YouLikeHits Review: Here’s What I Found Out

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In today’s review, I want to share my thoughts on YouLikeHits with you, and I have to say, it’s not a platform I would recommend joining. I believe your time could be better spent elsewhere, as YouLikeHits doesn’t seem to provide meaningful opportunities for earning extra cash.

One day, while I was browsing YouTube in search of ways to make some extra money, I came across numerous videos discussing a website called YouLikeHits. These videos claimed that you could earn $1 per click by using YouLikeHits.  And, if you have been with me for a while, I love researching opportunities like this to see if they are legit.

Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to put the platform to the test to see if those enticing videos were accurate. I quickly realized that there were several crucial details not disclosed in most of the videos and articles I had come across.

In this YouLikeHits review, I want to provide you with an insider’s perspective and reveal exactly how this platform operates. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s a viable option for earning some additional income.

If you want to learn more about this platform, be sure to read this review in its entirety.  As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is YouLikeHits?

YouLikeHits falls into the category of Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites, which means you can earn rewards by visiting websites and engaging in other activities that it provides.

It’s worth noting that YouLikeHits is a legitimate platform, and you can indeed earn rewards. However, there’s a crucial aspect about these rewards that you need to be aware of.   I will dive into this in more detail shortly.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how YouLikeHits operates and to gauge the time and effort required to earn rewards, we need to look into the various earning opportunities it presents.  Of course, that’s why I created this review.

Below, let’s talk about how you can earn money on YouLikeHits.

Clicking on Links

First, let’s talk about the primary method of earning rewards on YouLikeHits – clicking links.

Once you log in to your member dashboard, simply navigate to the “Earn Points” option in the menu. You will encounter a screen that looks quite similar to the image below.

To accumulate rewards on this platform, your task is straightforward.  You will click on the provided links and follow the given instructions.  All you need to do is select the category that interests you and click on it.

Suppose you consider a category related to a social media platform like Twitter. In that case, you will need to link your Twitter account with YouLikeHits before you can start earning.

However, I must emphasize that linking your primary Twitter account to this website may not be the wisest decision, and I’ll explain why shortly.

Most of the links you will encounter will direct you to a social media page or a YouTube video. And, some of these links may require you to complete additional actions, such as leaving a comment or following the social media page.

In my perspective, this aspect is the core purpose of YouLikeHits. It serves as a platform where members can drive traffic to their social media profiles or YouTube channels. After clicking a link and completing the specified tasks (like watching videos, following social media accounts, or leaving comments), you will earn a certain number of points.

In a later section, I will talk about what you can actually do with these accumulated points. But for now, this sums up the basic process. However, it’s essential to note that the links you encounter on this platform are provided by other members of the site, and we’ll discuss the implications of this aspect in due course.

Refer a Friend

Now, let’s take a closer look at another way you can earn rewards on YouLikeHits – its referral program.

If you’ve had experience with survey sites in the past, you will find this opportunity quite familiar.

With this option, you have the chance to invite others to join the platform and earn additional rewards in the process.

The process is simple, too, as all you need to do is share your unique referral link with potential members. When someone clicks on your link and registers as a member on YouLikeHits, they automatically become your referral.

However, there’s a key point to keep in mind, as illustrated in the image above.

You will only receive the reward once your referral transforms into an active member of the platform. According to YouLikeHits, your referral must remain active for several days and accumulate a few hundred points before you can claim your reward, which is currently set at 500 points.

Now, here’s where things get a bit tricky.

I have to admit that YouLikeHits’ referral program lacks transparency when it comes to specifying the exact requirements for receiving the reward. In my experience, most referral programs are more explicit in outlining these conditions.

In my view, the vague statement “has to be active for several days and must earn a few hundred points” leaves a lot to interpretation. This lack of clarity means there’s no guarantee of when or if you’ll actually receive the reward. For this reason, I don’t consider their referral program to be particularly ideal.

Moreover, as I will discuss later, YouLikeHits isn’t a platform I’d personally recommend to others, and I’ll provide my reasons for this shortly.

Getting Paid

This platform allows you to accumulate points through activities like clicking links or bringing in referrals, as noted.

Here’s a key detail, though.  The points you earn are not convertible into cash or tangible rewards.

Think of it this way.

YouLikeHits operates on a system where you’re basically swapping services with fellow members. You can post your links in the earning section, and then, use your earned points to incentivize others to click on your links. It’s like a cycle of exchanging traffic with other site users.

Now, you might be wondering about those videos claiming you can actually make money from YouLikeHits.

The secret lies in pairing it with another platform, such as CPALead. And, here’s how it works…

You sign up for CPALead, which pays users for installing mobile apps. On CPALead, you create a link for the app to be downloaded. Then, you share this link on YouLikeHits. If someone clicks on your link from YouLikeHits and installs the app, you get paid.

But CPALead isn’t the only option.

You can use any platform that pays for promoting offers. The role of YouLikeHits here is to help you get those crucial clicks.

Honestly, this method feels a bit complicated and indirect for my taste. I lean more towards platforms where earning is more straightforward. Also, it’s crucial to note that this method, while it sounds good in theory, has its own set of challenges and nuances that often go unmentioned. Let me shed some light on those aspects.

Final Thoughts

Let’s talk about YouLikeHits and what it really brings to the table.

If you’re considering using it to boost traffic for your site or social media pages, there are a few things you should know. First off, YouLikeHits isn’t about cash rewards or gift cards. It’s more about generating traffic, but the traffic you get is pretty much “empty.”

You might be thinking, “Hey, any traffic is good traffic, right?” But hold on. The people on YouLikeHits, just like you, are trying to promote their own stuff. They’re not genuinely interested in what you have to offer. That means converting this traffic into something valuable, like sales or meaningful engagement, is a tough nut to crack. You might see a conversion here and there, maybe earn a few dollars, but it’s a slow process and, in my eyes, not the best use of your time.

And here’s another thing.

To earn points by clicking on Twitter links, you have to link your Twitter account. But, let me give you a heads-up that using your main Twitter account for this might not be the best idea.  This is because any links you share or retweet from YouLikeHits might come off as spam to your followers. They might click on them initially out of curiosity, but soon they’ll start ignoring them, thinking they’re just spam. That’s why most people on YouLikeHits use secondary Twitter accounts. They don’t want to annoy their real followers.

So, the bottom line is the traffic from YouLikeHits doesn’t really add any value. It’s not about genuine engagement or meaningful interactions.

YouLikeHits might seem like a handy tool to get traffic, but the reality is that the traffic you get is pretty much hollow. It doesn’t lead to conversions or real engagement.

To sum up, YouLikeHits isn’t a platform I’d recommend. The chances of earning or gaining valuable traffic are slim. If you’re looking for ways to make a full-time income online and want to set up an online business quickly, there are much better options out there. These alternatives can guide you through the process of establishing a more fruitful online presence.

That wraps it up.

If you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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