Testingtime Review: $50/HR Average Testing Websites?

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TestingTime is one of the many websites that pay you to test websites and apps.  As long as you’re comfortable using a microphone and/or webcam while you’re “testing,” it’s a flexible gig to consider.  Best of all, most jobs pay up to $50~ per test you complete.   This sounds like a lot, but trust me, it’s on par with most sites that work like this.

TestingTime is a 100% legitimate company that does pay, however, I wouldn’t say it’s the best usability site on the website.  I will explain why in this review.

So, whether you’re looking to test website/apps and get paid or you’re looking for a way to make money online, let’s see what TestingTime is all about.

What is TestingTime?

TestingTime is one of the many usability websites on the internet.  Companies come to sites like these and ask for beta testers such as you to help test a product, most of which are digital.  All meetings are usually held virtually, often via Skype or Zoom, to name a few, but some options can be held in person.  It just depends on the gig.  Regardless, you will always know what’s expected of you before you even accept the job.

Picture the job as meeting with someone to discuss a new product.  They may show you something, for example, and then ask for your opinion.  In some cases, you may interact with an app, etc.  They are just trying to get your feedback to improve their products.

At the time of this review, the only way you can earn money is via usability testing.  Again, this can be done either in person (this is rare) or via Skype, which is the most common option.  They do have other teleconference options as well.  You will always know which software is expected of you before you sign up.

After you become a member, TestingTime will start e-mailing/texting your testing invites, which you can either accept or deny.  These invites are sent based on your demographics and will come to your email, so it’s important to whitelist this company’s domain so that it doesn’t end up in your spam.  It’s also important to jump on the opportunity as fast as you can since they mass email all eligible users at once.  If you’re not fast enough, then you could miss out as the researcher may only need a few people to test.

Most of all, if you do get approved, you will need to show up on time to keep your account in good standing.  If you don’t, this can lead to an account termination.  If you get approved, just keep your eyes peeled in your email to see which link you need to follow, as well as when you should show up to start the meeting.

Signing Up

To sign up for an account, you can do so via the “become a paid tester” page, found here.  Click on the “Sign up now” button and then fill out the simple three-page sign-up form to add your name to the database.

During this process, the company will ask for the usual, such as your name, date of birth, residence as well as some skills you have.  It’s very simple and only takes a few minutes to do.

After you complete your profile, you will then see a message that looks something like this.

As mentioned, you will then have to wait for an email or an SMS for upcoming tests.

The company doesn’t really state who can join, so it appears to be open to all.  Even if you sign up, you can select any country, but just because you can join, it doesn’t mean you will receive invites.

From my experience, residents in Europe seem to receive the most invites, but United States users receive invites as well.  Since the company is based in Europe, they are mainly partnered with European countries, and it’s the main reason they cater more toward European users.

You don’t need an education nor do you need experience to sign up.  They just ask that you’re honest and reliable.

How Many Tests Will I Get?

The bad part of TestingTime is that they don’t send out a lot of test invites.  I’m talking maybe three a month at most.

And, the bummer about it is that you won’t qualify for every test invite.  Even if you’re the fastest person at clicking the link, you will still have to go through a screener, which the researcher will ask you to do.  If you don’t qualify for the test, then the researcher won’t want to use you.  This is similar to that of a survey, so even if you receive a few invites, it doesn’t mean you will qualify for all of them.

How Much Can I Make?

Directly on the website, they specify that you can earn up to €50 per hour, so that’s the most you can make.  However, what you make will depend on the test you take, your researcher and the length of the study.

For the most part, however, I would expect about $50~ or so per test, which will take about 45 to 60 minutes of your time.

And, again, seeing you will be lucky to receive an invite or two a month, I can’t see you making more than $100 a year.  Yes, it’s not much, but this is often the case for almost all usability sites except for a few.

Getting Paid

After you successfully complete a test and the researcher approves it, you will be paid via PayPal, usually a few days after.  At the moment, this is the only payout option and is subject to change.

Final Thoughts

5/10TestingTime is a legitimate company, but they aren’t as popular as the many I have reviewed in the past.  And, plus, seeing they cater to Europe, you’re not going to see much action if you live outside the country.

And, while I won’t steer you clear of this website, I wouldn’t expect much.  As I said, you can earn maybe $100 a year, which is okay if you’re looking for a surprise here or there.

For now, what I would do is sign up, seeing it only takes a minute and then applying to the tests that make sense to you.  If you get accepted, then that’s great.  If not, you can move on.

And, remember, TestingTime isn’t the only usability site in the internet world, as there are many more (most of which are better).  Be sure to check out that list to see which sites provide more jobs.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on TestingTime, whether good or bad, you’re more than welcome to do so via the comments below.

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