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15 Sites That Pay You to Do Homework

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Tell anyone you have homework and there’s a good chance you’ll get a negative response, especially if it’s tough to complete.

You can’t really blame them, can you?

Today, so many students are struggling with their homework and often turn to the internet to get help, paying people like you to help them.

If you have the brains to help and don’t mind doing so, then you may want to check out the following websites that can help connect you with students who will pay you to help them with their homework.  Some tutors have made more than $600,000 in doing so!

All of the companies I’m about to suggest are 100% legitimate and ethical as you’re helping the student, not completing the homework on your own.  While these types of websites exist, I will not promote them here as you will be committing academic fraud if you were to use them.  Remember that there’s a big difference between having someone help you and someone doing it for you.

If you’re asking yourself, “pay me to do your homework,” then these are some sites you will want to check out.

Do Homework for Money


JustAnswer will pay you to answer questions in almost any category, not just education.  If you have the expertise and the credentials to back it up, then there’s a good chance that the company will want to talk to you.

Here, customers can ask a question, and JustAnswer will then connect them in a matter of minutes to an expert who can answer.  Both you and the customer can talk back and forth until the customer is 100% satisfied with the answer.

To become an expert, they ask that you fill out an application to get started.  If approved, you are then able to set your own hours and work as much as you want from anywhere in the world.  According to the company, top experts earn $1,000s each month helping others and has answered more than 16 million questions to date.


This option is a pinch different than most mentioned here as you don’t help others with homework.  Rather, what you’re going to do is share any notes you may have taken in the past or plan on doing so in the future.  I figured I’d add it as there’s a good chance you may have notes readily available or maybe you’re even in college and don’t mind sharing what you have already written.

If you want to take notes and get rewarded in doing so, OneClass asks that you fill out an application and submit some note samples from your registered classes.  The FAQ notes that they like to approve you if you’re able to write great detailed notes that follow their guidelines as well as meet the commitments given.

If they like what they see, then you can upload your notes weekly and start earning cash.  According to the company, you can receive $470 for every course you attend.


Chegg is well known for its textbook rental program, but many people don’t know that they also offer homework help through its tutoring program operated by people like you.

Perhaps known as the most popular tutoring choice for college and high school students, you can apply as a tutor to help both high school and college students with a variety of topics, ranging from math to mechanical engineering.  Looking at the subject list, there were thousands of subjects they could help with, so there’s a good chance you’re an expert in something.

If you’re interested in becoming a Chegg tutor, you will be asked to select your best subject, some of which pay bonuses if they are high in demand.  And, if approved, you can reply to requests in your free time; it’s up to you when you want to work!

Like most of the options I’m going to list here, you will need to fill out an application, but as long as you feel you’re an expert and can pass a subject knowledge exam, you shouldn’t have a problem.  Chegg pays each week, with tutors reporting an average of $20 per hour.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a fantastic resource for college students who want to check out course-specific documents.  Years ago, I even remember accessing it when I was taking some college courses.

While this is what the website is known for, they do offer 24/7 homework help, in which students can get help around the clock.  Just ask a question and they will connect you with someone who can help you.

Like most of the options I list here, you can work as a tutor, but you will need to apply before getting accepted.   If approved, you can answer questions anytime you wish as the company has no restrictions; however, the higher your rating is, the more you can potentially earn.


This is a lesser-known online tutoring service, but nonetheless, it’s another option to consider if you’re interested in doing homework for money.

At this moment, the company offers homework help in more than 30 subjects, such as math, chemistry, and physics.  Students will ask a question and that’s when you can come into the picture, helping them with their concern.  What makes this system different is that you can set your own price, getting paid anywhere from $2 to $20+ per question answered.  You get the final say-so as to what you want to get paid.

To become a tutor, the company does ask that you have either graduated from college or that you’re in your college senior year.  You must also reside in either Canada or the United States.

  • Website:

Geekly Lab

Geekly Lab was designed to help improve academic results and help students plan their homework, and as a “Geek,” you can browse all of the available homework requests and help students “excel in their studies.”

The website reports that you can make up to $20 per hour and you’re able to work from anywhere you want.

At this moment, they are accepting new applications, but they do warn it can take up to a few weeks before you hear back from them.

Growing Stars

Said to be “online tutoring at its best,” the Growing Stars platform helps students, primarily grades 3-12 with their homework.

If you were to sign up, you would need to commit at least one hour per session as you will meeting your students virtually through Skype.

To qualify, you must complete the registration form as well as submit your resume.  From my understanding, they are often looking for any candidates who have extensive experience in the subject they are wanting to help with.


As the implies, HelpWithAssignment helps students with any assignment they may be having trouble with.  Unlike many of these websites that answer any questions a student may have, students are able to upload their assignment for review and available tutors will be able to provide step-by-step solutions.

To become a tutor to help review these assignments, the company does ask that you have at least two years of work/teaching experience and at least a master’s degree.  Like many noted here, you will also need to pass a few tests before they accept you.

School Solver

School Solver, known as the “marketplace for school homework,” has been featured on some prominent media outlets such as TechCrunch and Forbes.

Like a few of the companies I have already mentioned, School Solver will answer just about any question a student may have and relies on people like you to answer them.

In order to qualify as a tutor to help get paid to complete homework, you just need to complete an account and then answer any questions you feel you can.  The cool thing about this website is that you can actually see the questions students are already asking as well as the price they are willing to pay.  When I checked this list out, I could make up $10+ per question, with hundreds of questions active at any given moment.


Studypoll also offers verified tutors 24/7 on demand as well as access to more than one million study documents in its database.

Here, students can post a question as well as what they are willing to pay you to answer it.  As a tutor, you can then accept the proposal if the website accepts you as a match for that student.  If you do accept, then you can chat in real-time with that student until he or she is happy with the answer.

If you do want to become a tutor, you will be asked to create an account like the other websites mentioned here.

Out of all, the pay seems to be quite high with top earners earning more than $300,000 in their lifetime with the website. is made up of certified teachers, professors, adjuncts, Ph.D. students and industry professionals who are passionate about their industry.  To qualify, they do ask that you reside in the U.S., hold a college degree or at least be a sophomore in college, and are able to tutor at least five hours per week.

The company works with a myriad of subjects, most of which you see here, and to start the process, the company does ask that you start an application in order to get approved.  Even if you’re not a fan of those subjects, you can tutor in the many subjects found on this basic concepts list.  It’s quite a large organization, so they do have strict standards.

In order to get approved, you will have to pass a subject exam, a mock session, followed by a background check.  While it’s quite extensive, the company has a ton of clients, so your income potential is quite high.

If accepted, you can log on whenever you’re available and work remotely from anywhere in the world.  Remember that you have to tutor at least five hours a week, though. pays you on a regular schedule so you never have to worry about unpaid sessions.


TutorMe is similar to that of, wherein students can tell the platform what they need and they will then connect them with an online tutor who can offer live 1-on-1 assistance via the company’s interactive classrooms.  Tutors are available 24/7 with students able to connect in less than 30 seconds.  While I write this, TutorMe offers help in more than 300 subjects across all grade levels.

If interested in tutoring, do let it be known that they only have a four percent acceptance rate but don’t let that stop you as the worst thing they can do is deny you.  They only accept the best.  From the looks of it, as long as you have the expertise and education to back up your claims, there could be a good chance that you’re accepted.  No college is necessary, but they do ask that you’re at least 18 years old.

TutorMe tutors average $16+ per hour.

Freelancer and Upwork

This is a long shot, but I wanted to include it here as you can often find students who need your help on these platforms.   While you will have to compete and bid on the jobs, the chances of getting approved could be much greater than joining the companies I already mentioned.  You are truly your own boss here.

In short, these platforms are great if you’re looking for work on just about anything, not just tutoring.   You will work on your own and will have to bid on any jobs you feel you can do.  It can be anything from graphic design to a virtual assistant, not just tutoring.  I have mentioned these websites on a few of my posts in the past, particularly my get paid to post ads and make money singing posts and can’t recommend them enough as there are tens of thousands of jobs available every single day.  It’s an awesome way to make money on the side or even turn your passion into a full-time job.

It can be hard at first to find work at first, but once you get the ball rolling and start to receive reviews, it could be much harder to take off.  Talking about these platforms can be a whole another post in itself, but for now, I recommend you check out the very highly-rated eBook, 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing: Get the clients you deserve.  In reading this, you can see what works best for freelancers and how you can get the clients you deserve using the book’s proven step-by-step process.


Much like Freelancer and Upwork, Fiverr works in a similar way, only that you will create a specific listing and wait for people to buy your services.

Right now, thousands of people offer tutoring services, so it’s a tough egg to crack, but I will never sway someone from doing something as there’s always more room for you as long as you have motivation.  If you work hard and learn the ropes, there’s no reason you can’t succeed.

To take advantage of Fiverr, think of how you want to help someone, whether it’s math, science or engineering, for instance.  Create a unique listing and let people know why they should hire you.  Picture it almost like your resume.  As you gain ratings, you could soon find yourself with more work than you could handle!

I will eventually create my own post as to how to take advantage of Fiverr, but for now, I recommend the very highly rated book, The Fiverr Master Class to learn about the many ways you can succeed and make $100,000+ on Fiverr.

Final Thoughts

Just let it be known that you can make money doing other people’s homework and you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.  Since you’re acting as a tutor, you’re technically helping the student complete their work alongside them rather than doing it all for them.  This is a big difference.

If you feel you have the credentials and the expertise to help others online, then I encourage you to sign up for as many of these websites as possible.  In doing so, you should be able to get accepted to a few as long as you have the credentials they are looking for.   It really is a nice way to earn money whenever you want as most of these gigs are 100% flexible.

Once you’re accepted, get to work and there’s no reason you won’t be able to average $20+ per hour.

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