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Work From Home Jobs With Airlines

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If you want to work from home and are looking to work in the airline industry, then you’re in the right place.

In today’s guide, I wanted to talk about the airlines that often hire home-based workers, how you can find these jobs as well as what they are looking for.

Most of the time, these airlines are looking for home-based agents to help book flights as well as answer customer service-related questions. And, the great thing is that they don’t require any experience, except for maybe a year of two of face-to-face customer service. Best of all, you can get some great travel perks, even if you work from home.

As always, I’m 100% honest and straight to the point, so let’s begin!

Types of Jobs

Before I delve into the companies hiring, let me first tell you about what kind of at-home jobs are available. Most airlines offer the same positions, many of which can be done in the comforts of your home.

Reservation Agents – This job is either chat, email or phone-based. It will be your duty to help customers look for upcoming travel ternaries as well as help them book it if need be.

Customer Support – Customer support agents will handle any sort of customer request, whether it’s a complaint, a change in flight details or an inquiry. You will be trained to help with just about any incoming request.

Experience Needed

The great thing about working from home with the airlines is that most of them do not ask for experience. Rather, they just ask that you have a high school diploma, be at least 18+ and good communication skills. While customer experience helps, it isn’t always mandatory.

Work From Home Jobs With Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines hires at-home reservation agents, however, if you want to qualify for the job, you must live within 100 miles of Kent, WA; Boise, ID; or Phoenix, AZ.

To get started as an agent, you will be asked to go through at least three weeks of training in person. Then, after you successfully pass, you can choose to work from home if that’s your choice. The airlines does note that most agents choose to work from home. As a quick note, you will have to work at least one day a month in person.

If interested, the airlines ask that you work at least five 8-hour shifts per week, including evenings and holidays. Senior agents usually have first choice of shifts, but trades are an option if need be.

To apply, you can follow the link below. The company will review applications and invite several applicants to an interview event. During this event, they will test your computer skills and job aptitude. If you’re a fit, then a job offer is made on the spot.

According to Glassdoor, the pay is said to be in the $12-$13/hour range to start.

American Airlines

Throughout the year, American Airlines posts at-home based reservation reps.

Like Alaska Airlines, however, you must live near a local call center to qualify. In this case, it’s Dallas, TX; Cary, NC; or Miami, FL. The company does ask that you live within an 80-mile radius. This is so that you can come in for a personal interview as well as go through a 10-week training program. Even after training, you will be asked to travel monthly to the headquarters.

To qualify, you only need to be at least 18+ years old with a high school diploma/GED. Pay is said to be around $12 per hour.

If interested, follow the link below and type “work from home” to filter out the remote jobs.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers a variety of work from home options, from reservations to sales and service. These jobs are a rarity, so don’t be disappointed if there’s nothing available at the moment.

When they do hire (it’s not too common), they, again, like the others I talk about there, ask that you live within 50 miles of the call center’s location. These geographical regions include Georgia, Minnesota, Texas and Utah.

You won’t be able to work from home right away as you will have to train in person for up to six months, but after your training is complete, you can work from home.

Pay is said to be $11+ per hour.

To apply, follow the link below to go to the official Delta website. From there, you will want to select the “reservations” tab to see if any at-home jobs are available at the moment.


JetBlue has at-home crew openings, but you will need to commit to onsite training inside their Salt Lake City, Utah or Orlando, Florida headquarters. After training completes, you can work from home. The nice thing about JetBlue is that you can live anywhere, but you need to complete the training. You will be responsible for accommodations if you choose this route, however.

JetBlue customer service agents help over the phone, via live chat as well as social media. Operations are 24/7.

To qualify, the airline asks that you have at least two years of customer service experience as well as technology proficiency. This is one of the only airlines that asks for customer service experience, but it isn’t much.

To apply, you can follow the link below, but keep in mind that the job isn’t always active. If need be, you can create an alert, which will send you a job invite if a job does open up.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers a ton of virtual positions, including no experience at-home reservation and customer service agents, both part- and full-time. Duties include answering phones, booking reservations, identifying flight options and assisting customers, to name a few.

Again, you will have to live within 50~ miles of the following locations for training purposes: Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, UT, Newark, NJ; or Washington, DC.

As you can see, there are many more locations in comparison to the rest, so there’s a better chance a physical center is nearby.

The company does ask that you have strong communication skills as well as a high school diploma.

According to third-party reports, the pay is said to be around $14 per hour.

NOTE: At the time of this review, Southwest Airlines does not offer work from home positions.

Final Thoughts

Almost all of your larger airlines will hire at-home service agents of sorts. The only problem is that the hours tend to be bad, at least at first, and the pay isn’t that great. You’re maybe looking at $11 to $12 per hour. Plus, in many cases, you have to live within 50 miles of the call center headquarters.

Keep in mind that some airlines do include some great benefits, such as healthcare, free travel and a 401K. This can be a perk to some.

If you do want to apply, 95% of the time, you will find there are no openings. But don’t fret. These openings eventually open. When I do recommend is that you set up alerts as most of these airlines allow you to do so. You can also set alerts on Indeed or even Google if you’re set on getting an at-home gig with the airlines.

Now, I leave the podium to you.

Have you worked with an airline?

Do you want to work at home with an airline?

Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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  • I work for the airlines as a cross utilized agent and the pay is low ($10/hr) but it honestly is the best job I have ever had! I work counter, gate, and ramp…it is fun and once you learn it, you know it!! I am a nurse, which pays the bills but I LOVE working for the airlines. It is part time (12-15) hours a week and the PERKS are worth it!!!