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The Best Micro Task Websites (updated for 2023)

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Ever heard of Microtask websites?

Essentially, they are online platforms where you can earn cash/rewards by completing small tasks during your free time. For instance, you might be asked to write captions for videos, enter data, test new apps or websites, assist with machine learning projects, or even check social media content. Big names in this industry, like Clickworker, offer a diverse range of tasks that let many people earn some extra pocket money.

In today’s digital age, there are many ways for beginners to earn money in this regard, even without prior experience.

But, like anything, there’s the catch: finding authentic microtask jobs that offer a fair hourly wage isn’t always easy. Plus, you wouldn’t want a site where the payout minimums are so high that you’re left waiting for ages to see your earnings.

Luckily for you, I’ve been exploring these sites forever to guide you to the best options at the moment.

In this guide, I will share some top microtask platforms that could help increase your earnings.

Now, a quick heads-up: while these sites can offer a nice boost for smaller expenses like a lunch or two, they probably won’t replace your main job.  Please keep that in mind.

What are Microtask Sites?

Micro jobs are basically mini-tasks. They’re not too demanding in terms of skills or time. But here’s the catch: the pay is usually on the smaller side too.

Companies or individuals post these tiny tasks on websites, offering payment to whoever completes them. Remember, if you take up a micro job, you’re not becoming an employee. You’re just taking a short-term gig. So, always know what you’re signing up for.

These tasks can be quite diverse as well. Think of things like data entry, answering surveys, or even helping out customers online.

As a last note, these websites have a bunch of payment methods. Each site might have its own options, so always double-check before starting. Some common ways they pay, however, include PayPal, direct bank transfers as well as various cryptocurrencies in some cases.

Best Microtask Sites

Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, commonly known as MTurk, offers you a chance to earn extra while you’re browsing your computer during your free time. It’s much like the most mentioned here, where you can pick from tasks like recognizing objects in clips, refining data, transcribing content, or evaluating search engines.  There’s a lot to choose from.

In MTurk language, these jobs are termed as ‘hits’ – an acronym for ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’. The idea here is simple: MTurk aims for real people to solve challenges that AI hasn’t mastered yet.

If you’re aiming to increase your earnings, there are tools out there that can help you increase your earnings. And while many treat MTurk as a casual gig, some dive in deeper. A Reddit subreddit, for example, even highlight users making over $10,000+ per year. That’s rare but goes to show what’s possible if you’re dedicated.  Be sure to check out my guide as to how you can make $50+ per day using the platform.

If you’re from the U.S., you can opt for cash or Amazon gift cards for your MTurk efforts. For those outside the U.S., it’s gift cards only.


One standout in the world of microtasking is Clickworker. It’s well-known and has a solid reputation.

Joining Clickworker is a breeze.

Once you sign up for free and pass a brief assessment, you get to choose your work.  As you use the platform, maintaining high quality in your tasks and scoring well on the assessments can open doors to more job opportunities there.

On Clickworker, you’ll find a variety of tasks like:

  • Categorizing data
  • Proofreading and making edits
  • Responding to surveys
  • Testing out apps
  • Monitoring content

The payment for these tasks can range from  a few cents to more substantial amounts, with the fee depending on task complexity, time taken, and some other aspects. Plus, they offer weekly payments through PayPal or other alternatives.

In the vast world of microtask platforms, Clickworker is one of the better options.


If you’re looking for a unique way to earn some money, you may want to consider Respondent. It’s a platform available globally, and its main aim is to connect you with research projects. Not just that, you also have a chance to earn more by bringing friends onboard.

What’s really convenient about Respondent is its payment system. Unlike some platforms where you have to wait till you hit a certain amount to get your money, here, it’s straightforward. Finish a project, and as soon as the company or individual who posted that project pays up, you’ll get your earnings directly through PayPal.

One thing to note: you might not see a flood of opportunities on Respondent like on some other sites. But, the silver lining? The few projects they do offer usually come with a pretty generous payout. So, even if you just complete one project, you can earn quite a bit.


I’ve brought up Appen in previous posts before, and it stands out as one of the most sought-after microtask platforms. Jobs on Appen resemble those on other crowdsource-focused sites. However, Appen has you commit to specific types of tasks like rating, linguistic tasks, or microtasks.  This is what makes it slightly different.

With several positive reviews on platforms like Indeed that often exceed typical microtask rates (some tasks even go up to $14/hour), it’s an attractive option. But as a word of caution:  while Appen offers good pay, filling a full workweek might be challenging.

If you decide to embark on the Appen journey, they compensate through PayPal or Payoneer.


Microworkers, a platform with over 1.4 million members completing more than 40+ million tasks, has its fair share of popularity. Here, you can delve into tasks like categorization, survey completions, data tasks, and monitoring ads on platforms like Facebook.  It works a lot like Clickworker mentioned prior.

Your performance on Microworkers earns you a star rating. A higher rating translates to a broader range of available tasks.

Once you’ve accrued at least $9, you can withdraw via Dwolla, PayPal, or Transpay. They process payments twice a week.


Lionbridge stands out as another microtask platform, much in the same vein as Appen. It provides an array of opportunities, from search engine evaluation and website testing to quality rating and translation/transcription tasks. If Appen doesn’t work for you, Lionbridge is a great alternative.

However, a word of caution: working for both Appen and Lionbridge concurrently goes against their terms of service. Some manage to juggle both, but there’s no clear pattern on who can bypass this restriction.  Be sure to choose one or another.  Regardless, they are both decent options.

Pay can vary between $8-$15 an hour, depending on the task. But, as with Appen, the hours might not be consistent.


If you’re seeking a global platform to make some side cash, iSoftStone can be a refreshing change, especially if you’re familiar with Appen or Lionbridge. Their job listings include:

  • Ad evaluators
  • Linguists
  • Transcribers
  • Speech data collection

The best part is that iSoftStone is on the lookout for talent worldwide. With pay rates from $8-$12 per hour, flexibility in hours, and occasional bonuses for great work, it’s worth considering.

Payments are streamlined through PayPal.


As a relatively fresh face in the microtasking world, Remotasks might not be as lucrative as Appen or Lionbridge. However, if other doors remain closed, it can be a start.

On this platform, tasks can include:

  • Image annotation
  • Data collection
  • Spotting spam
  • Content moderation
  • Transcription

While payments are made via PayPal, bear in mind that earnings are generally less than $10~ an hour.

Fancy Hands

I’ve talked about Fancy Hands in a previous piece about gig economy apps. It stands tall as one of the leading platforms for those wanting to dip their toes into virtual assistant work.

Popular tasks at Fancy Hands revolve around the realm of assistance – making phone calls for clients, setting up appointments, arranging travels, or even entering data.

In terms of payment, tasks usually range from $3 to $10 initially. However, there’s room for growth. As you build rapport with clients or even get promoted to a managerial role, your earnings can see a nice bump. In this role, you would be overseeing other virtual assistants.

Virtual assistant roles, especially on platforms like Fancy Hands, are among the higher echelons of microtask earnings. It presents an avenue not just for consistent work, but also for growth. To get started, you’d need an audio headset. Payments come in biweekly, processed through Dwolla.


Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with Neevo.

Here, you’ll be helping machines learn to do manual jobs. How? By tagging pictures with the right labels, marking up text, or even turning text into sound by recording your voice. The cool part is that you can take quizzes to unlock even more tasks.

Hive Micro

Join Hive Micro and take on varied tasks like categorizing items, following objects in video sequences, or turning spoken words into written ones. The tricky tasks come with a bigger paycheck. But there’s a catch: you’ve got to pass a quiz before starting each task.

As for getting paid?

Every week, you can cash out through PayPal or even in Bitcoin if that’s your thing.

UserTesting offers a fun gig where you can test out websites to see if they are easy and logical to use. Each test lasts around 20 minutes, and you pocket $10 for each one. That’s some of the best pay around.

Aside from testing, you can also chat live with the businesses you’re assisting, raking in around $1 for every minute you chat. Just remember, not all tests are for everyone. You’ve got to match the criteria they’re looking for, and tests might be limited.


TriMyUI is in the same boat as UserTesting.

Your job is to browse websites, checking if they’re user-friendly. While you do the task, you will record what you’re doing and saying. Afterward, you’ll jot down some answers to their questions.

Your earnings are then sent straight to your PayPal every Friday.


If you’re interested in turning audio into text, Scribie might be a microtask site to consider.

Workers here can make between $5 and $25 for each audio hour they transcribe. And if you’re a regular, you can snag a $5 bonus for every three audio hours you work on in a month.

The nice thing is that each audio clip is only 10 minutes or less, and you get a computer-generated transcript to guide you. Work whenever you want, and cash out to PayPal whenever you’re ready.

Final Thoughts

The internet offers so many ways to earn, especially if you need money quickly. But relying solely on microtask sites for a sustainable income isn’t something to consider. They are great for some extra cash now and then but might not serve as a long-term financial solution. If your primary aim is to earn a little “beermoney,” then these platforms can be handy. But for those seeking a more substantial online income, look into other remote jobs or side gigs that promise better pay.

Nonetheless, I will always appreciate microtask platforms. They can be seen as a lifesaver when you need quick cash-outs when you’re in a bind.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on the companies I mentioned and/or you want to add to the list, then feel free to add to the comments below.

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