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The 20 20 Panel is probably one of the oldest panels I have reviewed, having been around since 1986.  Yes, well before the internet.  The company, like most research panels, conducts surveys as well as focus groups in an online setting.  And, in exchange for your time, you can get rewarded with cash.

Whether you’re looking for another survey panel to make a few dollars in your spare time or maybe you came here because you want to learn more about the 20/20 Panel, I always try my best to offer my honest insights.

As in most of my reviews, I sign up, I test it out and then report back as to what I think.  I promise to be honest and would never push a product I wouldn’t use.

How to Sign up for the 20/20 Panel

To sign up for the 20/20 Panel app, it will have to be done via the company’s official website.  At this moment, they do not have an app, but you can access your dashboard via your mobile phone as it is mobile friendly.

To sign up, click on the large “Join 20/20 Panel” button and proceed to fill out the form.

The company will make you fill out about 10~ pages of information, such as your physical address, your phone number as well as a few basic demographics.  You do have to give up a lot of personal information if you do sign up.  If that’s uncomfortable to you, I would recommend signing up for a free Google Voice account and using that instead.

The entire sign-up process takes about five to 10 minutes to complete, and again, it is required that you fill it out so that you can become a member of the panel.  Upon completing, you will receive a success message which looks something like this:


After you complete the sign-up process and confirm your email, you can then start taking surveys.  These can be found directly on the main website or you can wait for survey invites.

If you want to take surveys right away, then you can head to the website, log in with your credentials and then click on the surveys tab.  I would just recommend you wait for the email invites as this is how the company sends out their survey requests. In doing so, it will take you to a survey list that looks something like this:

At first, you may not see a lot of surveys.  In fact, you may see no invites at all and that’s normal.  As the company learns more about you via the profile screeners, they will start to send out invites.  At the moment, the company offers the following types of survey opportunities:

  • Online surveys (surveys only)
  • Online chat interviews (connected with someone to chat)
  • Online forums (talk with members/moderator in a forum setting)
  • Online webcam interviews (30-90 minute webcam meeting with yourself and a moderator)
  • In-person focus groups (only available in Nashville, TN, Charlotte, NC or Miami, FL)

In your profile options, you can choose which types of surveys you want to participate in.  So, if you only want surveys and that’s it, you can let them know.

They tend to send out a lot of survey invites, but like most panels, you won’t qualify for all of them.  In fact, you will be lucky enough to qualify for 10% of what you click on.  Plan on seeing multiple invites throughout the week, but how many you qualify for will greatly depend on your demographics.


As you complete surveys, the 20/20 Panel will reward you with points, with every point worth a penny.  It’s easy math.

To start redeeming your rewards, you will need at least 500 points, a $5 value, to cash out.  However, if you want PayPal cash, you will need at least $10.

At the moment, the company offers two redemption options:  a Tango gift card, which can be redeemed for a variety of retailers/restaurants or PayPal.  Once you redeem your rewards, it can take 7-10 days to receive.

It’s not much, but seeing most people want PayPal, nothing is going to beat the cash option.

The Pros

  • PayPal
  • low $5 minimum payout
  • potentially high survey payouts for webcam/in-person surveys
  • variety of survey options

The Cons

  • lack of survey invites
  • survey invites go fast if you receive one

Final Thoughts

6/10I don’t think I would expect much from the 20/20 Panel.  They do send out survey invites, but it’s few and far between, at least compared to their competitors (think Swagbucks and Survey Junkie).  Even when you get an invite, they tend to go fast if you’re not clicking on it within minutes of it being sent.  I don’t have time to sit around my email inbox, unfortunately.

While I’m not against the company, I just can’t justify adding my name to the database to receive even more emails.  I just don’t think it’s worth it to maybe make $5 every few months.  Seeing there are hundreds of survey companies out there, this won’t break my top 10.

For now, if you want to make money taking surveys, I recommend many other options, such as the more than 80+ I mentioned in my best survey companies today.  Browse the top 10 there and I can assure you that you can easily make $5-$10 a day answering survey questions.

In the meantime, if you want to comment on the 20/20 Research Panel, whether you want to vent/praise and/or ask a question, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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