Texting Factory Review: Make $300/Week Texting?

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At the Texting Factory, they claim that you can make about $300+ a week working from home working as a text chat operator, at least according to the official website.  It will be your job to answer casual answers on a “fantasy-based” text network with roles assigned to you as per the client’s request.  Mainly, it seems as if you’re going to flirt with people and most conversations aren’t all that innocent.

The company is operated by a company called Webtech Interactive Media LTD, which is located in Saleufi, Apia, Samoa.

If this sounds like something of interest, it may be something to consider.  You get to work whenever you want, there are no qualifications necessary and you only need to chat via text.  That means no calling or video is necessary.  However, some red flags are noted, and I will get into that later.

Whether you’re looking for ways to get paid to text or you heard about the Texting Factory, let’s see what it’s all about.

Requirements to Apply

Before I begin, I want to let you know what’s expected of you as an applicant, as they do have requirements.  These requirements are simple, but there are a few to know of, which include the following:

  • you must be fluent in English (a basic test is part of the application)
  • a laptop of PC is necessary
  • you DO NOT need any experience (all training is provided)
  • must be at least 18+ years old
  • internet connection
  • you are self employed, which means no benefits

To avoid fraud, the company does ask that you upload an ID to verify who you are as well as confirm that you are older than 18+.  They use a third-party called evalid to do so and ask that you use your ID issued name when you sign up.

How the Job Works

As a chat operator, you will be responsible for answering messages from real people who want to have all sorts of conversations.  This can include talking about today’s current events to yes, their fantasies.  From what I read, you have to be comfortable with almost everything because it seems as if people want to talk about anything.  Even in some circumstances, you may have to play the part of a character the client chooses.  You will be at their disposal and will have to do what they say in the chat.  Mostly, however, it will be “adult” related and this is why most people choose the platform.  As long as you’re comfortable answering casual and erotic messages, almost all coming from men, then you can consider.

The nice thing about the job is that you’re always 100% anonymous and you never have to show your face nor do you have to talk on the phone.  You can simply text chat and that’s it.  No personal information will ever be shared nor do you have to be honest about who you are.

It appears most of these texts will come from premium numbers, such as 1-900 numbers.  Every text sent can be charged to the customer.  The Texting Factory then shares a portion of what they make with you.

What Does Texting Factory Pay?

The Texting Factory pays you based on the number of text messages you answer.  The more messages you answer, the more you make, and this is why you should keep your clients lured in because every message means money for you.

The company, as well as reviews, note that you can make up to $0.12 per message sent with the opportunity to earn some bonuses.  This means you can average about $10~ per hour if you’re receiving enough messages.  The average I found tends to be in the $0.06 to $0.12 range.

While this may sound okay, the company almost requires you to write 150 to 200 characters to be compensated.

Getting paid…

You will need at least $100 to cash out, in which they send out via a payment method called Bitsafe.  This is the only option, and it’s one I have never heard of.

They pay out weekly.

There are RED FLAGS

I wanted to note a few things I did find on the site that seemed to red flags to me as well as others online.  I will be short here because I do have mixed feelings about this.

#1 Fake Testimonials

If you look at testimonials online, the pictures being used are stock photos, and if you do a reverse search using these photos, they show up on many other sites. They aren’t unique.  It may not seem like a huge deal, but this can show me that they aren’t being honest with what they claim.

#2 Odd Location

In all of my reviews, I haven’t researched any companies in the Samoa.  If you look at a map, it’s easy to see why.  This is a VERY tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It seems odd that their headquarters are located there and I couldn’t find much on their company’s history.  While they state who they are, nothing much comes up if you search them online.

#3 ID Verification

As I mentioned, you will need to verify your ID and they use a company I have never heard of called evalid.  This company requires that you take your picture as a selfie and your ID.  It seems simple, but I’m very concerned about what they do with your ID.  It didn’t say much and I don’t like that I’m sharing my ID with some company based in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  While evalid seems like a third party, it appears they are closely connected with the Texting Factory as both share the same nameservers for their domain.  This was very fishy to me.  However, they do need to confirm your age so that they know they aren’t working with a minor.  I can see both sides.

The Reviews Online

The internet had a few reviews about the company, even though it wasn’t much.

The biggest complaints I found were surprising deactivations and frustration with the platform.

For example, on Glassdoor, it had a very poor 2.8/5 rating.  Some said you had to write very long text messages and many were frustrated that customers would leave when you wouldn’t give out personal information.  The company always seemed to side with the customer and wouldn’t treat the workers right, even if you were in the right.

On TrustPilot, the reviews were even worse.  More than 250+ people gave the company a very poor 2/5 rating.

Most of these reviews said the same thing about accounts being shut down and having to deal with the rude staff.  Some even said they were part of a Facebook hack after uploading information.

There were not a lot of good reviews at all to put it nicely.

The Pros:

  • you can remain anonymous
  • texting only
  • work when you want

The Cons:

  • lots of red flags as explained above
  • poor reviews
  • poor support staff with awful attitudes
  • toxic environment
  • very strict

Applying (I wouldn’t)

If you’re reading this review and it sounds like something that you’re interested in, then the application process isn’t all that hard.  However, remember, that I’m kind of skeptical.  Just let it be known.

To start, they ask for your name, an email as well as 150-500 characters as to why you’re motivated to apply to the job.

After you do this, you should immediately receive an email confirmation that takes you directly to the application page.  It will also discuss what’s expected of you.

During this application, you will answer a few demographic questions as well as when you’re best available to interview.

Once you fill out this one-page application, the company will then email you to interview you for the position if they feel you’re a fit.  This can take up to 48 hours.

If someone were to contact you, then you will go through a training session lasting about two hours as well as taking a 45-minute~ test on your written fluency and understanding of the program.

If you pass the test, then you will go through a beta stage, where you will be asked to answer about 50 texts.  These exchanges will be graded and you will be hired 100% if they feel your responses are up to par.

It appears that anyone can apply, regardless of where you live, however, as I mentioned in the requirements, you must be a native English speaker to qualify.

Final Thoughts

3/10It looks like the Texting Factory is very strict with the platform and that’s okay; however, it seems to be a VERY toxic environment, never siding with you if you were to have a problem.

While it seems like the company does pay, I just don’t like that they are located outside of the United States and use all of these platforms that I have never heard of.  My gut instinct doesn’t like it all that much.  With all of the effort you have to put in mainly talking dirty to people, I feel the payments aren’t worth it.  I agree with a lot of reviews that getting paid $0.10 a message for something that needs to look like a college essay isn’t going to be worth your time.  Plus, you will be on eggshells all of the time, seeing they fire you for any reason.

In the end, I won’t join and I don’t recommend that you do; however, if you get accepted, you will get paid but the standards are way too high for what you’re getting paid.  I don’t think most people last long.

That does it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to comment below.

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