Vipon Review: Up to 75% Off on Amazon?

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Vipon is an Amazon discount website that allows you to save more than 50% on hundreds of items in almost every category.  It’s one I have mentioned before, but I didn’t talk about it in detail.  That’s why I wanted to create this review.

In today’s review, I wanted to talk about Vipon.  I wanted to see if it’s legitimate, how much you can save as well as if it’s worth your time.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!

Vipon Review

What is Vipon?

Vipon is a marketplace of sorts that connects you with Amazon sellers who want more exposure for their products.  Generally, when someone purchases a product on Amazon and then leaves a review, it can help their natural ranking on the actual Amazon website when people use the keywords they are targeting.  And, since Amazon is such a competitive marketplace, sellers are willing to give you a huge discount in order to get that sale.  This is where Vipon comes in.

Vipon is one of the many Amazon discount sites that can get you products directly from Amazon for up to 100% off.  You don’t get to choose whatever you want from Amazon; instead, you can choose from a select number of items on the site.  So, what you’re going to find out is that most of the stuff you see comes from off brands and may be items you’re not interested in.  However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out.

The company does seem legit, but I do have some concerns, most of which I will get into with this review.

Signing Up

To start shopping and getting more than 50% off, Vipon asks that you create an account, and this can be done via the “Log in/ Sign Up” button found directly on the main website.

In doing this, you can create an account, either connecting via your Facebook or Google account or you can choose to create an account directly on the site.  All they ask for is an email and password.

After clicking the email confirmation link, you can be shopping in less than five minutes.

Finding Amazon Discounts

Once in, you can start shopping on the site for your discounts, and there are a few ways you can shop.  You can either search for something in particular or you can browse the trending/featured deals.  It’s really up to you.

Remember, this isn’t the actual Amazon site, where you can get a discount on anything.  Rather, these are items come from sellers who need your help to buy their products to help their Amazon ranking.

So, for example, you can see a snippet above of what the main website looks like.  The app is similar as well.

Here, you can view the Amazon coupons, daily coupons, other deals as well as browse the site to see the featured and trending deals.  There are a lot of places to go, but it’s pretty easy to get around.

In this example, I wanted to show you how it worked, so I went ahead and picked out something at random, a gaming keyboard, as seen here:

On the listing, you can see the price you pay as well as a description, similar to what you would see on the Amazon site.  You can also go to the Amazon site directly if you want to see the listing and the full price.

Buying the Item

Now, most of the time, everything you see on this site will require a payment, and unlike some websites, which offer free Amazon items, I didn’t find much here.  The best I could find was about 75% off.

However, if you’re happy with the price, then it’s as easy as clicking on that “Get Coupon” link and following the prompts.

In doing so, 99% of the time, you’re going to get a special coupon code and you will then want to paste it when checking out.

Yes, it’s as easy as that.  Once you copy the code, you can proceed to purchase your item and get the discount.  That’s it.

Earning Points to Make Extra Cash

Aside from using coupon codes to save money, you can also earn points in which you can redeem for cash.  For every 100 points you earn on the platform, you can earn $1, which you can cash out via PayPal once it hits $20 in value.

To earn these points, you can earn points whenever you leave a comment on the item you purchased and/or redeemed a coupon.  For example, if you leave a comment, you can earn three points.  If you use a coupon successfully, you can earn two points.  Essentially, every purchase can net you about 5 points, making every 20 purchases worth $20 only if you comment on each one.  This is something else to consider.

What the Internet is Saying

Vipon has apps on both Google Play and Apple iTunes .  On both, the app received a mediocre 3.6/5 rating with about 2,500 reviews in total.

Reading the app reviews, people complained about technical glitches and over-inflated prices, which didn’t seem like a deal.  It appeared things have changed over the past year or so.  On the plus side, some users loved the savings.  In fact, one user said they have saved more than $10,000 in two years.  Customer service, however, seems to be very responsive to every inquiry, trying to help figure out a solution to every comment.

The official Facebook page has more than 80,000 likes with a 3.7/5 review.  A lot of the reviews are older, but it was mainly users saying they liked the deals they bought.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Vipon is a legitimate site and is one that can save you some money if you like window shopping.  Just be prepared to find a lot of no-name items that you may not have use for.  If you do find something, then you may be able to save up to 75%.  As mentioned, I didn’t find anything for free, but I did find a lot of items that were more than half off.

Vipon is very easy to use, the customer service is responsive and most people like it for the most part.  Remember, this is just one of the many sites out there that work like this.  If you like the idea of saving money on Amazon and even getting things for free, be sure to refer to this guide.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on Vipon or add to what I have written, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments section below.

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