TallyUP! Review: Play Games and Win Huge?

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TallyUP is a fun way to pocket some extra cash by playing games.  What makes this unique is that it’s an app that says you can snag some free money by going head-to-head with others. If you’re into competition and mobile gaming, it  might be something of interest.

However, like the so many gaming apps out there, you’ll need quite a bit of patience and a dash of luck to actually win. Be mindful that their customer support might not be up to par and you’ll see a 10% cut on your earnings when you cash out.

In today’s review, let’s have a closer look at TallyUP before you install it.

As always, I will take an unbiased dive into what this app really brings to the table so you can gauge whether it’s worth your time or not. I’ll walk you through everything TallyUP, from ways to earn to cashing out methods, giving you a clear picture of what you’re signing up for.

Then, it’s entirely up to you to decide if this app is something worth your time.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what TallyUP has to offer.

What is TallyUP?

TallyUP is a mobile app that offers you the opportunity to earn by challenging other app users.  This is a bit different as most apps just require that you play a game and it will reward you for your time in doing so.  This isn’t the case here.

Yes, it’s a legitimate app, and you can actually withdraw your earnings, but let’s not jump to conclusions and assume it’s worthwhile.

While I write this, they do have more than 250,000 users and they have paid out more than $1,000,000.

In my personal experience with TallyUP, there are several crucial aspects you should ponder over before signing up. I’ll also share some hiccups I’ve encountered along the way in this review.  It’s not for everyone.

For now, let me showcase how this app works.

Getting Started

To get started, you can do so by completing a new account.

During this process, you can watch a video as to how it works and then connect your account via Google, Apple or Facebook.  You can also use your phone number if you choose to do so.  No matter how you can sign up, it will all lead to the same dashboard.

The app is open to a limited number of countries, but as to who, they don’t say.  If you want to download it, I recommend going to the Google Play Store and seeing if you can do so.  If you can, you should be able to download and start playing.

Playing Tower Games to “Earn” Money

Your main way of earning on TallyUP is through their tower games. Simple yet strategic (and needing a sprinkle of luck), I must say I was quite taken by these games. They’re addicting and heaps of fun.

The “Tower Game” is your key to winning potential rewards on this app, and the premise is straightforward.

Pick a level on the tower game you want to play, and each level demands you to stake a certain number of tokens (more tokens for higher levels). Start at a level where you can win or lose $0.01, and aim for the top where the reward exceeds $10,000,000!

At the onset, your choices are limited. You’ll be paired with another player and the app dictates the game you play. Initially, you’re restricted to one type of game, but as you climb the ranks (which you will as you keep at it), you’ll unlock more games (up to four).

What is the aim of these games?

Beat your opponent by collecting more coins. The winner takes home the pot, but if you lose, the tokens you bet are subtracted from your balance.

Win a game, and your earnings are credited to your account. If you accumulate enough, you unlock the next level. Play at your current level, drop down a level, or leap to the highest unlocked level for your next game. As a bonus, each match earns you ranking points.

Ranking up unlocks new games, each of which you can practice before actually staking tokens. If you run out of tokens, don’t worry as you can earn more through other opportunities on the app, which I will talk about in a second.

Daily Goals

TallyUP also lets you score various rewards via daily goals. Just head over to the “Arcade” section to view your targets.

Most goals involve playing games a set number of times or attaining a specific level. Your rewards? Tokens or bananas. Curious about what to do with those bananas? Again, I will explain in a second.


TallyUP’s events can be your ticket to winning even more rewards. Think of these events as contests you can enter.

Each event has a set duration and you can participate by spending bananas. Every event has a number of winners (typically around 10), and most are contests revolving around one of the six available games, with the top scorers claiming the prize.

The prize list is in the “Prizes” section for each event. No guarantees you’ll win, but considering there’s no other way to use those bananas from your Daily Goals, I’d say give these events a shot.

Some events offer tokens as prizes, while others could even net you cryptocurrencies.

Referral Program

TallyUP has its own referral program where you may be able to earn up to $20 for bringing a friend on board. It’s as simple as sharing your invite link with them.

When your friend clicks on your link and downloads the app, they’re registered as your referral once they finish signing up (we’ll talk about this process later). That’s when you get a free spin on their Mega Spin game, where you could win up to $20.  You will see the “Mega Spin” link at the top of your screen.

Whatever you win from the Mega Spin game also goes to your referral. You’re limited to one Mega Spin game every 24 hours, with potential prizes ranging from $0.50 to $20.

The person you invited also gets a free Mega Spin by signing up through your link. So it’s a win-win.

But don’t get your hopes up too high about that $20 win from a Mega Spin. I’ve used around 10~ spins at the time of writing this, and my biggest win has been just $1, with most spins yielding $0.50 on average.  I would just expect about $0.50 for your time.

Also, it’s a somewhat unusual referral program.

The one Mega Spin per day limit is something I’ve never come across in the many GPT sites I’ve tested, making the referral program less attractive. Just something you should be aware of.  Most programs don’t care how many people you refer.

Getting Paid

Most of the earning opportunities on the app award tokens. But what do you do with these tokens?

The great thing is that you can convert them into cash via PayPal.  To do this, you need at least $10 to make a PayPal withdrawal, which is a somewhat low payout threshold.  Remember, however, that there’s some risk involved in playing TallyUP games, so it could take a while to hit this threshold and cash out your earnings via PayPal.

Alternatively, you could hold onto your tokens. These TallyUP tokens double as their own cryptocurrency. If their value increases down the line, you could exchange them for a significant amount.

Personally, I would only recommend this only if you believe in the potential of TallyUP tokens. You can also donate your earnings to charity since TallyUP supports several charities. In fact, when you cash out, you’re required to donate at least 10% of your earnings to charity.

This is something you’ll probably realize only when you cash out, so I wanted to point this out now so you’re not expecting to pocket all your earnings.  10% is very high in comparison to competitors.

All things considered, TallyUP’s payment system is quite straightforward. You can either hold onto your tokens or convert them into cash via PayPal.  It’s up to you.

What Can I Earn?

The money you make from TallyUP will greatly depend on your gaming prowess and a good slice of luck.

As I mentioned earlier, if you consistently outplay your rivals, you can quickly climb the Tower Game ladder and potentially earn more.

So, a solid strategy for winning TallyUP’s games can pay dividends, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s easier said than done. Remember, you’re up against other skilled players, and you’re bound to lose to some of them.  We have to be real here.

From my experience, your earnings will see a fair amount of fluctuations as there’s no guarantee of winning every time. That’s why it can take some time to hit the withdrawal threshold.

But, in theory, if you keep scaling the ladder, you could win up to $10M. Yet, I’ve never seen anyone come close to this. It’s a tough climb and calls for a considerable amount of luck.  Even the main site says the biggest payout ever was around $1,000~.

All in all, while TallyUP promises the chance to win big, I find its earning potential somewhat low. You’d need to devote considerable time to this app to chase the big prizes.

The Pros:

  • games are very fun to play and easy to learn
  • real money winnings with no risk
  • many reports of users cashing out
  • user friendly
  • responsive company support
  • app runs smoothly
  • they contribute to charity

The Cons:

  • some believe a possible presence of bots, especially at early levels, making the games seem unfair
  • some players found that certain games seem rigged or favor certain players or situations
  • complaints of glitches and games freezing, causing losses
  • a form of gambling, which may not appeal to everyone

Final Thoughts

4/10TallyUP is 100% legitimate, but it’s so different than most games I have mentioned before as you’re going to play against someone else.  I think it’s fun and unique, but I don’t think you will earn a ton as there’s a lot of gambling involved.

In the end, if you’re competitive and want to have some fun, all while maybe earning something, then why not try it?  You could potentially earn some cash, but it’s going to take a ton of time and patience.  If you have it, then consider it.  If not, you’re better off using an app that pays you much faster such as Swagbucks, etc.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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Tom Nathaniel

Hi! My name is Tom Nathaniel, and I created LushDollar to help share my honest thoughts on everything money. You won't find gimmicks here. It's the Internet's most honest money site after all. I graduated from Arizona State University, and I have worked in the finance industry since 2006, consulting with multiple Fortune 5000 companies.

1 comment

  • Hi Tom,

    We at TallyUP appreciate your honest review of our app and thank you for taking the time to do so. We wanted to address a couple things in regards to our App.

    “some believe a possible presence of bots, especially at early levels, making the games seem unfair.”

    We want to clarify that we do have bots on our app and we are completely transparent about them. They lose more often then they win so the bots never have an unfair advantage, most of our experienced players use them as a tool to grow their balance.

    The coin drops in our games are also completely random that’s why we always say that ‘Everybody Wins!’ If you you go to our settings section, you can turn off bots in the matchmaking settings if you only want to match against real TallyUP players. The bots are there to ensure people can consistently win and keep playing throughout the day during non-peak hours.

    “some players found that certain games seem rigged or favor certain players or situations”

    Our games are chosen at random, and our coin drops for every game is random so it can be different every game at any point. This allows us as a company to make it so anyone can win because every coin drop in any game is randomly generated. We at TallyUp believe in fairness so we guarantee that everyone is treated equally.

    “complaints of glitches and games freezing, causing losses”

    Unfortunately phone connection and Wifi are not perfect and disconnection to our server can happen if phone connection is spotty. However if this does happen, you can contact support via email or our discord and we can refund a percentage of the money the first couple times. We also take feedback through our support line and look into any games with these issues and try to fix or patch them out within our next release cycle. We are a small scrappy team, but we respond to any reports of glitches or bugs.

    “a form of gambling, which may not appeal to everyone”

    We do not consider our game as ‘gambling’. All the money that is distributed to players is through a portion of our own Ad revenue. Therefore you are risking money that you yourself earn by watching our Ads. Users cannot put their own personal money into risk amounts as we have created our own trickle up economy through Ad viewership, TallyUP shares a piece with every TallyUP player. When a players balance hits Zero, we give them 10 free tokens to continue to increase their balance everyday. All the money players earn is through our TallyUP economy which is generated by you the player.

    Again we thank you for your interest and review of our game. Feel free to join our discord or contact us if you would like to collaborate with us in the future! Thank you! Wishing you and all other TallyUP players many winnings!

    – AlleniumFalcon | TallyUP Community Management