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VIP Voice Review: What Makes Them So Unique?

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NOTE:  It appears VIP Voice is no longer active.  This page will remain for archive purposes.

VIP Voice is an online research group that’s operated by the NPD Group, founded in 1967.  Yes, well before the internet even existed.

Like most of the companies I review here, VIP Voice provides surveys to more than 12 million of its members to acquire feedback on a variety of topics from electronics to apparel, claiming that you can “express your voice through surveys.”

In return for being a member, they will reward you with a variety of rewards, including the chance to win vacations and other prizes that are offered every day via their auction house-like program.

So, the question, like any review I complete, is if it’s worth it?

Doing the dirty work as always, I signed up and figured out how the scheme worked, letting you know if you should even sign up.

So, if you’re thinking about joining, you may want to read this review first before doing so to make sure it’s really worth your time.

Let’s begin!

VIP Voice Surveys Review:  Is it Safe and Legit?

VIP Voice, as I already mentioned, is part of the NPD Group (A+ BBB rating), founded in 1967.  Yes, the group is 100% legitimate and reputable, but just because the company has been around for quite some time, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth investing your time.

As with all of my reviews, I’m going to walk you through the entire process, from signing up to redeeming your rewards to give you an inside scoop as to how it even works before you think about joining.

Signing Up

To sign up with VIP Voice, the registration process was fairly straight-forward, just like many of the other survey websites you may have already joined.

What you see in that screenshot above is everything you need to include.

You know, the usual such as your name, email, gender, birthdate and so forth.

After you complete your simple registration form and confirm your email, you will then ask to fill out a more in-depth survey, which should only take you a few minutes at most.  This included questions such as income, job, race, etc.

Remember that these survey companies will always ask these questions so that they can match you up with the appropriate survey opportunities.  That way, when you take a survey, you can be assured that your chances of being approved are much greater.

Your Dashboard

After you complete your profile, you can then access your dashboard, which will look something like this:

As you can see, you will have a few tabs on the tabs on the top, each of which I will talk about later as well as the main page which has a ton of information.

On the main page, it had a few company advertisements, such as its BidLand program, where you could use your points to bid on products, for instance.

You could also look a the current level you were part of.

With VIP Voice, what makes them kind of unique is that the more surveys you take, the higher you can rise in the rank.  They have up to five levels, and the higher you go, the more points you can earn.  In addition to this, the level you’re at also determines which prizes you can have access to.

From here, you can either take a survey right now by clicking on the button toward the bottom or you could click one of the tabs above, which I will get into now…

The “Survey Center” Tab

The “Survey Center” tab is just that — the area where you can take surveys, whether it’s via the green button again or you can look at the points you earned in the past 60 days.

This area is relatively simple but will be the most important since this is where you want to look to see if any active surveys are available at the moment.

My first few surveys were around 100~ points each and dealt with my shipping and eating habits.

When I first joined, I was invited to a food journal, where I had to log my food intake for seven days, and in exchange for doing this, I was rewarded with a $25 gift card.  It wasn’t much work at all and I found the reward to be well worth your time.  I read a lot of people get this opportunity, so this alone could be worth joining to at least do these offers.

So, aside from the surveys, do keep in mind that they are known for sending out opportunities such as these.

How many surveys should I expect?

The number of surveys you receive, much like other research companies, greatly depends upon your demographic information.

From my personal experience and looking online, it appears you should expect “multiple” survey opportunities a week, but again, it greatly depends on your profile.

VIP Voice uses their own unique surveys, meaning that they won’t link you out to third-party aggregator-like websites that many companies already do.

In the end, I would at least expect enough surveys to keep you busy.

What are the levels?

I touched upon it quickly above, but I will mention it again here.  The more surveys you take, the higher you can rise in the level ranks, up to level five.

And, the higher your level, the more points you can earn and prizes you can access.

According to the chart on the official website, it appears you can need to complete about 20+ surveys to reach the highest tier.

How many points can I earn?

The points you can earn depends on your current reward level and the survey length.  Based on these factors, values can range from 100 to 600+ points on average.

The great thing is that VIP Voice will even give you participation points, again, based on your level, just for taking the survey.

“Your Impact” Tab

The “Your Impact” tab consists of a few videos as to why your survey responses are important as well as videos as to how other members are answering questions.

This tab isn’t that important and I would only recommend if you’re really curious as to how people are answering questions such as “Is food delivery the next hot trend” or is “Is going out to lunch on the decline?”

The Reward Center

Inside of the reward center, which is found via the tab in the main menu near the top, you’re going to find a variety of options in which you can use your points.

From using your points to bid on products to entering a sweepstakes with a raffle ticket, essentially, there are quite a few ways to use your points.

Let’s take a look at what you can do…


In the BidLand area, you can use your VIP Points to bid on and potentially win auctions.  Picture it like an eBay, only that you can use your points as cash to win prizes.

When I was writing this review, VIP Voice had about 45~ listings, ranging from a $3 Amazon gift card code to something bigger like the Ring video doorbell.  These will change all of the time, but there seem to always be some great prizes.

Depending on the number of people bidding, a $25 Amazon gift card was at 160,000 points with a few hours left, whereas a $3 gift card code was at 50,000 points with a few hours left.

Here’s what it looks like, for instance:

Remember, as you level up, you can access even more prizes, meaning even more ways to win.


SweepLand works much like the auction house, only that you’re really entering tickets into a sweepstakes.  So, as you can imagine, the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning are.  Picture it as throwing your name in a hat and hoping for the best.

They had about 10 sweepstakes opportunities, but the thing I didn’t like is that I didn’t know how much I was up against.  This made it hard to determine my odds.

While a lot of these survey websites do have sweepstake opportunities, it’s usually a poor way to use your points as it’s no different than playing a local raffle.

Nonetheless, they do have some pretty good sweepstakes, aside from the ones I mentioned, from vacations to even HDTVs.  They do change occasionally, so it doesn’t hurt to at least check in to see what you can win.

“More Ways to Win”

As this tab notes, there are even more ways to win, most of which include games.

At the time of this review, I could play a “Plink in One” game, where you just had to click a ball and watch it drop into the prize you could win.  When I played, I dropped the ball and won 1,000 points but other options did include $25 and $50 instant prizes.

Aside from that game, they did include others as well, all of which appears that you can play daily.  I would recommend at least logging in daily to play the game to build your points balance.

NOTE:  There Are No Instant Rewards

The biggest downfall to the website is that you cannot just click on something and cash out like a lot of these websites.    This is a huge downfall to me.

Instead, as you can see above, you can only bid on auctions or you can enter a sweepstakes.  That’s it.

This is a huge negative to me because I don’t like the fact that I don’t know how much I need to essentially cash out for a $3 Amazon gift card.  Sure, while I can use the most recent numbers, this can change over time.  I just want to know that I need X amount of points to earn $X amount of dollars.

So, if you do go the rewards center and don’t see a gift card, cash out portion, let it be known that it isn’t there.

How much are points worth?

See, this is hard to determine because you can only enter a raffle or spend it on an auction house.

If you were to look at the auction house (BidLand), a $25 gift card would cost about 160,000 points, whereas a small $3 Amazon gift card would cost 54,000 points.

Depending on what you try to win, your points could be worth anywhere from $0.0005 to $0.001.  Usually, the longer you wait to cash out, the more your points could be worth.

But remember that these point values could at any time since it depends on how much you’re competing against.  I just tried to include a value as to see what your time is worth.

In the end, there really isn’t a value.  Rather, look at each point as a raffle ticket or as a “bid” to win prizes.

What Others Are Saying

As with all of my reviews, it isn’t all about me, so I did some digging and went ahead and talked about both the good and the bad according to members online.

The Good

  • lots of survey options
  • fun games
  • legitimate company
  • easy to use
  • free to sign up and no credit card required ever
  • unique surveys
  • there are some BIG prizes you can win

The Bad

  • can’t redeem your points for anything, only bids and sweepstakes
  • takes a long time to build your balance to bid on something
  • auctions are often lacking
  • hard to win sweepstakes

Final Thoughts

Let it be known that VIP Voice is 100% legitimate.  If you win a prize, you will get it, so there’s no problem with that.  It’s an honest company.   You just have to earn it.  This can take some time.

The only downfall that I have here, and the biggest one of them all, is that they don’t reward you with an actual store like 99.9% of the survey websites I already reviewed.  Instead, you need to save your points and hope that you either win an auction or sweepstakes.  To me, it just isn’t worth investing your time for something you have no idea if you’re going to win or not.

5/10In the end, I’m going to give the website a 5, only due to the fact that the rewards system needs a rehaul.  If you could cash out for an instant prize, it would have a lot more potential.  If they ensured members that they could cash out when they have X amount of points, then sure, it could work.  Other than that, it’s tough to determine what your points are worth and really isn’t worth my time.

On the plus side, the company does send a lot of surveys and I was able to take advantage of a $25 food journal, which is cool, so for now, if you want to sign up, I would at least do so to see if you can get the $25 food journal jobs.  If not, you may find the surveys to not be worth your time.  I did read a lot of people could get them and you didn’t have to worry about the bidding.

In the end, there are many better options, all of which you can find here and here.   There are also many other options you can search via the search tool above.

With so many survey companies online, sadly, this isn’t one I will check often unless I get to do the $25 food journal again.

As always, if you have a comment and/or concern, be sure to leave a comment below to let the world know.

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