1q App Review: $0.25 for 5 Seconds of Work? Yup!

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1Q is an app I have mentioned before, particularly in my survey apps like Qmee and get paid to answer questions online posts.

In short, the app will pay you $0.25 every time you answer a very simple question.  Yes, it’s that easy, and no, it’s not going to make you a ton of money at all.  That doesn’t mean it’s not an app you should at least check out.

In today’s review, I wanted to download and test out 1Q.  I will tell you how it works, what you can make as well as the pros and cons.  As always, I’m 100% honest and will never promote something that I don’t believe in.

What is 1Q?

1Q is a market research firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.  According to their LinkedIn profile, they are a “revolutionary consumer engagement platform that is changing the way companies interact with their customers.”  The app allows companies to engage directly with consumers in real-time based on who they are and where they are.  This is an approach that’s much faster than your traditional survey options that you may be familiar with.

As a member, you get a quarter every time you answer a question and brands get the answers they need.

Is 1Q legit?

The company has more than one million members, and that number continues to grow today.  There’s no doubt the company is legitimate, but the true question is if it’s worth your time.

To find out more information about the company, you can do so via

Signing Up

To sign up for 1Q, you can do so via Google Play or iTunes.  At the moment, it’s only available via your smartphone and a desktop version isn’t available.  Since you’re receiving a text, you will need a number to qualify.

As you can see, they will ask for a variety of questions, from your name to your date of birth.  If you don’t want to fill out the form, then you can connect your Facebook account as well. It’s not much and will take you five minutes at most to join.

As a last note, you need to confirm your phone number to start using the app.

The App

After you complete the short signing up process as seen above, you will then be asked to fill out an “about me” section.  This is standard among the research companies since they will want to learn more about you so that they can send you targeted survey opportunities.  After all, why send you a survey about cat food when you don’t have a cat?

I highly recommend you fill out this about me section as it’s going to greatly increase your chances of receiving more text messages.  The more they know about you, the more opportunities you can see.  This can be said about any survey/research company.  The only downfall is that 1Q does not reward you to fill out this profile, but this isn’t a deal breaker.

Once complete, you will then wait for a text to arrive, and it will look something like this.

As you can see, the dashboard is easy to use.  You will see which questions need to be answered as well as the questions that you already answered in the past.  If it has a red circle next to it, this means that you haven’t answered it yet and you can click on it to do so.  It will look something like this:

Yes, the questions will be as simple as this and will take seconds at most.

Once you submit, you’re then paid immediately to your PayPal account.  As mentioned, you are paid $0.25 per question answered and this doesn’t change.  You can also choose to donate your $0.25 to a charity of your choice if you’re interested in something like this.

Whenever a survey goes out, you will receive a notification.  And, as soon as you see it, open the app immediately as only so many people can answer the questions and quotas fill up fast.

How Many Text Questions Will I Get?

This is a hard question to answer as it will depend on your demographics.  This can be said about any survey site.  The more the company knows about you, the more they can send you.  And, the more in demand your demographics are, the more texts you can receive.

Based on my research, however, it appears most users receive about one to five texts a month, meaning you can make about $1 per month on average. Your results can vary, however, so you may receive many more or much less.  Use this as an average.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to be fast with this app as the questions are answered fast.  Since there’s a limited number of answers available, it’s important to log in and answer as fast as you can.  If you ignore this, you will find the questions disappear pretty fast.

The Pros:

  • only takes seconds to answer the survey
  • instant payout to your PayPal

The Cons:

  • can only make $1 to $2 a month on average
  • you have to be fast
  • can only earn via text messaging

Final Thoughts

6/10You have to ask yourself if it’s worth signing up for an app that will text you every so often.  While it isn’t spammy at all, it’s only going to make you maybe $1 to $2 a month at most.  The concept in theory is great, but it won’t make you much at all.  I like what the company is about and I wish more research companies thought the same.

I’m not going to sign up for it as I don’t feel it’s worth my time, even though the questions are short, but you may find the $0.25 per question answered is.  The payouts are instant, so that’s nice, but don’t expect to see your balance increase over time.

So, if you’re okay with a few quarters here and there, do it.  If not, there are hundreds of other apps that can make you money and a lot more than this.

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