Volutic Pays You to Read Emails (Scam Review)

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With Volutic, they claim that you can earn money reading emails.  And, in theory, it sounds awesome, but let me forewarn you that all of these sites don’t pay out much.  I’m talking pennies per day.  The same can be said about this site.

If you like the idea of earning money reading emails wherever you are, it is possible, but you will soon find yourself annoyed 99.9% of the time, and this review will show you why.

In today’s review, I talk about Volutic, a somewhat smaller website that helps you earn money by reading emails.  They aren’t the biggest in the industry but they do have about 10,000+ members, which I would say is okay.

As a fair warning, I want to mention to you that Volutic seems to be a scam, so take this review for what it is.

Making Money with Volutic

The premise is simple with Volutic.

Once you sign up, you will then want to wait for emails that comes from the company’s email address.

When you do sign up, they do want you to make sure that the emails make it to your inbox since their emails are more than likely marked as spam.  If you’re serious about earning money, then it’s imperative that you whitelist the company’s email address to ensure that you can read the emails and get rewarded.

There’s a dashboard you can keep tabs on your progress, which will look something like this:

Keep in mind that if you don’t use your account or click on an email in 15 or more days, then your account will become inactive.  After 90 days, your account will be deleted.

How Does Volutic Work?

As already mentioned, Volutic will simply pay you to read emails.  Advertisers will pay for an email blast and whenever you view it AND click on the links inside of the email, you get paid.  Whenever you click on a link, you will have to view an advertiser for about 30 to 60 seconds to be properly compensated.  You need to click that link and stay on it for the time noted to get compensated.  You can’t just open an email and that’s it, as you won’t get paid.

Aside from reading emails, you can also refer your friends, up to six levels.  So, if you refer a friend and they then refer a friend, you will continue to earn a commission, up to 100%, for up to six levels.

You can also earn $1 for every $1 your referral earns, which will rarely happen.  I will explain in a second here.  I will be honest that this is a great referral program but seeing you can’t earn much, you’re not going to make much unless you have thousands of referrals.

How Much Can You Make?

This is a downfall of the website.

As I mentioned, you’re going to get paid only when you click on the link AND wait about 30 seconds.  In doing so, you can get paid about $0.0015~ per link clicked, according to my personal experience.  Yes, well less than a penny.

And, if we do the math here, you would have to open at least 650+ emails and click on a link, wasting 30 seconds of your time on each.  That’s not a typo, either. That means you could waste about 5 hours of your time to earn $1!  That is not worth it at all.  Honestly, one survey on Swagbucks could pay out $1 in less than 10 minutes.

Again, unless you can refer thousands of people who don’t value their time, you’re going to make nothing.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you hit $0.10 in your balance, which is extremely low, you can cash out, but unlike a lot of sites that pay out via PayPal, Volutic only pays out via Payeer or FaucetPay.

FaucetPay and Payeer are both an e-wallet, which is designed to manage cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.  Simply put, you will have to convert your currency from cryptocurrency to cash.  Just keep that in mind.

Even though the minimums are low, it’s going to take you a while to make that threshold, as you can see.

SCAM ALERT:  As of late, many people who have tried to cash out have been getting “balance error” message so proceed at your own risk.

Signing Up

If you’re interested in signing up for an account, registering is quite simple.

All they ask for is your email, which is the one you will use to receive paid emails as well as a username and password.  Anyone can join as long as you’re 18+.  There are no country restrictions.

If you do sign up (I really don’t recommend it), I highly advise you that you use an email that you don’t use for personal reasons as they send out a lot of emails, many of which are quite sleazy.  For example, you will see a lot of “get rich scams,” many of which say they pay $1,000s a day.  Of course, these claims aren’t true, but I just wanted to point out what kind of emails you’re going to see if you do sign up.

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, Volutic is a dud.  It will take hundreds of emails to earn pennies and you will waste hours of your time to earn maybe a dollar.  You can use your time wisely to make money in much better ways, such as through surveys or offers.  Granted, you won’t make a ton, but it’s much better than this.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, you can comment on your experience if you choose to do so via the comments below.

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