe much more if you complete more than the average survey taker.

Again, your results will vary, so do take this as an average.

SurveyMoola Rewards

When it comes time to cash out, the company offers three options…

  • Amazon gift card
  • GCodes (virtual gift codes are redeemable for merchandise, gift cards, digital magazines and books, travel, event tickets and more)
  • PayPal

If you want an Amazon gift card or GCode, your minimum payout is $10.  However, if you want to cash out via PayPal, the minimum payout slightly increases to $12.50.

The $10 minimum threshold isn’t too bad.  I have seen much higher and much lower.  I would say it stands in the middle and shouldn’t be too hard to reach in a few days or so.

Once you redeem your payment reward, it can take up to four business days to process.

What the Internet Is Saying

In all of my reviews, I always like to include a pros and cons section, most of which comes from my analysis and third-party reviews.  Listed below are many of the pros and cons I found in my research…

The Pros

  • PayPal and Amazon redemption options
  • surveys seem to be higher than average
  • easy-to-use interface
  • operated by a reputable research firm

The Cons

  • no referral program
  • only surveys

Is SurveyMoola Legit?

Absolutely.  It’s operated by Cint, a very reputable market research firm, so you can be assured you’re dealing with someone you can trust.  The company does pay out and will not scam you in any way, I promise you that.

Final Thoughts

7/10SurveyMoola has a lot more potential than I thought  They seem to list a lot of surveys that pay more than average, and the minimum threshold isn’t too bad.

If you want to take surveys online and make $5 to $10 a week, I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least sign up and check them out.  Depending on your demographic, you may be slightly surprised by the results.  Again, you won’t get rich, but I think you can easily make $40~ a month, maybe much more if you take a few surveys a day.  For now, at least try it out for a week and see if you like it.  Worst case, you can close your account directly on the dashboard.

As always, if you want to vent about SurveyMoola, I’m leaving the comments open for you to do so.  Feel free to leave your review or ask questions if need be.

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