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Get Paid to Answer Questions Online (20+ Options)

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If you love answering questions, whether it be trivia or even surveys, then let it be known that you can get paid to answer questions online.

Yes, it’s as simple as answering the question asked in some cases.  However, in some circumstances, it won’t be as easy as Googling the answer.  It will take some research and even some expertise.

If you have some time on your hands and want to earn a few dollars for every question/survey you can answer, I wanted to showcase a handful of companies that will pay you to answer questions online.  There are a ton of them, so sit back and pick out a few of interest.

Get Paid to Answer Questions Online


Swagbucks is my favorite!  There’s a reason I promote it on almost everything here.

I have been using Swagbucks for years now and always average $5 to $10 a day, most of which comes from surveys.  Yes, it’s about $300 a month.  While you can make money in other ways, aside from answering questions, most of it, at least for me, comes from surveys in general.

For instance, take a look at my dashboard as I write this…

With each point worth one penny, those surveys really add up.

To use Swagbucks, simply click on those survey links once you register, answer the questions and get rewarded for your time.  It’s very easy to use and no experience is necessary.  In fact, you can start in as little as one minute.  What are you waiting for?

Survey Junkie

As the name implies, Survey Junkie is everything surveys and nothing else.  I’ve been a member for about a year+ now and easily make a few dollars a day.

No, you won’t get rich nor will you be able to quit your full-time job, but $100+ a month is very doable if you log in daily.

In short, Survey Junkie works with many of the name-brand companies you have heard of and needs you, the consumer, to help answer questions on upcoming products, advertisements and much more.  Surveys usually take a few minutes to complete and can pay upwards of $5 each.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a very unique company as they always guarantee $3+ per survey.  This is great as one of the largest complaints with most survey sites is that they don’t pay that much.  While this is true to an extent, you just need to know who you should work with.  Pinecone is one of them.

To join Pinecone Research, you will want to follow the link below and wait for survey invites to show up in your inbox.  Complete them as you would any other survey and get your reward.   You can learn more about them in my Pinecone Research review.

You can cash out at any time, making it one of the lowest payout thresholds in the industry.


YouGov is another one of my favorites.  They don’t send a ton of survey invites, but the ones they do send out, you get paid no matter what.  This is a huge perk as many surveys, as you may or may not know, often deny you if you don’t fit the demographic.

I don’t make much with YouGov, maybe $50 every six months, but it’s as easy as clicking on a link in your email when an invite is sent out and completing it.  Most of the surveys I receive take about five to 10 minutes tops and are usually about current events.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars works a lot like Swagbucks, wherein most of your money is made in surveys.  However, you can make money elsewhere as well.

As it’s one of the larger survey-type websites online, you can almost always find a full list of surveys, most of which pay anywhere from $0.25 to $5+ each.  You do need $30 to cash out, but it shouldn’t be too hard if you log in daily.

Follow the link below and you can earn a $5 bonus just for joining.


MyPoints, owned by the same company as Swagbucks, is yet another option if you’re looking for a load of great surveys to make money.

While a lot of your money can be made in shopping online, they do have quite a few survey opportunities, many of which can pay upwards of $75+.

If you start to add all of these companies to your list that I have mentioned so far, it shouldn’t be too hard to make $50+ a week.

Just Answer

Out of all the companies I mention here, is probably the largest and the best in pay.  However, before you get excited, you need to be an expert in the field you’re applying to.

As JustAnswer works in a variety of industries, from medical to automotive, the company will ask that you send in an application along with any college degrees/certifications to prove who you say you are.  Every industry has its own requirements, but you can find them all on the official website when you start the application process.  As long as you consider yourself an expert in the field and you can prove your credentials, then you do have a great chance at getting accepted.

If you’re lucky enough to get accepted, it is said you can make up to 50% of the profits you earn as your ratings in increase.  As most questions range anywhere from $20 to $60+, you could earn more than $30 per question answered.  Not bad.


Answeree, unlike many I list, is open to all and earning is simple.

Post accurate and helpful answers to any questions posted, with the amount you earn based on the number of “thanks” you receive.  You can also earn for every answer you make as well as question and reply made.  It’s not much, only about $0.01 per action, but it can add up if you’re active on the website.

There seems to be quite a few questions asked throughout the day, so the potential is there.  Don’t expect to get rich, however.

Chegg Study

Top tutors with Chegg Study can make up to $1,000 per month, and the best part is that they can send the students to you.

To be considered, select the best subjects you can help tutor as well as let them know when you can tutor.  As long as they feel you’re a good fit, you can be accepted to the platform.

As long as you can submit your university diploma/transcripts and pass the subject test, you will have a great chance of being accepted.

  • Website:  Chegg Study


Ether isn’t that well known, but I consider it to be a way to make money while answering questions.  However, it works differently.

To use it, you will first have to set up a free Ether phone number that’s unique to you.  This phone number will forward to your real number that you specified on your profile.

Next, you can then set your rate as an expert.  Whether it’s $5 an hour or $150+ an hour, it’s up to you.

From there, you can then market your number, letting people know that you can answer any questions that may have in relation to your expertise.  Like Just Answer, it’s best you should choose a field you know a lot about since you’re going to have to answer questions on the spot.  Unlike Just Answer, though, you will have to advertise your phone number, so some can see it as a downfall.

It’s not my favorite option on the list, but as always, I try to include as many options as possible.  Creating an account is 100% free.

  • Website:  Ether


Anyone can create an account on HelpOwl and earn points dependent on the action performed.  For example, if you ask an original question, you can earn 50 points or 100 points if you answer a question.  You can see the full explanation here.

I’m not a member, but from what I researched, it appears most questions revolved around a particular company selected.  Nonetheless, it’s a way to answer questions if you feel you can research the said topic or even know a lot about it.

Once you earn enough points, you can then cash out for a variety of rewards, including Amazon and Walmart gift cards, to name a few.

Ipsos i-Say

Yet another survey-like website, Ipsos i-Say is open to all.

As one of the oldest survey sites on the web, you can earn points, all of which can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards.  Plus, as you complete more surveys, they will add bonus points to your account, making it even easier to earn.  You can even enter sweepstakes to earn more.

Once you join, just log into your dashboard and take the surveys that make the most sense to you.  It’s pretty straight forward.  Just answer the questions given and earn your reward upon completion.


Maven is similar to that of Ether, but it’s moreso a platform, not just a phone number, where you can share your knowledge in exchange for cash.  Again, it’s ideal to know what you’re talking about if you’re thinking about signing up.

To get started, they will ask that you select an hourly consulting rate and answer a few questions.

If they do decide to accept you as a partner, you can then show up in their database each time someone completes a search.  If someone likes what they see and select you as a “microconsultant,” then you can get paid for the time you invested.

How much you make really depends on the industry you’re in and the time you’re willing to work.  It all varies.


Mindswarms is a pinch different than most mentioned here as you take video surveys straight from your phone.  Instead of selecting or typing out your questions, you will have to answer questions via video for up to 60 seconds.  If you’re not a fan of taking a video of yourself, then I would recommend skipping this option, but do let it be known that it’s one of the higher paying options.

To get started, complete your profile, browse some studies of interest and select one you like.  If Mindswarms want to use you, then they will notify you with more information.

Dependent on the survey you take, you can make up to $50, one of the highest paying options on the list.  Best of all, it’s open to everyone.


Like a few options I mentioned, myLot will reward you to ask and respond to questions.  The higher your rating is, the more you can potentially earn, so it’s important you’re not answering just for the cash because it will show.

To start making money answering questions with myLot, anyone can do it.  You just need to register.

Refer to the FAQ linked below for more information as to how it works in detail as well as how much you can make.


Needle has partnered with several online retailers and needs your help to provide shoppers with your product expertise.  In short, you will help potential shoppers answer questions about products you know.

To apply, you will be asked to create a profile, where you will tell them a little bit about yourself.  After submitting, Needle will then review your profile to see if you’re a qualified candidate in order to become a “Needler.”

If approved, you can then start chatting online with shoppers, where you can earn points that can be used to redeem for cool products.


1Q is extremely simple to use and is one of my favorites.  To date, they have more than one million members and continue to add to this number.

To start making money, simply give them your phone number and answer the questions as they come to you.  It can be done via text or even via the app, whichever you prefer.  Then, as you answer, you immediately get paid, usually about $0.50 per question.

You won’t make a ton, but it’s one that does add up over time.

  • Website:  1Q offers online experts services 24/7.  They work a lot like Just Answer with more than 30,000 registered experts in more than 600+ categories.

To get started, the company does ask you to fill out an application, most of which you will describe your education, work experience as well as specialization.  You can also note your rates at this time.  If they like what they see, then they will contact you with more information.

Not everyone will be accepted, but if you feel you have the education and expertise to back yourself as an expert, money can be made.  How much really depends on the rate you set.

You can find out more information via the link below.


Studypool is moreso a tutoring website, part of the many I mentioned on my get paid to do homework post.

If you feel you’re a master in an academic subject, then the company wants to hear from you.  Top earners, at least according to the leader board, have earned more than $100,000!

To start the application process and even view some of the sample questions, you can do so view the link below.


I mentioned in a few posts before, particularly the get paid searching the web and 550+ ways to make money posts.

In short, AskWonder is considered to be a research website where researchers are in need of your feedback.  These aren’t your standard answer a question and be done with it since the average job can take a few hours to complete.  Don’t worry, though!  You do get at least 24 hours to complete your project.

To be accepted, you need to pass a short quiz and assignment.  If approved, you can then accept one job at a time.

Pay is said to be up to $15 to $25~ an hour, on average.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get paid answering questions, but you won’t make a ton in doing so, maybe a few dollars at best.  However, if you’re in a profession that often needs a lot of answers, such as the medical or legal field, then I don’t see why you couldn’t make $1,000+ a month in your spare time.  In that case, you could turn it into an awesome side gig.

For the rest of us, though, it’s not going to be much, so I would only treat it as a way to maybe supplement your income.  For me, I would focus on the survey websites I mentioned in the beginning to make the most and expect to make $100+ a month, not much more.

As there are many other ways to make much more, I wouldn’t focus too much on these options.  Instead, I would put your energy elsewhere if you want to make much more, such as applying to become a mystery shopper or even apply to the many companies hiring remote workers right now.  There are so many better ways to make money online, many of which you can turn into full-time gigs.

If you’re part of these websites and/or you have any comments/questions to add, then you’re always welcomed to add it to the comments section below.

In the meantime, consider some of these options.  Just don’t expect life-changing money.

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